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A 16th Birthday Celebration On the Cheap!

by a_ramsell


If you’re anything like me, you’re likely saving your Neopoints for some huge purchase you will probably never be able to afford. Or maybe you spend most of your Neopoints before they even hit the bank. Either way, good for you! *high-fives* However, it can be a real bummer if you want to mark a special occasion (oh, I don’t know, say like a certain site’s 16th birthday?) but you don’t want to, or can’t afford to, break the bank to do it.

I’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Below you will find 16 of my favorite affordable birthday goodies you can buy today so you don’t miss out on the festive fun! And best of all, they are not year-specific, so each item works for any birthday! You will save both time and money by buying these versatile party items because you can stock up now and not need to buy new items again next year.

Okay, no time to waste! Let’s get to that list.

1. Pirate Birthday Card

Cost: 100 NP

Any scalawag worth his salt will appreciate a festive Pirate Birthday Card. It is so affordable, in fact, that you might as well splurge on the matching Pirate Birthday Cake, which is a steal of a deal at around 200 NP. Yarr!

2. Chocolate Birthday Medallions

Cost: 500 NP

Mmm, chocolate. It isn’t really a birthday celebration until there’s some delicious chocolate involved. This is a perfect treat for even the most selective of Neopets. And best of all, there are six in a pack, so your Neopet can share! Or she can eat them all by herself. We won’t judge.

3. Birthday Toffee Apple

Cost: 800 NP

A great gift for the health-conscious Neopet. Okay, well, maybe not. At least it’s a little healthy, though, right? Okay, it’s totally not healthy at all. Just forget I mentioned anything about that.

4. Rainbow Birthday Blower

Cost: 800 NP

This fun and noisy toy will be a hit at every birthday party this season. The vintage look lends the item a little nostalgia, and it even comes in Yellow and Starry versions as well so everyone can be sure to have their favorite colors. It’s also fun to sneak up on your Neofriends and scare the daylights out of them, but you didn’t hear that from me.

5. Happy Birthday Card

Cost: 1200 NP

I’m willing to bet you a Giant Slice of Neopets Birthday Cake that nearly every Neopian has at least one of these hiding in her Safety Deposit Box. Why not dust it off and re-gift it to a deserving friend? I promise, no one will know.

6. Birthday in the Park Background

Cost: 1200 NP

This super-affordable wearable will look fabulous on any ready-to-party Neopet. I mean really, what ‘pet wouldn’t love this background? Cake, streamers, balloons, piñata…this party clearly has it all.

7. Package of Birthday Candles

Cost: 1300 NP

A great gift for the Neopet who has everything. Tell him to use these candles on his birthday cake and then, if his birthday wish comes true, you can totally take the credit because of the lucky candles you gave him!

8. Birthday Celebration Kau Plushie

Cost: 1800 NP

This party-ready collectible plushie is too adorable for words! If Kaus aren’t your favorite, not to worry! There are similarly priced Meerca, Ogrin, and Quiggle versions to choose from as well, so you’re bound to find one you can’t live without.

9. Wishing You a Happy Birthday Card

Cost: 1600 NP

If the Happy Birthday Card just wasn’t doing it for you because you wanted something with a little more punch, why not buy this beautiful cake-shaped card? It’s sure to wow even the hardest-to-please recipients.

10. Pteri Birthday Card

Cost: 2800 NP

Maybe you still have Pteris on the brain from the recent Pteri Flying Championships, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Pteri’s biggest fan. Either way, cover both your bases with this colorful Pteri Birthday Card!

11. Hissi Birthday Card

Cost: 4200 NP

Okay, so maybe Pteris aren’t your thing. You’re in luck! Not to be outdone, the Hissi is featured on its own birthday card as well. Celebrate in style with one of Neopia’s favorite limited-edition species.

12. Usuki Birthday Set

Cost: 12,000 NP

Is your Neopet a Usuki fan? Of course he is; who isn’t? Give him a fun new Usuki set that will provide hours of fun! This also makes a great gift for any Usuki-collecting Neofriends you might have.

13. Birthday Clues

Cost: 5000 NP

What Neopet doesn’t love a good book? This birthday-themed story will cheer up any Neopet who might be suffering from the birthday blues.

14. Happy Birthday Negg

Cost: 15,000 NP

Do you know a Neopet who doesn’t love cake? Well, we won’t waste any time talking about how weird that is. Instead, why not just go buy her a tasty Happy Birthday Negg? Chances are, once you feed this to your picky ‘pet, she’ll tell you you’re the best owner ever!

15. Birthday Best

Cost: 30,000 NP

If your ‘pet read Birthday Clues in one sitting, why not get her this great read? It’s packed full of little-known tips that will have your ‘pet looking her “birthday best” in no time flat.

16. Birthday Streamers

Cost: 55,000 NP

This wearable gift is the priciest thing on this list so far, but for good reason. With its festive colors and adorable streamers, it’s a must-have for any true birthday fan and complements nearly any party outfit. This item looks especially great with the Birthday in the Park background mentioned earlier in this list. Add a cheap Basic Green Balloon, and you're all set to celebrate!

Well, that’s 16 items, isn’t it? But wait, there’s more!

I couldn’t let you go without suggesting an adorable birthday petpet for you to give to your favorite Neopet to mark this special occasion. The Birthday Warf, while a bit expensive, is the most affordable of the currently available birthday-themed petpets. With a bit of patience and luck you can find one for about 100,000 NP. And look at him, he's just so cute! *squish* You need to have one.

That does it for this special birthday-themed list of great, affordable gifts for your Neopets and Neofriends! Hopefully you found something that works in your budget. Now get to partying!

Please note that prices were determined using the Super Shop Wizard and may have changed between when this fabulous article was written and when it was published.

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