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Seven Designer Scrolls

by xiaolin10413


The scrolls in Neopia are almost all good for reading, but there are quite of other things that scrolls can be done with that are surprising! In the last edition of Seven Scrolls, I talked about seven of the dastardliest scrolls throughout Neopia. This time, I decided to focus on another aspect of scrolls, how they look!

Of course, all scrolls are beautiful in their own way, but these seven top all other scrolls with their beauty and appeal. These designer scrolls are going to be the highlight of any collection. Once again, we are going from least to most.

Greater Defence Scroll

The Greater Defense Scroll is a step up from the Lesser Defence Scroll, in both power and in looks! This scroll has a lovely traditional scroll shape, with a beautiful jeweled band to keep it closed. The thing that really sets it apart from other scrolls is the mystical yellow glow emitting from the scroll itself. Don’t be fooled by its grace though!

In addition to being in to the top seven design scrolls, it’s also the most powerful defence scroll out there! Your pet can equip it to themselves and take it into battle. However, for being the best defence scroll there is, it’s not really the best defence weapon available to your pet, and I would personally suggest another way to shield your pets in battle. Instead, put this scroll on display, because it is far superior in it’s good looks!

Scroll of Freezing

This scroll, like most of the other scrolls on this list, is also a Battledome item. This scroll is mainly different shades beautiful blues, from pale blue writing to the purple-blue binding, even to the bright blue icicles hanging off of it! Even the cracking edges of the parchment add to the delicacy and beauty of this scroll.

Unlike the Greater Defence Scroll, this scroll is a lot more popular in battle. It freezes your opponents 100% of the time, but because of how fragile this frozen scroll is, it is likely to break while using it. Instead of possibly breaking this beautiful work of art in a battle, I would recommend showing it off. Make sure you put it in a temperature controlled area though, it would be a shame if this designer scroll melted.

Wraith Scroll

The Wraith Scroll is next on the list of the top designer scrolls in Neopia. What makes this scroll absolutely incredible is the incredible dark purples, and how the paper shines and reflects the light. The binding to hold this scroll together is a meticulously hand worked piece of obsidian. Its design is so delicate and beautiful, but is also quite sturdy. The purple of the obsidian is a perfect match for the paper used. Despite it’s delicacy, the Wraith Scroll still manages to look menacing, and for its price, can pack a punch in the Battledome!

The Wraith Scroll is decent as a Battledome weapon, considering it’s cost. It’s got some powerful dark magic in it, just like you would expect by looking at it. I personally think this scroll looks great in a display case with some spotlights on it, for everyone to enjoy and marvel over its sleek beauty.

Scroll of the Dark Star

The Scroll of the Dark Star is another purple-based scroll to make it onto this list. The appeal of this scroll is not only the bright purple glow that is emitting from it, but the silver shimmer coming from the incredible binding. To put it simply, the color palette is simply lovely, which is why this scroll is considered a designer scroll. Not to mention, it’s also got one of the best scroll shapes on this list, making it very appeasing to the eye.

Like most of the other scrolls, the Scroll of the Dark Star can be used in battle, but is not considered to be very effective. It emits a dark energy to hurt your opponent. Instead of inflicting damage, you could spread smiles by putting this scroll up on display for all to see!

Administrative Assistant Mynci Paperwork

The only wearable and non-Battledome scroll on this list, the Administrative Assistant Mynci Paperwork is not labeled as a scroll, but nonetheless is one. This scrolls in unlike the others in the way of how the information on it is wrapped up, with strips of parchment wrapped around a rather plain base. It’s the parchment itself that makes this scroll so high up on the list of designer scrolls. It is incredibly delicate, which is why I believe it looks so attractive to so many people. The blue glowing runes on the paper is mesmerizing, to say the least.

Lucky for all the Myncis, they are able to hold this beautiful scroll as part of their customization (and even whole being worn, this scroll still holds it’s integrity as being a top notch designer scroll!) For all the other species out there, putting it on display is a very good alternative.

Maractite Scroll

The Maractite Scroll was discovered the same day as the Wraith Scroll. Although the Wraith Scroll is a beauty, the Maractite Scroll handily edged it out on this list of designer scrolls. Everything about the Maractite Scroll was designed and crafted with care, from the parchment itself to binding. The runes etched onto the parchment glow with a mysterious blue. The crest that sits on top of the silken ribbon, with a little pop of gold amongst the blue shines brilliantly in the light. Truly one of the most gorgeous scrolls out there.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do as well in the Battledome as its Wraith counterpart does. While it’s less popular to use in battle, I believe its worth lies mainly in how it looks on a collectors’ shelf.

Rainbow Scroll

The Rainbow Scroll makes the top of the list, quite handily. Who doesn’t love rainbows? This scroll is absolutely gorgeous, hands down. The rainbow printed on the silk of this scroll slowly peels off about halfway down the scroll into a mist that gently surrounds the scroll in mystical rainbow light. The rest of the scroll is a brilliant white, which makes an amazing contrast to the bright colors of the rainbow.

The Rainbow Scroll can also assist quite nicely in the Battledome. Far considered one of the best 9-icon items for battle, it is fairly inexpensive and uses both light and air icons, which are both relatively rare. Truly one of the best designer scrolls, it obviously holds its own both in the Battledome, and as a designer scroll.

And there you have it! The top seven designer scrolls that are not only good for reading and battling, but also for appreciating the pure beauty of them.

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