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Questions Frequently Asked by Newbies

by _d_o_g_


Everyone has been new at some point. And if you’ve just joined it can take a while to figure things out, and you might be even a little embarrassed to ask questions you feel like you should know the answer to. This guide is designed to answer some of the questions that are frequently asked by newbies.

How do I feed my neopet? Feeding your pet is really easy! If you have food in your inventory, click it. A pop up window should open. Click the drop down menu, and simply select the pet you want to feed the item to. Done! :)

Where do I get food? A lot of food requires you to pay neopoints to buy. However, if you don’t have much neopoints there are some free options. Caught your attention when I said free, huh? Once a day you can get a free omelette at the giant omelette in Tyrannia. You can feed your pets three times with this omelette! Also, if you have less than three thousand neopoints, you can go to the soup kitchen and feed your pet to your heart’s content. To get to the soup kitchen go to Neopia Central, it’s on the map. Then on your page should be a link to the Market. You should see the soup faerie in the bottom left corner.

My neopet is starving! What do I do? Relax! Your neopet will be fine, just feed it using the methods I mentioned in question in the question above.

My neopet is sick! How do I heal it? There are several ways. The only free option is to take your pet to the healing springs in Faerieland. However, your pet might not be healed by this. So head down to Neopia Central and go to the Hospital. If your pet has blurred vision, the hospital will tell you the cure. Just scroll down until you see the illness your pet has, and the cure. Then go to the Pharmacy, still located in Neopia Central, and see if they have the item. If not, you can use the shop wizard to search for the item in other people’s shops. The shop wizard link is located in the drop down menu under “shops” at the top of your page.

How do I earn neopoints? There are lots of ways to make neopoints!

Play games. Games are located in.. you said it, the game room. Once you are finished playing a game send in your score to receive your neopoints.

Open a shop! You will have to wait a day or two before you can open a shop, but once you can go ahead and create it. You can put items you own in your shop and sell them at whatever price you like.

Restock. Restocking is a long story, so I suggest you look up a guide. It’s also better if your account is a few months old before you start restocking as well.

Invest in the stock market. You will need some neopoints before you can actually do this though.

There are other ways to make neopoints but I’m not going to list every little thing! You might learn your own method of making neopoints.

How do I make a million neopoints quick? There’s really no quick way. However, if you know how to restock, invest in the stock market, and play games you can make a few millions neopoints over the months. If you’re really dedicated you can make lots of neopoints fast, however it’s not easy!

How do I get avatars? There’s a lot of secret avatars out there, how do you ever get all of them? Some are easier than others to collect however. Some simply require eating a certain food, or viewing a certain kind of pet. But it’s a secret! If you need help ask some of the players on the Neoboards or search for some avatar solutions.

How do I get a paintbrush? If you discovered the magic of paintbrushes and want one too, you’ll need to pay for it. Chances are another player isn’t just going to give you a paintbrush, and begging is NOT allowed. So, if you really want a paintbrush you’re going to need some neopoints. The cheapest paintbrush is twenty-five thousand, and you might not even LIKE that paintbrush. So you better start saving. Then you can buy a paintbrush from player’s shops, or on the trading post (located on Mystery Island.)

I have a paintbrush, now what? To paint your pet you’ll have to have the paintbrush in your inventory. Then go to Neopia Central, and go to the Rainbow Pool. You can select what pet you want to paint, and if you have multiple paintbrushes, which one you want to use.

What are morphing potions? Morphing potions are a potion you can feed your pet to change its species or color. So if you really want a Christmas Uni, but don’t even HAVE Uni, you can buy a Christmas Uni morphing potion to transform your neopet into that. A lot of morphing potions are cheaper than paintbrushes, but not all of them.

How do I get a faerie quest? In a random event you may get a faerie quest. However, they aren’t very common so I would go about your business until you get one.

I got a faerie quest but I don’t know how to get the item! On a faerie quest you can’t use shop wizard, making your job a little harder. I suggest going to the Neoboards and ask for someone to search for it for you. Remember; only ask for quest help on the Help chat or the Quest chat.

How do I train my pet for the Battledome? You can train your pet at three different places: Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy, the Mystery Island Ninja Training School, and the Secret Ninja Training School. I would start training at the academy. You will need dubloons to pay for your training though, which you can buy from other players. At the Ninja school you will need codestones. And you don’t even need to go to the Secret Ninja School until your pet is a really high level. You’ll probably need more help to understand the Battledome better though, so I suggest you look up a guide for that too.

These are probably only some of the questions you might have. If you need more help don’t be afraid to ask for help on the Neoboards, other players will be glad to help!

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