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Cleaning Up Neopia, One Avatar Attempt at a Time

by whssoftball11


The Rubbish Avatar. It was released nearly 4 years ago on February 9, Y14. Yes, 4 years ago, and it is still uncommon to see it apart of someone’s avatar count. It’s one of those stubborn avatars. It’s a random avatar that has Neopians everywhere feeling frustrated.

So, you want this Rubbish avatar, huh? Well, I do, too. How are we going to get it? Exact requirements aren’t known for this pesky avatar, but the general thought is to discard items. Yes, discard. No more being nice and donating to the less fortunate, they want you to get rid of your items, permanently! Okay, we have some items that aren’t really of any use to us or others, so fine, we’ll throw them out. A Pile of Dung? Yeah, no one wants that. *poof* Gone. Those Tombola Keyrings? Sorry, just taking up space. Soggy Old Boxes? Psh, a Kadoatie wouldn’t even play with those.

Whoa, you have more useless items than you thought. You’ve gathered all your junk items and now it’s time to discard. You don’t want to be near those Piles of Dung longer than necessary, so you use the handy Quick Stock feature and discard all at once. (Be sure nothing you want to keep is in your inventory before you select the Check All button!) You’re done and now you’re wondering where your avatar is. Sorry to tell you, but you’re gonna need more junk. A lot more junk. Thousands, most likely. Where are you supposed to find all this junk, you wonder?

Well, I’ve come up with a little list for you guys.

Dailies. When doing dailies, more often than not, you’ll receive items that you really don’t do anything with. If needed, you can find a list of dailies on the Official Neopets Fan Sites. Some of the more common dailies are Tombola, Ye Olde Fishing Vortex (another avatar is available here!), Anchor Management, and the Giant Omelette & Jelly.

At Tombola, there are many prizes you can win, like Codestones. But most of the items there are ones that would make a good addition to your discard pile. Those are the keyrings I mentioned earlier, bottles of sand and other booby prizes given out because the TIki Tack Man felt bad that you lost. (Aww, how sweet.)

Head over to Maraqua and visit the Ye Olde Fishing Vortex. Let your pet try out underwater fishing and you’ll reel in an array of fish and plant items. For example, you can fish up a Bombfish, a Giant Squid, different types of ferns and even a Neopet-Eating Carp. You can just toss all those into your growing pile. Especially the carp. Why wouldn’t you want to throw that away?!

You can shoot a cannon at any creature that threatens Krawk Isand at the Anchor Management daily. Take a note, some prizes awarded here aren’t ones you want to toss out. You be sure to keep those morphing potions and those Dubloons for your pet’s training. You want him to be big and strong, right? (How about a big, strong Pirate?) Those books you’ve already read to your pets, those cards already in your deck, and all those Pirate trinkets you have lying around are good items to discard. If you’ve already found your way to the Forgotten Shore, you can toss those map pieces, too.

If you’re in Tyrannia, be sure to stop by the Giant Omelette for a free piece. Free food is always nice to get, but when you’re trying for the Rubbish avatar, it’s more useful in your discard pile. You can chomp on that omelette twice and throw away the last bits. Anyways, you can find better food for your pets, right? They deserve the best. I heard there’s a nice restaurant in Maraqua…

I once heard a rumor about a Giant Jelly. It is similar to the Giant Omelette, in which, it’ll give you a free piece of jelly, but I’m not convinced it exists. Another free piece of food to add to the discard pile would be nice though. If you find it, be sure to take a piece. Afterwards, please tell me where you traveled because I would really like to see that.

Battledome. Fighting in the Battledome will grant you prizes when you win. Prizes vary depending on which opponent you’ve challenged. You will usually receive multiples of the same item, so you can just discard the others.

User Shops. Search for those unwanted items through the Shop Wizard. There’s plenty of 1np items out there and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a shop with many cheap items. If you don’t know which items to search for, the easy solution is to take those items I listed previously and buy those. Then if you were lucky to find a shop with many 1np items, take note of those items to search in other shops later.

Trading Post. Instead of buying one-by-one from the shops, you can buy in bulk from the Trading Post. You can state on the Neoboards that you’re looking for Rubbish lots, and those helpful Neopians will send you in the right direction.

Money Tree/Meridell Rubbish Dump. You can collect a maximum of 10 items each day from the Money Tree or Rubbish Dump. Those items that others Neopians donated out of kindness, you now get to make them disappear. How nice.

Cleaning up Neopia isn’t an easy or quick task. I recommend gathering items over a few days and when there’s a good amount, go ahead and discard the pile. It can be tiring traveling all over Neopia and then throwing out all that trash. You do not have to discard all the items in one day. Take a break, play a game, read the Neopian Times and try again later. Once you’re done with your pile and before you start collecting more rubbish, check your avatar count. There’s a chance you may have received it and missed the notification.

There you have it. I wish you luck, and hopefully one day we will be rewarded with the avatar. Until then, keep on collecting that rubbish.

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