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Neopets Random Events

by oliviagy


One of the most exciting yet also sometimes terrifying things that can happen to any player while lurking the pages of Neopets, is their sudden encounter with a Random Event message.

Random Events have existed almost as long as the website has and they are just, as the name implies it, random events that could happen at any point and to anyone while going from one page to another in Neopets.

Since Random Events are so old, Neopets actually revamped it completely – meaning that they changed the types of Random Events that you can get – on April of 2014. It was also around this time that we all learned about the existence of Dr. Landelbrot – a mad (or at least he looks a little crazy to me) Lutari Scientist that apparently was the inventor of a machine called the “Confusionator”, which is what creates all the Random Events that occur in Neopia. How wild is that?

The following is a quote from Dr. Landelbrot himself:

“What, you thought Random Events just happened randomly? Pish tosh! Back in the early days of Moltara, I invented a technology to create chaos. Just as Moltara maintains balance with the fiery magma at its core, so too must we balance order with chaos. I took it upon myself to spawn random events, er , randomly. ”

And there you go! Dr. Landelbrot not only is a genius – I think – but he also seems to be extremely ancient since he was there creating the Random Event machine during the “early days of Moltara”. Things just keep on getting crazier around here, don’t you think?

Moving on from the history of Random Events, we come to the facts about it -

Like I said earlier, Random Events can occur to anyone at any time while surfing Neopets web-pages. Once one happens to you, the announcement and/or description of the Random Event will appears to the player in a box at the top of the page that just loaded along with a picture on the side of the description of a Neopet or item that is related to whatever event has happened to the player.

What type of things can happen to you when a Random Event comes up?

The list of Random Events that can happen is a rather long one so instead of giving you a full list of every single thing that can happen, I’ve written a more concise list below highlighting the main points:

  • Messages: Someone will appear to you and comment about something. Nothing happens.
  • Normal Message + Effect: Someone will appear to you, comment about something, and then give you an item of average worth (foods, books, etc).
  • Very good Message + Effect: Someone will appear to you, comment about something, and then give you an item of great value (e.g. Dr. Sloth is known for giving out Transmogrification Potions; people also can find paint brushes through Random Events).
  • NP added: Sometimes Random Events will give you more neopoints!
  • NP or item removed: Some characters from Neopets are bad ones and if they appear on a Random Event they can take away some of your neopoints or even take away an item from your inventory!
  • Neopet mood change: There are Random Events that might change your Neopets’ moods for the better or for the worst.
  • Neopet get sick: There are also Random Events will cause one of your Neopets to get sick.
  • Piece of a Map is added: Many people find map pieces of “x” map collection through Random Events.
  • Neopet Stats: Your Neopets stats can increase or decrease through Random Events.
  • Gallery and Shop size: There are also some Random events that can increase the size of your gallery or your shop.

If you are interested in a more detailed list of what can happen to you through a Random Event, I encourage you to search for it on one of the official Neopets sponsored web-pages. They are definitely worth while articles to read and it makes you really want a Random Event to happen to you!

Now, after doing a short interview concerning the topic of Random Events with a few players around the Forums I was able to gather that for most people, Random Events are a positive thing. Many really enjoy the mystery and excitement that Random Events offer to the game and they are always looking forward to the next surprise they will get from them. This is despite the fact that there are definitely many Random Events that can cause misfortune instead of good fortune. Even then, most Neopian players seem to believe that the good events that do happen heal, for the most part, the headaches of the bad ones.

This way of thinking explains the why for some players, a Random Event has become one of their favorite memories of Neopets. These unexpected blessings can become a big event that changes the feeling of one’s gaming experience. I find this to be very true since one of my most precious Neopets memory was the time in which a Random Event appeared on my screen informing me that I was now the proud owner of a Grey Paintbrush. Yes, you read it correctly – a Grey Paintbrush! If I remember it correctly, the description of the Random Event was a very simple one along the lines of:

“A Shoyru flies over your head and drops something on the ground… you pick it up and realize that it was a Grey Paintbrush”.

I clearly remember reading this message about five times before really believing what had happened. I was so scared to go check on my inventory if this paint brush was really mine, but it was all true. I had become the lucky owner of a rare and expensive paint brush all thanks to a Random Event. I was still very poor back in those days and there was no way for me to ever dream of getting my hands on something like this.

In short, Random Events are for the most part something we should all be looking forward and wishing that it will happen to us. You never know, the next Random Event that comes find you might bring that one item you have been dreaming all along for!

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