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Top Games to Celebrate Kacheek Day

by gattacaa


Kacheek Day is upon us! A fabulous day to celebrate one of Neopia’s most loved species. For this years Kacheek Day, why not indulge in some of the games listed below that feature Kacheeks. Some are easy, some are hard, but all are fun!! And a great way to commemorate the wonderful Kacheek species.

First up on the list:

1. Extreme Herder

This game is so much fun to play! Samrin the Blue Kacheek needs your help to put petpets into a pen safely away from the dastardly Balthazar. This evil lupe is very hungry and wants to snack on more than a few petpets. It is Samrin’s job to pick them up and keep them from harm by depositing them into the pen. The object of the game is to get the petpets into the pen as quickly as possible, without letting them or Samrin touch Balthazar. If Balthazar eats a petpet or touches Samrin, you lose a life!! And you only get 3 lives per game. Each petpet is worth one point, and petpets that have a gold star on their head are worth more. Bonus points are awarded in the earlier levels for ‘saving all’ petpets.

There are two power ups to help you play this game. One looks like a sun (circular and golden), which gives Samrin’s speed a temporary upgrade (makes him faster). The other power up is a snowflake, which freezes Balthazar in his position and allows you to move and collect petpets while he is frozen. To operate the game and move Samrin, use the arrow keys. Up is up, down is down and so on. As the number of levels increases, so do the number of petpets you need to save, and the less doors you have to put them in the pen.

If you are lucky (or talented) enough to score 250+ points in this game, you can win an avatar!

And to inspire you, here are what the high score trophies look like..

Next up…

2. Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

This is one of my all time favourite games to play! Albert the Mutant Kacheek is hunting for spooky food items through different haunted places in Neopia. It is your job to guide Albert around the mazes and collect the food items for Esophagor, without losing too many lives. The candle in the upper left of your screen is your life bar. Above this, taking up the top of the screen left to right is a picture based list of the food items you need to collect in that particular level. Your current score is listed in the upper right corner of the game screen, and the current level you are playing in the bottom left. Albert is asked to collect 7-10 spooky food items per level, and each of these is worth 10 points.

Throughout the maze are power ups, which can be helpful, or detrimental. The ones you want to focus on obtaining are the Pink Apple Lantern and the Pink Spooky Popcorn. Not only do these power ups add 10 points to your score, but they have added effects of increasing your candle’s brightness and Albert’s speed (respectively).

Also hidden (and moving) throughout the maze are enemies. You must be careful to avoid running into them, as they will dim your candle’s light and eventually (if you run into too many) your candle will go out and you will lose a life.

However, we don’t want avoid these enemies entirely!! This is key in achieving a high score in this game. In each level there are some tombstones within the maze walls that you can knock over using the space bar. They look like a plain rectangle with a circular head, no writing or symbols on them. If you are standing on one side of these and your press the space bar, the tombstone will be knocked over in the opposite direction. And if an enemy is standing directly where it falls, they are removed from the game and you get 50 points!!!

If you still don’t have the avatar for this game, it is definitely a fun and easy one to achieve. I always thought it was very difficult in the beginning, but after a few practice tries my scores kept getting better using the method mentioned above. Have fun and good luck!!

2,250 points in this game is needed to achieve the avatar.

High Score Trophies:

3. Imperial Exam

In this spelling game you play the Examiner of Shenkuu’s Imperial Exam, and it is your job to accept or turn away citizens who are trying to enter the exam hall. Basic game play involves pressing the Up arrow key to allow citizens to enter the hall, or the Down arrow key to turn them away. Entry is based on the correct spelling of the word presented in the bubble. You must watch carefully as every wrong spelling you allow to enter is a lost chance (life). A key tip for this game is that every word only has one form/version of incorrect spelling. If you recognise these it means you can easily allow or turn away citizens based on both incorrect and correct spellings. This game is timed, so you need to admit a certain number of Neopians within 60 seconds or you will not be able to pass that stage. You must carefully examine the words to determine if they are spelt correctly, but do not take too long, as you will lose a chance if you do not admit the necessary amount of citizens per stage.

Correct judgements (either admitting or turning away citizens correctly) will earn you 5 points, and incorrect judgements will deduct 5 points from your score, so you must be extra careful. Sometimes it just takes a combination of luck, patience and good timing to get a very good score. There is a fantastic guide on JellyNeo if you need extra help with spelling, depending on the language you choose at the start of the game.

High Score Trophies:

4. Kacheek Seek

Ahhh the most classic of games. Kacheek Seek is the Neopets version of Hide and Seek, and a very appropriate game to play this Kacheek Day. The aim of the game is to find your neopet! Basically you choose the location or land you want to play in, and your neopet hides. You must click the correct hiding spot to find your pet and win the game. This game ranges from Easy Peasy to Quite Hard, so choose the difficulty that best suits you. The number of hiding places ranges from 5 to 15!! The quicker you find your pet, the better, as more neopoints are awarded. The more clicks you take to find your pets, the less you get. The minimum amount of neopoints you can be awarded is 5, and the most is 30. Pay attention to what your pet is saying, as it might help you locate them more quickly.

This game does not have trophies anymore, but you can receive an avatar from it!

And here is the conclusion of our journey through the top Neopian games featuring Kacheeks. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and have some inspiring gaming ideas to help you celebrate Kacheek Day!

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