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Not Always as it Seems

by extreme_butterfly


      Lilly the Ixi grew up as a wealthy pet. She always had the most expensive customizations, her stats were always on top and she had her wings professionally groomed so that they'd glisten as she flew across Neopia. Even the Faeries were jealous of her beauty.

      Although she was really wealthy, Lilly still had to attend the only school in Neopia. She'd prefer a private school, but Lilly had to admit that she didn't mind all eyes being on her every day. However, she wanted and insisted that no other pet sit beside her.

      One day as Lilly flew into class and took her seat, she noticed the seat beside her had been occupied and their eyes was staring at her.

      "Ugh, what are you doing in that seat? No one is to sit there. No one has ever sat there before. Take a picture it will last a lot longer, but I will have to charge you for it!" Lilly exclaimed as she took out her mirror to glance at herself.

      The pet sitting beside her simply dropped their head and stared at the desk. Lilly took a closer look at the pet and noticed it was a female Blumaroo. Her clothes and hooded robe was tattered, and she looked as though she visited the Soup Kitchen often. The Blumaroo looked different than the other pets in school. Her fur looked nice but the clothes was a totally different story. They looked like she had got them from the money tree.

      The Blumaroo raised her head and noticed Lilly looking at her.

      "Take a picture it will last a lot longer, but I will have to charge you for it!" The Blumaroo said as she pulled her hood down further over her head to cover her face.

      Lilly was shocked. No one had spoken to her like that before. The Blumaroo noticed her surprised face and smiled.

      "Hi, I'm Ruby."

      "I don't care who you are. Why don't you pull that ugly hood off? Afraid of your face?" Lilly said as she growled.

      "I'm sorry you feel that way. No I'm not afraid of my face. Why do you not care who I am and why are you being so mean? No one has ever said anything so mean to me before."

      "Because I don't and because I can. Get used to it, you'll hear it a lot."

      Lilly couldn't believe no one had ever said that to Ruby before. Judging by how she looked, it would seem as if she got it a lot.

      "Ok. Your wings are beautiful! How'd you get them so glisteny?"

      "Why are you still talking to me? If you must know, I have them done professionally."

      "Wow, that must get really expensive after a while."

      "More than you can afford." Lilly said harshly.

      The next few days Ruby kept asking Lilly questions. It would seem as though they were becoming friends. Lilly found herself actually enjoying Ruby's company and conversations.

      One day Ruby had asked Lilly if she wanted to go over to her place to look through the new Neopian Times. Lilly agreed, she thought it would get her more attention once Ruby saw her on the front page from winning the recent Beauty contest. As if those other pets in the contest had a chance against her. Lilly was surprised the other pets didn't drop out once they found out she was entered.

      As they approached Roo Island, there was little shack houses, but across a bridge where water flowed freely beneath it stood a nice big beautifully landscaped Neohome. The flowers were so bright and the grass was so fresh. Lilly found herself staring at amazement. This was the third most beautiful house she had ever seen. Third next to Fyora's Castle and of course Lilly's home.

      "Nice huh?" Asked Ruby.

      Snapping out of it, Lilly nodded "It's ok I guess. I mean it's no castle and the grass and flowers could use some watering, the bridge could use some work too."

      Ruby rolled her eyes and smiled.

      As Lilly started walking toward one of the shacks, she asked Ruby which one was hers.

      "That one." Ruby said as she pointed to the beautiful home.

      "Yeah right. Stop dreaming. You're wasting my time."

      "I'm not kidding." Ruby grabbed Lilly's paw and skipped across the bridge. Standing at the gate they were greeted by guards.

      "Great now we are in trouble." Lilly said nervously.

      "Evening Princess Ruby. I see you've brought a friend today." The guard greeted as he let them pass.

      "Princess?!" Lilly said surprised.

      "Yes Lilly, I am Princess Ruby and this is my home."

      "But your clothes...and your questions about my wings and expensive things....this is a joke."

      "No Lilly it's not. I dress this way when I'm out so no one knows I'm a Princess. I've told no one but you Lilly."

      "Why me? Why wouldn't you want everyone knowing you're a Princess?! Don't you want to get out of trouble, skip lunch lines and have all the pets wanting to be around you?"

      "Lilly I trust you. You only have a glimpse of what it's like to be Royal. I asked those questions because I never get to do those things. I have others do things for me, not by my choice. The only time I leave this home is to go to school. Even then I am guarded, in case my identity is revealed. Lilly, I do this because I don't want others treating me differently, pretending to be my friend just because I'm a Princess, taking advantage of me being wealthy. I like being treated normal. I know you're a true friend because you accepted me dressed in my tattered clothes and hooded robe. How many of your friends would do the same if you were dressed that way?"

      "First I never said I was your friend. Secondly, I never really thought of how many true friends I have. Probably all of them. They all love me and want to know all about me"

      "Seriously? You honestly believe that? Take off that invisible crown and come down off your invisible throne and think about it for a second. Be honest with yourself. I spoke to you that day because I saw you for you, not your expensive clothes. I also saw how your "friends" kept asking questions about materialistic things."

      "Ok, you're right. My best bet is none of those pets would even acknowledge me if I came to school looking like you. No offence."

      ""No offence taken".

      "Besides, you asked about my wings" Lilly recalled from when they first met.

      " You're right, I did. Only because that's the only way I could get you to talk to me. You're wings and materialistic things are a part of you, but they aren't all of you or all of who you are."

      "You're right. I never knew being Royal could be so rough. I see why you dress the way you do. I'm glad we became friends, not because you're a Princess, but because you're a pretty cool Blumaroo."

      "What's this? Lilly calling me a friend now?" Ruby giggled.

      "Yeah yeah get used to it."

      "Lilly always remember, sometimes things and pets aren't always as it seems."

      The End.

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