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Random Oddness

by mistyqee

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Your Friend: The Low Paying Flash Game
A lot of people will tell you to take up fighting in the battledome or trying to win contests. Those aren’t for everyone. Training takes forever and making content for contests is really hard! Believe me, I’ve tried. Restocking and auction sniping are anxiety riddled nightmares that feel like rocket science for plenty of people, so that’s out. What else is there? Luckily for you, there is something else. Flash games.

by rocksysmom


Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Days Yet to Pass: Part Three
They all turned to look at the speaker. It was Buzz. He filled up the door frame, looking taller than Chloe remembered him being. Granted, she'd only once seen him out from behind his desk, but it was still surprising. He was wearing crimson body armor, Virtupets style. Chloe's heart leapt into her throat, the armor was very reminiscent of a different Lupe she was acquainted with stories about.

by kristykimmy


The Riddle of The Sphinx
Two travelers must answer...

by placebo_533


Nancy Casts Stupor
Insane mode is really hard

by qgqg

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