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Gieva's Story: A Dream Come True

by incheesuswetrust


This story is dedicated to the real mysterious helpers/gifters of a Maraquan Summer Cloak: Sakura and Litisha, all the way back on December 4th, 2012. It also features two of my neopets, Gieva and ScampyRouge.

      "Gieva! Oh Gieva, where are you? I’m so worried!” Gieva’s owner cried out. “Scampy, whatever are we going to do? She’s so small and petite swimming out in the big ocean, who knows what might happen.”

      “Arr, we’ll find the lass. Don’tchyee worry ‘bout that, Kay,” replied a Pirate Kougra nearby.

      “She’s just so adventurous and loves swimming around so carefree out there for the first time. I love it for her, but it’s terrifying for me. If only there were some way of knowing that she were protected from harm.”

      “Weeeeee!” The most beautiful Maraquan Gelert shot up from the waves, though very hard to see somehow she was still very much distinguishable. Perhaps it was her love for the water that made her stand out so.

      “Gieva! Thank goodness you’re okay.” Kay and Scamp navigated over towards Gieva in their small boat. “I don’t know what I would have done if anything had happened to you.”

      “Aww, but I’m fine! See?” Gieva quickly dove down and came back up for another spectacular flip and started to giggle after showing off a bit.

      “Aye, the lass knows the water like the back of ‘er paw, she does,” growled Scamp.

      Kay seemed to study Scamp and Gieva for a moment, then broke out in a huge smile and started to shake her head. “I guess I’m just over-reacting. It’s hard to believe such a small creature can be able to swim in this big ocean.”

      Gieva swam up towards the boat that Kay and Scamp were in and smiled sweetly. “I love the water so much! I just can’t believe that I had never experienced it like this before.”

      Believe it or not, Gieva used to be a Red Xweetok, and had been abandoned when Kay had come across her. It was such a sad and lonely sight, the choice was obvious for Kay. Gieva was so weak at the time, the only word that she was able to say was “water”. Once Kay had nursed her back to health, and when Gieva came to trust Kay implicitly, she finally disclosed that it was her dream to be painted Maraquan so that she could live and swim in the ocean forever. Water was her solace and when she was most at peace with herself.

      However, there was a problem. As there were no current known forms of a Maraquan Xweetok at the time, what species would Gieva want to become? It was a big decision to make. Gieva had of course already contemplated everything since this was her ultimate dream come true, so she became a Maraquan Gelert.

      The transformation was spectacular. It was just something that had been destined to happen for Gieva. In the depths of her soul, she had finally reached her truest form where the inside matched the outside for the first time.

      Kay was over the moon for Gieva to experience what she had always wanted. She was just so concerned for her original Xweetok form was incredibly tiny for a Gelert. The next morning they had gone to the ocean with ScampyRouge, their trusty pirate Kougra seas navigator to let Gieva experience the ocean for the first time.

      Gieva sighed contently. “I just can’t believe this has happened to me. You made it all possible, Kay!”

      Kay smiled and waved eagerly back at Gieva, so happy that she had made such a big impact and influence on her. The bond had been formed and Kay knew that she would have to be Gieva’s protector and always look out for her.

      Scampy, of course, being a pirate and having pirate intuition, already saw this unfolding and knew he’d have to *really* be the one watching out for the lasses. “Always gettin’ inter trouble that lot,” he muttered to himself.

      “What was that, Scampy?” Kay yelled out over the loud waves. Scampy just shook his head and Kay shrugged and continued watching Gieva. However, Gieva was getting ready to show off again and dove back underwater, but she hadn’t resurfaced yet.

      “Oh no, oh no no no, where is Gieva?” The panic started to set in for Kay and Scampy pulled out his scope to scan the seas for her. “Did something happen, Scamp? We only turned away for a moment!”

      “Don’t fret, love. We’ll find ‘er dontchoo worry ‘bout that,” Scamp said in a matter of fact tone.


      Gieva was so content in the water, it was like being a completely different Neopet. And she was! How wonderful it felt. She was waving back at Kay, so full of love and happiness for her, for Kay, and everything that had just transpired in only a day.

      It was at that moment that she felt something pull at her from underwater. Gieva gasped, and it all happened so fast the next thing she knew she was underwater. Gieva finally let the panic wash over her and tried to fight to get back to the surface, but she was so tiny and vulnerable from her other Xweetok form she just couldn’t break free.

      She was now a Maraquan Gelert, however, so it made sense that she could now breathe underwater. It was completely different though and something she’d have to get used to. She tried to open her eyes but it felt so weird. These were some changes she would have to get used to. But not at a time where she had no idea where she was or who was taking her!

      Gieva tried opening one of her eyes slightly and she saw a glimpse of… a city?! Her heart skipped a beat, that city down there had to be Maraqua! She looked over to who was taking her there and could not make out anything except a green cloak of some sort. It was beautiful, though, and Gieva realized that maybe the danger she thought she was in was actually someone just trying to help her.

      They reached the city and something came over Gieva. It was a sense of, well…finally coming home for the first time. There were so many Maraquan pets swimming around, there were shops along the streets selling the coolest underwater trinkets Gieva had ever seen, and that restaurant…Kelp, what a dream to go in there someday!

      It was at that moment that Gieva’s mysterious captor produced a second green cloak, and wrapped it around Gieva. It was like a welcoming gift to her for finally making it home. The mysterious cloaked native explained to Gieva that this cloak will be what protects her while in the ocean so that she can live in peace and harmony where she was always destined to be. It will also help get her accustomed to breathing and seeing better underwater.

      Eventually, Scampy and Kay caught up with Gieva down in Maraqua due to Scampy’s amazing pirate’s intuition. Though having to comfort Kay for the amount of time they didn’t know where Gieva was, it’s quite amazing how patient Scampy was during the whole situation. After many scoldings from Kay, it was decided that they would all move to Maraqua. This way Gieva could leisurely swim around any time she pleased, and it would be safe in Maraqua to do so.

      Gieva was thrilled and could not believe the generosity of so many people. If you would have told her a week ago that she would be a completely different species of Neopet, be painted Maraquan, or that she would end up living in Maraqua by the end of the week, well… she would of thought that it was a far-fetched tale that would never happen. But, that’s exactly what happened… so dreams do come true with the help of the mysterious, kind people out there in the world.

      The End.

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