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Hannah's Adventures: the Kreludor Caves

by saudadesdagripe


Hello, how are you doing? Are you ready for our last game on the series of Hannah’s games? If you are new here, let me explain it to you – for the past three weeks I have been trying to help Neopians, just like you, to achieve scores high enough for trophies on the Hannah’s games, simply because I am a huge fan of her and because her trophies are, indeed, very pretty.

Hannah has only four games so far, therefore this is going to be our last game guide. This week’s game is much related to the first two, Pirate Caves and Ice Caves, and basically works the same way. You control Hannah – and this time, unlike Ice Caves, it’s only her – and your mission is to collect treasure chests around the map, and when you are done, enter the door. If you have ever played Pirate Caves or Ice Caves I am sure you know that even though it sounds simple, it isn’t. You will have to face some obstacles if you want to complete the game, but it’s worth it. Why? Well, look at the trophies you can get by playing this game!

The gold, silver, and bronze trophies, respectively, for this week’s game.

The game has had some changes, but they are not worth worrying for. First, you will notice that on the bottom of the screen you have two bars, one red and the other blue. The red one is your fuel bar. Hannah is capable of flying through the map using a pocket rocket besides her, and to do so, she needs fuel. To fly you just need to jump and then keep pressing the up arrow key. As soon as you start flying with your rocket, your fuel bar you decrease until it becomes empty. When it happens you won’t be able to fly until you have found and collected a fuel tank. The other bar is your oxygen bar. The oxygen bar works pretty much like a timer for completing the level - it will slowly decrease when you are playing and, if it reaches zero (becomes empty), Hannah will die and you will lose a life. To prevent it occurring there are also oxygen tanks.

Also, when playing the levels, you will come across some colored doors. These doors are also a new feature in this game. They will prevent you from accessing some parts of the map until they are open. To open a door you need, obviously, a key. But keep in mind that you need a key that matches the color of your door. A blue key only opens blue doors, and so on. There are three key/door colors, they are: blue, pink, and yellow. Lastly, this time, even though secret areas still exist, there are no hidden gems in the game.

- The Game -

Levels 1-3: once again, we don’t have tutorial levels anymore, but that’s okay. The initial levels are very easy, as you need to get used to the game. I know that now we sort of have a timer to complete the levels, but that doesn’t mean you have to hurry and do things without thinking! Pay attention or it’s more likely you will lose a life. Also, I highly recommend not using the rocket if it’s not necessary – Hannah still can jump, and this time, because of the lower gravity, she jumps even higher. Save your fuel for when it’s needed. Make sure you collect everything you find, even if your bars are full, because everything is worth some points, okay? Be careful when falling from high heights because Hannah may die if you do so, thus when you are close to the ground, press and hold your up arrow key to slow down a little bit and then safely touch the floor. Also, you can’t kill enemies; you have to jump over them.

Levels 4-6: the maps have become bigger and now you need to pay extra attention to your oxygen bar. You will need to practice a lot this time so you don’t come across dead ends or get yourself lost. Remember that strategy of writing down or taking print screens of the levels so you can look at them before starting the next level, it’s very useful if you haven’t been doing it yet.

Levels 7-9: my advice for these three levels are basically the same for the previous three – be careful with your oxygen bar, it’s extremely important that you don’t waste your time. The caves are even bigger and more complicated. If you are having some difficulties don’t worry, it’s completely understandable, but don’t expect the game to get easier from now on.

Levels 10-12: scared? You better be. These levels are insane, but trust me, it will later get worse. The 10th and 11th levels are not that bad, but once you reach the 12th, oh, you better practice. Try to not collect oxygen tanks if your oxygen bar is (almost) full because it’s possible that you will walk through the same part of the cavern more than once and you may need more oxygen later.

Levels 13-15: the last three levels are, by far, the hardest in the game. Just so you’d know, in the 14th level there are no oxygen tanks. Yes, you read it right. You have got to be extremely careful and fast if you want to complete this level. Luckily there aren’t enemies too, so you don’t have to worry about escaping them. Also, in the 15th level, right at the end, you will have to face three enemies at the same time - therefore you need to get your timing right. Nothing that a few tries won’t help you. Good luck!

- The Real End -

If you have successfully completed the game, congratulations! Your new trophy will be arriving to your account in no time but, if even after completing the game you still don’t have a score high enough for a trophy, you may as well repeat some levels, such as the third one, to increase your high score a little more.

Also, my series of Hannah’s games has come to an end. It’s been an amazing experience writing these articles and I honestly hope that they will help some Neopians. Thank you for accompanying me and see you next time! Bye!

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