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Sir Tormund Ellis: A Documentary: Part One

by theschizophrenicpunk


(station jingle plays softly)

Thank you for tuning in to this TruNeo® historical documentary! TruNeo® — where the stories are Tru, and the Neo is YOU!™

The following is a compilation of interviews conducted by several of our TruNeo® team members which took place from 21.7.Y8 through 13.3.Y9. The individuals interviewed for this documentary have expressed knowledge or concern on our documentary's subject, Sir Tormund Ellis, on a personal basis. The opinions expressed by the interviewees do not necessarily reflect the views of TruNeo® and its associates. No Neopets were harmed in the making of this documentary, except, maybe, for the two reporters who were assigned to interview the Gelert Assassin and haven't been heard of since the camera cut out. TruNeo® takes no responsibility for the... mistakes... of its staff members. Please stop Neomailing us about it. We're sure they're fine.

Viewer discretion is advised.

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Patricia Ellis (Mother of Sir Tormund Ellis. Species: Lupe. Colour: Yellow. Gender: Female.): Yes, yes, Tormund is my little boy, so I've known him his whole life. (she laughs) Yes, he always was such a tough, brave little man, even as just a pup. Oh goodness, I remember so vividly him playing Meridell versus Darigan in the gardens with the other children... Well, when they were old enough to play with him, that is. He's the oldest child in all of the families living in Meri Acres, although... well, I suppose he's not a child anymore, is he? (she laughs) Oh, well, you know us mothers. He'll always be my little boy.

In fact, the morning of the day he first set off on the errand that led to him becoming a squire, he was out playing Defenders with the children beforehand. I do remember that. I was picking juppies from the garden out back and I watched as he accidentally let all of his little sister's Whinnies out of their pen! Oh, the look on his face... But, of course, he herded them all back in, quick as a Snowbunny, being the little helper he was.

I suppose his playing Defenders of Meridell so enthusiastically as a little boy was the first sign that he would end up being the hero that he is. Of course, being an imaginary Defender was a game most of the children of Meri Acres played at some point or another, and I'm sure the children in the larger towns surrounding did as well, but... I remember Tor always had a certain light in his eyes when he picked up his "sword" to "fight lord Kass..." The sword, of course, being nothing but a fallen branch from one of our fruit trees. (she giggles) He "fought" with so much passion — more than the other children, at least. He was always the first to suggest they play that game on their days off of school as opposed to anything else. Oh goodness, and his little sister, my daughter Lucy, she would get so frustrated with him, because he would always make her play Darigan!

Lucy Ellis (Sister of Sir Tormund Ellis. Species: Lupe. Colour: Yellow. Gender: Female.): It was so annoying! Just because I'm younger doesn't mean I can't be a Defender, too! Hmph.

Well, I guess it makes sense now, kinda, now that he's a knight and all... Maybe if he had played Darigan instead of me he wouldn't have tried so hard to be a knight. It was always his dream, I guess. At least, that's what Mum and Papa always say, and I believe them. He used to tell me stories of the brave knights of Meridell when I was little and couldn't sleep — and, no, I am not little anymore. I'm almost ten years old, so don't say I'm little. Hmph. I could be a Defender, too, you know.

Patricia Ellis: Well, that afternoon, my husband Hubert sent our little boy out to run a big errand. We were concerned about his safety, of course — parents will be parents — but... we figured he was ready. And we were correct! (she giggles) Yes, but, of course, my husband gave him the whole "Be Safe" lecture beforehand. He rambles on, really, but sometimes it's for the best.

Hubert Ellis (Father of Sir Tormund Ellis. Species: Lupe. Colour: Yellow. Gender: Male.): I do remember my son getting so very excited when I handed him that simple package and instructed him to take it to Meridell. He, of course, first thought it would be going to one of the neighbours, but... the joy in his eyes when I mentioned the castle... and he was positively giddy when I gave him the key to the chest that held my childhood sword. He was so eager to go off on a real adventure, not just the little games they all played around in the fields. Such an adventurous boy.

Now, I gave him a very serious talk beforehand, of course. I needed to make sure he knew that the road to Meridell was a long one, and that it was not safe. And he understood. He even said that he would take the journey as would a knight, fighting for good and against injustice and evil. (he smiles proudly) I suppose it was always his destiny, or dream, or perhaps all of those at once. I made sure he knew the knight's code of chivalry, though he seemed to understand before I even spoke. Destiny, again, of course. So we saw him off, and eagerly awaited his return.

Farmer Tessa Gisborne (Neighbour to Sir Tormund Ellis. Species: Aisha. Colour: Red. Gender: Female.): Tor was a very good... wait... well, I suppose he still is. Oops. Uh, let me restart...

Tor is a very good friend of my son Luke, and I do believe Luke admired him so. Well... I suppose he still does. (she giggles) Oh dear, I'm not very good at this, am I?

Well, I remember the morning of the day little Tor gained his squirehood, I had asked him to take care of some terrifying weeds that had begun to grow in my backyard. Truly terrifying. They roamed around on their own like little monsters, and they had these big teeth, and they would nip you something nasty! I think some of them might even have been poisonous... but that was no problem for brave little Tor. He took care of them right quick, no complaints. Patricia really did raise a fine young boy. Now, if only my little Luke would do all of his chores with such gusto... (she giggles)

But Luke and Tor did play Defenders a lot together. Luke would come home some nights and relay to us all the stories Tor had told him about the knights over supper. He thought it was just the most interesting, wonderful thing. He would ask us, "Mama, Papa, do you think Tor will actually become a knight?" and, well, we always said yes. How could he not? With his bravery and his kindness, he could have become anything his little heart desired. I am so very thankful that our son had such a great role model in his life. Well... I suppose he still does have Tor as a role model, doesn't he? Oops, not again. (she laughs)

Yes, that afternoon when he took off down that ruddy dirt path to Meridell was the last I saw of him before the clouds came...

Prince Tourin Rathbone (Prince of Market Town. Species: Gelert. Colour: Royal. Gender: Male.): I first met Sir Tormund on the path to Meridell. Forgive me, I beg, as I am not sure which day it was, for I had been, uh... stuck there for quite some time... (he sighs)

Sir Tormund was truly a peculiar little thing. At first glance, I surmised he was just another dirty, peasant farm boy, and seeing as he was the only person to cross my path in so, so long, I wept for I feared that I would never be saved and see my love again... But, oh dear, I was wrong about him — so very wrong indeed, and I shall never live down the day I laid eyes upon him and turned up my nose! (he sighs)

That boy, he helped me so quickly — so courageously! He saw my plight and he asked how he could aid me. Oh, but I felt in my heart, no, I shan't, lest my dearest Princess Dona learn of my peril and worry herself into sickness... But the boy insisted. Truly, how joyous a day, how thankful was I! I informed him of my troubles, and detailed the bandits that had stolen the gift for my beloved, and he, this boy — this hero! — he so eagerly assisted me! He fought off those rotten scoundrels who broke down my carriage, retrieved my love's treasure, and brought it back to me.

But alas, woe was me as my rotten, twice-jinxed carriage had been so thoroughly devastated, I knew in my aching heart that it would take far too long to reach my princess in time... But the young hero of Meri Acres would not allow my love to be torn asunder. With such heroism — such bravery! — he took the golden rose for my love and made haste to bring it to her! Such compassion that boy had, truly.

Although... the clouds did take over before I heard back from my love... but I knew I needn't doubt the young hero! I knew he would not let me down, and I was correct. Oh, do I so admire that courage. If only I had as brave a heart as the young knight-to-be... Don't tell my dearest Dona, but I fear so often that I may be nothing but a cowardly Noil... (he sighs)

Brendel "The Bridge Builder" Ballard (Bridge Construction Specialist. Species: Skeith. Colour: Orange. Gender: Male.): Ho-ho, he was indeed a clever boy. Ain't never seen anyone cross a broken bridge before — and that bridge 'cross the Shadowglen river was bro-ken, let me tell ya. That durned first storm nearly blew out every bridge in the realm, I'll tell ya. Had my fill o' work for the next three months! Well, once the clouds had gone, a'course.

But that boy just hopped on over that broken bridge like a li'l Mortog. Strangest sight, really. Wasn't 'til I saw him later on — once he'd 'come a knight, you know — that I realised he'd made it 'cross cus he was somethin' special, you know. Not just a little farm boy with some fancy hoppin' skills. Though I s'pose he could be both'a those things all at once, eh?

Officer Kendrick de Clare (Chief of the Meridell Recruitment Centre. Species: Techo. Colour: Green. Gender: Male.): I, er, might have been taking an... unofficial lunch break when I first saw that boy in the city. He was running after this Meerca thief who had been wreaking havoc around the city for a while. You know Meercas, of course; they're just too darn fast for anyone to catch up to 'em. But, there he went, little Tormund, chasing right on after that hooligan like his life depended on it. I got the feeling there might be something special about him when I saw that.

Well, wasn't it my surprise when he came on into my workplace and brought me the package that the Meerca'd stolen. I knew he was a special sort of kid then — truly. Never seen anyone, knight or otherwise, get anything back from those darned Meercas before. Must've taken a true heart of gold to accomplish such a task, I'll tell you that much.

But I could tell the lad didn't think he was heroic enough to be a squire just yet. He had that knightly glow about him, but he didn't know that. I could see it, though. I've got a sixth sense for that sort of thing. That's why I'm the chief of recruitment for the city, you know. I can tell when someone's gonna be good, and I knew he would. But you don't see anyone throwing me banquets, even though without me that boy would've never become a knight. Pfft.

But... I digress. I asked if he wanted to become a squire, then I gave him the same run-around that I give all the others, just in case my flawless sixth sense was, uh... flawed... for once. Not like it ever has been before, you know. But I've got to be cautious. He got his sword and shield, then got sponsored by the Man-at-Arms himself, then I sent him off with the letter of consent he needed to get signed by his parents. After that — bing-bang-boom — a squire was born. Absolutely no trouble.

Patricia Ellis: Oh, goodness no, he truly went through Moltara and back before we signed the papers. Although... he didn't actually tell us about his opportunity to become a squire until after all that. All the trouble he went through, I mean. You see, his little sister got so upset that her big brother got to go out to Meridell and she did not, so she decided to run off into Shadowglen. Alone.

Hubert Ellis: Let me tell you, that little girl was grounded for a month for running off like that...

Lucy Ellis: Hmph. I just wanted to go on an adventure, too. I didn't think it would be as bad as it was...

Patricia Ellis: But Tormund was so brave, he went right on in after her, no fears at all, except for the worry he had for her safety. And, of course, me and my husband were worried sick about the both of them, but off little Tormund went, assuring us he would find her. Such a hero he was.

Prince Tourin: I saw the young hero approach again from afar, and I said to myself, lo, could it be? Could he truly be back with word from my love so soon?

But alas, I had gotten ahead of myself. How foolish was I to think that he could have traversed such a distance in such short a time! I only have myself to blame for the tugging of hope in my heartstrings. (he sighs) Still, I watched that boy run back towards the farms with such pride and excitement, then back into Shadowglen with such worry and alarm. Oh, what a dreadful place that Shadowglen is — what horrors await inside! My heart sank deep as I watched him enter the darkness, for I worried that he may meet his fate within those dark trees, and that my love would never receive the golden rose of my affection...

... Uh, oh, yeah, and I was worried about his safety, too, of course, but... uh... (he coughs)

Lucy Ellis: I was only trying to have some fun... and it was fun! Uh, for a while. There's so many cool plants in there! And flowers that come alive like (she pantomimes claws) rawwr! Grr! Hisss! So cool... But I stayed away from them all! I saw a big flower monster eat up a little flower monster, and I knew I shouldn't go close. I'm not dumb. Hmph. And the water is so pretty in there, too! It's so clear like crystal, like you could just jump in and go for a swim. Not like I would have done that, either, though. I'm not dumb.

I would have gotten out fine if it wasn't for that big, stupid, ugly plant-thing. It came out of nowhere! I was on my way home through the place I came through — it's, like, this big hole in the cliff above our corn fields... and it was there! The monster! It wasn't there when I went in to the woods! Hmph.

But... if I gotta be serious, I was kinda scared... But don't tell Tor that! I was... I was trying to be brave. I kept telling that smelly monster, "Hey, you get off of me!" but it wouldn't listen... stupid, ugly plant...

But then I saw Tor! And I told him, "Watch out!" but he knew to watch out, because he's so brave... And it was so cool to watch! He was like, (she pantomimes swinging a sword) hi-ya! Take that! Crack, crack! And he cut off its tentacles, and it let out this big roar, but he wasn't scared at all. He just kept fighting it like, whack, bam! (she sighs dreamily) He was so brave...

I... I mean, if I had a sword, I totally could have done it, too... probably. I could be a Defender, too, if I wanted to. Hmph. But... I guess since I didn't have a sword, if Tor wasn't such a hero, I would've been dinner...

Heh, funny, right? Being eaten by a juppie instead of eating the juppie? I just realised that... I'll have to tell Claire when I get home...

Patricia Ellis: Lucy was home safe, and we were so proud of Tor. So, so proud.

Hubert Ellis: Oh, my wife wouldn't stop bragging about his heroism to the neighbours after that... But even more so when he told us that he had gotten the opportunity to become a squire, mentored by none other than the Man-at-Arms! Oh, was I proud... Worried, still, of course... but definitely proud.

Patricia Ellis: My husband asked him if he was positive that this was what he wanted to do with his life; and, well, if the smile in his eyes and the pride in his voice wasn't enough of a "yes," then when he spoke the words to us, "More than anything," we knew without a doubt that he would make a great squire.

Lucy Ellis: I was so excited — my brother was going to be a knight!

We'll be right back after these messages...

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