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The Top 5 Foods from Meridell

by emilyralphy


Ironically, Meridell is not known for having the best food in Neopia even though much of what is eaten there is grown on local farms. In fact, it is widely known as one of the worst places to get a tasty meal. A lot of the cheaper food is quite simple; sometimes all it takes to prepare a meal is to pick it right off the bush. Many of the more luxurious meals served in Meridell are infamous for their gigantic portion sizes. After all, there is a reason King Skarl has a bit of a *ahem* rotund figure. Rest assured, Meridell has plenty of delicious foods for your Neopets to try despite its lackluster reputation. Here are my top 5 most delicious food items from Meridell.

5. Red Draik Egg

This is easily one of the most expensive and sought after delicacies Meridell has to offer. All of the other Draik eggs were contenders for this spot on the list since they all have very similar flavors, but I chose this one since it has a slight spicy kick to it. Spicy foods aren’t too common in Meridell, so it’s always a real treat to eat one of these. However, I would highly recommend hatching this egg instead of eating it. Gaining a friend for life beats having a tasty treat any day. That’s why this delicacy is so low on the list.

4. Thick Creamy Porridge

At first glance, this dish looks very unimpressive. It is quite common, easy to prepare, and simple. However, this is actually one of the most amazing meals Meridell has to offer. There is a reason this is a favorite amongst local farmers: it is very hearty breakfast and can keep you full until it’s time for dinner. This is an absolute lifesaver for Neopians who spend much of their day in the fields or for anyone else who plans to commit to a long day of exhausting work. This miraculous breakfast is also nice and warm, perfect for winter mornings. The only problem with this ever reliable meal is that it is quite bland. I would recommend serving it with a small bowlful of berries to liven it up a little.

3. Slorg Meatloaf

This is by far the most adorable item on the list. It is also very nutritious. Along with the obvious ingredient of meat, this dish also contains onions and peppers. It also comes with a side of fresh greens. The spices used to cover the meat give it a more complex flavor than most dishes found in Meridell. Not only can this serve as an excellent dinner for one on its own, but it can also make for a great part of a shared meal, particularly if it is served with some potatoes on the side (they are one of Meridell’s specialties after all). The only reason this didn’t rank higher on the list is because of how insanely cute it is. It’s a wonder anyone can bare to take a single bite out of this with those precious little eyes staring at them. Perhaps dealing with Slorgs as pests trying to devour their crops has left the citizens of Meridell immune to their cuteness.

2. Epple Sandwich

This is by far one of the healthiest foods Meridell has to offer. It is made with the freshest ingredients. A sandwich without bread might sound strange, but the crispness of the slices used give this sandwich an extremely satisfying crunch. This light little delight is the perfect treat after a long, sweaty day spent picking berries. Unlike a lot of the dishes Meridell has to offer, this one is great for Neopians on a diet because it is both tasty and low in calories. That being said, this meal’s tiny size also prevents it from taking the top spot on the list. It is so light that it can only serve as a light lunch at best on its own. What’s an even bigger shame is that it would only take some light tweaking to make this humble sandwich steal the show. With only two ingredients, this could easily accommodate another component or two to give it a more complex flavor and make it more filling. For now, hungry Neopians will just have to settle for cooking up a side or two to make this a more complete and satisfying meal.

1. Giant Shish Kabob

Now this is a meal fit for King Skarl himself! This dish showcases the some of the best ingredients that Meridell has to offer. Only the finest cuts of meat and the freshest vegetables are used to create this masterpiece. This is so well prepared and beautifully presented that its arrival into the dining room ought to be announced with a fanfare of trumpets. Now, I understand some of you might be worried about the size of this particular choice. I’ll admit that this isn’t the type of food you’d usually eat alone, although there are Grarrls out there who can and will devour this in a single sitting. This does make for an impressive meal to serve at a celebration though. For starters, this comes with its own sword and shield. Granted, the shield isn’t the best since it as a whole in the middle to accommodate the sword, but how many foods do you know that are served on a sword? Once everyone has taken their seats at the table, you can slide the meats, veggies, and shield off the sword before cutting the tremendous amount of food up with the sword into portions for everybody. You can even stab the pieces of food with the blade and present it to your guests that way if you want (as long as you are careful of course). It doesn’t get much cooler than that. If someone whines about getting a smaller portion of the feast than you, you can just remind them who is holding the sword. This dish does lack utensils, but that only makes it more enjoyable. There is nothing more fun during dinnertime than to have an excuse to make a mess as you eat, tearing away chunks of food and letting the grease run down your chin. You will probably feel a bit bloated after eating this, but this impressive meal is irresistibly delicious and downright awe-inspiring.

These are only some of the delicious foods Meridell has to offer. Even the simplest foods here can be quite charming at times. As you are sampling these culinary delights, don’t be afraid to snack on sun warmed berries in the fields or to give some of Meridell’s famous cheeses a try.

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