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Werelupes: Myth, Legends, and Truth

by talthe


What do you think of when you hear the word "Werelupe"? More than likely, you think of a large and powerful beast filled with fury and the desire for bloodshed. You think of a horrible monster dwelling in the Haunted Woods that will hunt you down as soon as look at you. What if I told you that this was not the case? Well, sort of.

My name is Inona, your everyday Usul researcher. I, like many, have had a longstanding interest in the illustrious Werelupe, but real research on these fascinating creatures is incredibly scarce. I suppose that's not too hard to believe though; Werelupes are extremely frightening so many are more than happy to keep a safe distance.

Well, you can't send in a Quiggle to do a Usul's job. I decided to spend a great deal of time with a particular Werelupe tribe in order to give proper information to the masses of Neopia. I hope that with my research, I will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you nothing but the truth about these interesting creatures.

An extremely brief history of Werelupes

The trouble with studying Werelupes, also known scientifically as Lupanthropes, is that the truth is shrouded in several myths and legends. The first recorded sighting of Werelupes was over a thousand years ago by an Altadorian scholar. He discovered what he describes as "a tribe of enormous Lupes that attack the local villages".

More stories speak of Lupe tribes surrounding Haunted Woods choosing to take on this beastly form for one reason or another. Some for power and some for preservation. It always seemed to have somewhat of a negative outcome for them though as many would be turned ravenous while others would be hunted down by the locals.

There are even accounts of an illness possibly being linked to the change of a Lupe into that of a Werelupe - often referred to Clinical Lupanthropy. It is unknown, however, as to whether or not the illness changes the temperament of the Lupe.

Unfortunately, since Werelupes don’t seem to care much for preserving their own history, and non-Werelupes like to keep a safe distance, there’s just no way of knowing for sure of how they truly came about. When I tried to ask the Werelupe tribe that allowed me to document them, I was usually told that they had always been around or that my question was unimportant.

Becoming a Werelupe

Everyone knows how a Lupe becomes a Werelupe, right? You’re either painted or you’re bitten… wrong!

Well… no, you’re right, but there’s actually many ways to become a Werelupe.

Many Neopians do not think about this, but two Werelupes will create Werelupe children. There are no records of what happens if a Werelupe and a non-Werelupe have children, but it is theorized that they would become hybrids if anything, though it’s highly likely that they would just be normal Lupes.

Like mentioned above, being bitten is a common way to receive the curse. Many people don’t realize though that you can be cursed by more than a Werelupe. Those entrenched in the dark magic may be aware of certain spells that can cause this curse. This particular curse is the only known way for a non-Lupe to become a Werelupe, but it is very rare as it comes with a terrible price for the spell caster and is only used by the most desperate or vengeful of Neopians.

The Werelupe vs Halloween Lupe controversy

The Werelupe vs Halloween Lupe debate has been going on for over a decade now. Are Halloween Lupes the same as Werelupes? To put it simply, that is a matter of opinion.

It is easy to tell the difference between the two from looks alone. Halloween Lupes have green eyes and light brown fur while werelupes come in a variety of coat colors with their eyes typically shown to be red. Temperament is often a bit different as well. The curse usually changes the personality of the afflicted into an often dimwitted easily enraged beast. Being painted does not do much to the Lupe’s personality aside from making them more inclined to angry outbursts (often due to feeling betrayed by their owners from the sometimes unfortunately backed up belief that they were only changed for the avatar).

This is something that even the Werelupes themselves are split on. Some tribes are more than happy to welcome their Halloween Lupe brothers into their mix while others refuse to consider them brothers. The tribe I spent time with seemed to be the former. They had quite a few members of their pack that were painted by owners that they had ran away from. This is possibly why they did not seem to mind my involvement with the pack so long as I kept a safe distance.

Werelupe Temperament

Discussed briefly in the Werelupe vs Halloween Lupe controversy, I will now delve into the personality and temperament observed during my research. It may have been partly to do with being with a tribe that consisted of many painted Lupes, but I was surprised to see a very jovial side to them that not many get the chance to witness. They would often partake in parties after a successful hunt, and were kind enough to offer their food to me. Of course I refused since I don’t eat meat, but it was enlightening all the same.

There definitely were squabbles and fights from my experience, but these were typically short lived and, once over the ones fighting would act as if nothing had even happened in the first place. Truly, they are a creature that speaks with their claws, but usually do not mean permanent harm to their brethren.


I am going to assume that if you have a Werelupe, then you have one because you love them and want to be a good owner, and not because you just wanted that shiny avatar. If so, then good for you! We need more of your in Neopian society.

If you’re serious about wanting to properly care for a Werelupe, then there are a few key things to keep in mind:

Werelupes need a wide open space to be able to run around in. No cities for these pups. They need long pastures and thick woods in order to feel satisfied.

Be sure to invest in quite a lot of meat. Werelupes are known to eat a lot, so you need to make sure you have the NP to afford to care for their needs.

Invest in the proper hygienic products. Normally, their Werelupe pack members will help groom each other, but your big lug only has you so be sure to treat his fur right.

This is important. If your Lupe does not want to become a Werelupe… don’t force it to become one.

Thus ends my research. I want to thank the kind Werelupe tribe for allowing me to spend time with them. Bedrok has easily become one of my best friends now and has even decided to be adopted by my wonderful pet parent, Talthe!

Understand that you should always treat a Werelupe tribe with cautious respect. Not all tribes are created equal and while mine was very friendly and open minded, not all are and some can be very dangerous. I just hope that through my research, everyone in Neopia will have just a little more of an understanding of the ever fascinating Werelupe.

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