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Neopet Analysis: Usul

by ilovechocolate4321


Hello, welcome, and salutations, my loyal followers! It is I, the great and powerful June! *ahem* Every pet has a reason to serve, whether it has acute hearing or can run fast. Today, I will tell you all about the Usul! If you think that Usuls are just some fluffy creature and has no special traits, then go play Uni Adventure Quest (Not a real game :P But it really should be)! Usuls are amazing, and agile. So, as I will just say, on with the show!!! *applause*

If you'll notice, a Baby Usul has a rather large tail that goes over its head. Looking at its tail, large tails are for balance. As babies, we don't start walking up straight until we're at least three or four, so it's a possibility that they have large tails as a baby so that it can stay balanced up high on a tree, but seeing as most are born in Neohomes on the ground and not in a tall tree, it could be that soon, this trait will become useless. Also, because they might live in very large trees in possibly high altitudes, it could be that its tail also serves as a blanket to keep them warm.

Now, looking at the ears. Most animals have giant ears to cool them down, like in deserts. But that just wouldn't make sense, now would it? Since I believe most live in very tall trees that are freezing, they won't need those giant ears, however, looking at the Desert Usul, its little ear bands are off, suggesting that those aren't just fashion ear bands, they're Magical-Fyora-Enchanted-Keep-Warm-Super-Deluxe ear bands. Mind. BLOWN. BUT, it could also be possible that those ears can pick up more smaller sounds than others. For example, the Maraquan Usul, has antennae. It could be possible that the Neopets Team had a brain fart and said, "Viola! A Maraquan Usul. Don't argue," OR they didn't have some random brain fart and are smarter because they probably went to college! Looking at anything with antennae knows that they have those for two reasons. One, either they're eye stalks, or two, they can detect movement, like whiskers or hairs. Since an Usul already has its eyes on its face, it's obvious that these antennae are used as detection underwater.

Now, we have to take a look at its body structure. Let's see, a large chest, and a ...mane? The large chest is pretty easy: since it lives in the high altitudes, it needs stronger lungs, and even though there isn't a Transparent Usul yet, I believe that they'll have a larger ribcage than others, because they need a sturdy ribcage in order to hold large lungs for better breathing. Now the mane is pretty. We have to use some gender based knowledge now. Males usually have something large to better impress females in the wild, but it could be based on how powerful it is. So, it could be a possibility that male Usuls need a larger mane to impress females, mostly because who wouldn't want some tough squirrel dude with that awesome giant scarf he was born with? Maybe to other species it doesn't sound too appealing, but to Wockys and Usuls? They'll be head over heels for those manly virtual-fantasy creatures.

Now we look at the Usuls special colors, like Mutant, Camouflage, and Speckled. Mutants are just super enhanced magic freaks. Looking at a Mutant Usul, you'll notice that it has a larger tail, bigger ears, bucked teeth, three eyes, and sharp claws. The mutant is a lot larger than a normal Usul, and that large tail is tied to balance. Because it's much larger and most likely heavier, it'll need a bigger tail to prevent it from falling face first. It has large ears, that probably are better and more acute than regular ears that can pick up sound more easily. The teeth seem to me the hardest, as there isn't a Transparent Usul yet, and we can't see what its teeth looks like. But they probably have sharp teeth in the front, and have grinding teeth in the back, since they mostly live on a diet of nuts, and could be that the Mutant Usul uses that to chew off branches because its teeth are a lot stronger than a regular Usul's. Now, the eyes. One eye's up, one left, and the other right. The eye pointing up is most likely to find predators, or y'know, things that can harm it. So it makes sense that eye is looking for danger from above. The left eye looks for danger on the left, and the right looks for, you guessed it, danger on the right. Now you'll notice the unusually long, and sharp claws. I'm gonna guess that since the Mutant Usul has a bigger tail, it needs strong and sharp claws to hold on to the tree or something, because of the extra weight of its tail. A mutant just has its senses enhanced, until it looks almost grotesque because its abilities just got stronger.

Now, Camouflage. It has that golden fur color, but with dark shades of green splashed on their body, like tree branches. It makes sense that the colors are made to look like tree branches. This really proved my point that they do indeed live in trees, and owners who want to paint their Usul Camouflage really care for its safety in the wild. I know this part is short and you probably really wanted to hear something like teeth or manes and stuff, but I can't find anything that wouldn't make sense. Please bear with me. :D And Speckled is just an Ursula recolor with different patterns. Nothing else other than White, which is just some genetic mutation that occurs in wild animals and humans known as albinism because of its white fur and red eyes, and maaaaay result in blindness.

Anyway, that's my entry. If you want to see another one, just Neomail me about which Neopet you want me to do next. Bye, and please, also try to help me improve with this, with what I could do to improve and what I should not include.

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