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Neopian Astrology: Altador

by aleu1986


Have you ever wondered what your Neopian starsign is?

The twelve protectors of Altador each have their own constellation in the sky, all of which were discovered during the Altador mini-plot. Let us explore what they all represent and find out what each sign says about those born under it. They`re listed in the order they were discovered, so the first constellation belongs to the first month of the year, and so on.

Month of Sleeping

The Darkest Faerie, The Sleeper

Species: Dark Faerie

Symbol: Eyes

"Asleep no more and free from her tomb, Neopia now faces certain doom."

Sleepers are very driven to achieve their goals. However, they will strive to reach them at any cost, and have no problem using others for their benefit. They may be dishonest and put blame on others when they make mistakes.

Sleepers can be emotionally distant and hard to reach. They often appear cool and collected on the outside, and they`ll show nothing they don`t want you to see.

They`re not skilled at adapting and prefer to stick to what they know. Qualities may lay dormant in them that are only used or discovered later in life – Sleepers take time to break from the beaten path, but when they do, the results can be wonderful or devastating due to their all-or-nothing attitude. They go all in, do not make compromises and they are without scruples.

On the brighter side, their driven personality may take them very far in life, and if they find a way to not succumb to their darker side they can prove themselves to be true friends. Sleepers need someone by their side to guide them and keep them on the path of righteousness.

"Our friend from the shadows, her powers she brought to our cause. But her dark desires were too strong, and she schemed to rule the empire alone. Through strength of friends, her evil was banished, and the twelve founders became eleven."

Month of Awakening

Psellia, the Dreamer

Species: Air Faerie

Symbol: A sleeping Air Faerie

"Psellia, fair maiden of the air, help me avoid bad morning hair."

Dreamers can be quite vain (but not shallow) and it`s not unusual for them to place high value on both their own and the appearance of others. They like to dream of far off places and exciting adventures, but often lack the courage to go out in the world and experience them. A typical Dreamer thinks and imagines, but does little to transfer their visions to reality. They can however throw themselves into action if the situation calls it of them – it just has to be urgent enough!

As they spend a lot of time in their own head, Dreamers can be both distracted and forgetful. They make caring friends despite their shyness, and their quiet nature makes them wonderful listeners. (When they`re not daydreaming, that is).

They`re usually the quiet sort, many are sensitive, deep thinkers yet without being analytical. They`re reflective, but not good academics. They don`t mind not knowing all the answers. Dreamers prefer to follow and support others rather than lead and be in charge.

"Daughter of wind, Defender of sky, Shape our fair weather, from your perch on high."

Month of Running

Siyana, the First to rise

Species: Light Faerie

Symbol: The rising sun and a yawning Light Faerie

"Awaking early is very wise, for Siyana smiles on those first to rise."

Those born under the sign of The First to Rise are born optimists. They`re usually cheerful, happy people with positive attitudes. They tend to look on the bright side and find the fun in any situation. They don`t take themselves or others too seriously. Their strengths lie in energy, encouragement and comedy. They have great sense of humour and make very supportive friends.

The symbol of The First to Rise is the rising sun. This sign is energetic and alert, but may lack determination to follow through on things they start. They may blaze trails that lead no where.

They`re warm and caring people, who can make even a Grey Neopet grin.

Those First to Rise believe in growth from experience. They`re not theoretical, they learn by doing, and are practical. They usually learn from their mistakes and are highly communicative.

"Faerie who drives darkness from the land. Sunlight and growth are hers to command."

Month of Eating

Florin, the Farmer

Species: Kacheek

Symbol: Three stems of grain

"Planting his harvest in fields of skies, the farmer tills with expert eyes."

Those born under the sign of the Farmer have a patience and work ethic like no other. They don`t mind working hard for months at a time before achieving their goals or harvesting the fruits of their labor – in both a literal and figurative sense. They know that slow and steady wins the race, you won`t see them rushing through anything or doing a sloppy job. They`re thorough in all they do.

Farmers are sensible and down-to-earth. They tend to not look too far ahead, and concentrate on the very near future. They are rarely impulsive and are known for their stubborn nature and not thinking outside the box. Farmers are anything but adventurous, they like it close to home. They are skeptical to change, and have difficulty altering their routines due to a fixed mindset. In regards to friendship, many appreciate them for their sensible attitude, while more adventurous types may feel the Farmer holds them back.

"Master of the green; Maven of the fertile soil, Provider of fruit and flowers, help our lands grow."

Month of Hunting

Sasha, the Dancer

Species: Cybunny

Symbol: Tambourine

"These stars form a circle and shine like the sun. The celebrations have just begun."

Dancers are artistic by nature. They`re very creative and need to express themselves in some form, either via dance, song, painting or poetry. They need artistic stimulation on a regular basis. Without it, they can become withdrawn and even depressed.

People of this sign are also born entertainers, and typically very extrovert. They have no trouble making new friends, and enjoy all types of social settings. They`re highly energetic, and need to keep busy. Dancers are joyful people, they bring laughter and cheer to everyone around them. When inspiration strikes, they can work at their projects for hours on end. When struck by writer`s block or lack of inspiration, however, Dancers can be quite moody.

Those belonging to this sign are often an inspiration to others to pursue their dreams in creative fields – Dancers do however make better students than teachers. They`re quick learners, but struggle to instruct others. They`re free thinkers, and some may have a lack of determination, therefore also a tendency to give up easily and leave projects half-finished. They need to believe in what they do, they follow their heart more than their head.

"Muse of music; mistress of the stage. Let your entertainment fill us with joy."

Month of Relaxing

Marak, the Wave

Species: Peophin

Symbol: A rolling ocean wave

"Marak, lord of the ocean swells, guides our boats from where he now dwells."

The symbol of Marak is the wave, and much like a wave may wash upon the shore, erasing footprints or wash ashore debris, the people born under this sign typically do not cling to the past. They move and change, while some things about them will remain constant.

Although they`re always moving forward, certain things can stay with them for years, or even throughout their life, such as bad memories and negativity. They have great pride, and can hold grudges. They will not easily forget those who hurt them. People of this sign have long memories and will not hesitate to bring up old arguments even long after their friends have put it behind them.

People born under the Wave make good leaders. They are skilled at guiding others, and have a strong sense of justice, but they may also play the victim at times. They`re accepting of change, though they lack the spontaneous energy to alter swiftly. They have lots of patience. Things take time, and Waves know this. They don`t mind waiting for the things they really want.

"Sea Warrior; Rider of the waves, Defend our seas with your awesome might."

Month of Swimming

Torakor, the Gladiator

Species: Grarrl

Symbol: Shield

"With shield at the ready, and sword held high, bravery and honour illuminate the sky."

The dominant trait of The Gladiator is exactly that – dominance. Those born under this sign prefer to be in charge. They dislike being dictated, and prefer to be calling the shots on their own. Attention and admiration are crucial to the well-being of any Gladiator. They`ll never be found sitting quietly in a corner, they want to be out there and make themselves known. Strength of any kind is a typical trait of this sign. Physical strength is most common, though many Gladiators also have a strong mind. They`re brave, but also boastful. Humility is foreign to them, they prefer to be admired for their skills and many can let this get to their head.

Gladiators make fierce competitors, and most are naturally athletic, and can practice any sport from tennis to golf. They`re usually not good team players, however, as they prefer to do the work themselves and also reap all the credit. With age and maturity, many Gladiators may go on to become trainers and mentors for others, though they rarely manage well as instructors for groups.

Gladiators can be brutal in different ways, whether it be crushing the competition or breaking someones heart. They don`t sugarcoat, they`re direct and honest.

"Great champion, to you we pray; In grand arenas, you hunt your prey. In battles of legend, you take up arms, and stop all those who do us harm."

Month of Hiding

Gordos, the Collector

Species: Skeith

Symbol: Scales

"Gordos weighs all coins with his scales, collecting the taxes on all the day`s sales."

Honesty and fairness are the trademarks of this sign. Collectors are known for their love of money and material things – this does not mean that they`re always either wasteful or stingy, however. Some Collectors can have unhealthy attitudes towards their economy or possessions in one direction or the other, but most manage their finances with ease and sense. They have a healthy balance between greed and generosity, most Collectors find themselves in the big grey area between the two. The symbol of Gordos are the scales, and so people born under the sign of the Collector value balance in their life. They know how to appreciate the good things, and they weigh their words before they speak. These people are usually not rash or impulsive, but take their time before making decisions, considering all their options. Sometimes they may miss opportunities due to not acting quickly enough.

A Collector will rarely be caught in a lie. They can be honest to a fault, admitting to mistakes is easy for them, and they have no problem speaking plainly when asked their opinion. If asked to choose sides in an argument, however, a Collector is the perfect diplomat, being able to see things from several perspectives and so would have difficulty choosing which party to agree with.

"Master of gold, lord of the coin, we who are poor salute you. You sleep amidst he city's wealth. And yet your heart stays true."

Month of Gathering

Kelland, the Thief

Species: Techo

Symbol: Knife/dagger

"Stealthy, creeping, shadow-like, Kelland waits for his chance to strike."

Above all else, a Thief desires freedom. If restricted by too many rules, any Thief is bound to become rebellious, and they`re more likely than anyone to make their own path rather than stick to the beaten one. Thieves need freedom to be themselves, they need someone who understands them and doesn`t expect them to change too much. They crave adventure and excitement, many Thieves move from place to place, not because they lack ability to settle, but because they don`t want to be tied down.

Those born under this sign are often cunning and intelligent. They`re also known for selflessness, and although they typically don`t trust others easily, once you do earn their trust and friendship, you have a life-long companion.

"This is the law: be no one's fool. Respect no claim or code. Steal excesses from the rich, to give to peasants in need. Under their city, you make your home, a dry fountain as your doorstep."

Month of Collecting

Fauna, the Gatherer

Species: Acara

Symbol: Basket of fruit. Is also often shown with a shepherd`s staff.

"The Gatherer just picks her fruit, the gentle stars do follow suit."

A Gatherer feels most at home in nature. They are gentle and caring to a point where they may allow others to take advantage of their good hearts. They`re generous and helpful – others feel drawn to them due to their warmth and understanding. A Gatherer will soothe a conflict rather than start one.

As the basket full of ripe fruits symbolizes, one reaps what one sows, and the people of this sign are often able to reap the rewards of their hard work and good nature. They make trustworthy friends, responsible petpet owners, and in return they recieve kind gestures and goodwill from those around them.

Gatherers need their alone time in order to be happy, and they need friends who understand and respect this need. Being pushy and invasive towards a Gatherer will cause them to shut you out.

They`re sensitive to the moods and needs of others, and therefore have a high social and emotional intelligence.

"You, to whom petpets call friend, in green center, your true path wends."

The Month of Storing

Jerdana, the Protector.

Species: Aisha

Symbol: A magic orb

"Dark paths our heroes must traverse, to help Jerdana lift the curse."

A typical trait of the Protectors are their intelligence. They love challenging puzzles and brain teasers, they need to explore various topics academically and may excel in several. They pride themselves in always doing a good job, they are responsible and thoughtful.

Getting to know a Protector may be difficult, as they don`t let their defenses down easily. They are protective by nature, whether it be of themselves or those they care about. People of this sign are deep, they think and feel deeply, but usually silently. They may have a hard time expressing their thoughts and emotions to others, and so they`re often misunderstood. They can be brooding and melancholy, and need friends who bring out the best in them and can remind them of the good things in life.

"Bright sorceress of mystic might; Powers beyond compare. Wherever the Legends all shall meet, your presence will be there."

The Month of Celebrating

King Altador, the Hunter

Species: Lupe

Symbol: Bow and arrow

"He draws his bow with all his might, an arrow flies across the night."

Those born under the sign of the Hunter are often said to be old souls. They`re serious – which means they don`t appreciate being made fun of, and often have a pessimistic streak. They have a tendency to worry a lot.

Hunters may be ambitious, and they`re hard workers. They set realistic goals, and as the bow and arrow symbolize, when Hunters set their gaze on something, they aim to get it. They are often brave, and can show great loyalty to friends and loved ones.

Hunters are born leaders. They can be quite charismatic and get others to follow them. Their ambition drive them to success, though they are too honourable and proud to cheat or take shortcuts. They`re usually noble, and would never betray their friends.

"Let none forget our mighty king, known for battles grand. Destined to rule o'er Altador's walls, as long as they shall stand."

I hope you enjoyed this look into Neopian astrology. Feel free to read my other articles, and please Neomail me with any comments, I`d be happy to hear your thoughts.

Credit to JellyNeo`s Book of Ages for quotes and information about the Altador plot and its characters and constellations.

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