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Halloween Customization

by yuri445


Halloween is almost upon us here in Neopia and all the witches, ghouls, and monsters will be coming out to play soon. To celebrate these spooky festivities, we've come up with six different looks for you to dress your Neopets for the special occasion. To start off, look into your safety deposit box and the back of your closet and pull out all the spooky and non-spooky clothes you have stashed in the back. For our looks we made sure we had both Neocash (NC) and Neopoints (NP). We have three non-scary and three scary customization options for you.

NC: If you are fortunate enough to have access to the NC Mall and have Neocash on hand, you are able to buy beautifully designed outfits to customize your pets. To get NC, you need to buy a card in the real world, redeem it on the site, and start buying.

NP: We can all get some NP from doing a variety of different activities on the site. From games, collecting dailies, to selling/trading/auctioning of items, and investing in the stock market, making NP around the site is easy and fun. You can buy get NP wearable by checking out shops like Ugga Shines, Gift Shop the Clothing Shop, and users shops. With enough NP on hand, you can buy almost any wearable on the site.

An Adventurer (Non-Scary)

Halloween isn't all about dressing up as the spooky witch or the scary vampire. This Blumaroo is dressed as an adventurer. Every customization look deserves a hero piece. A hero piece is what I consider to be a must have item or items for the look to work. In the case of this adventurer, the hero pieces are the super sleuth hat and wig, the fiery carved torch, and portraying a sense of danger is the miniature Tyrannia foreground. The other items can change depending on the situation. I mixed both NC and NP for a wider selection. All the items on this model cost approximately 261,029 NP.

Items Used: AAA Host Shoes (49,999 NP), AAA Host Trousers (35,000 NP), Adventure Shirt (NC), Altador Courier Bag (NC), Battle Scar Marking (NC), Dark Cave Background (159,000 NP), Fiery Carved Torch (900 NP), Illusens Collectors Contacts (NC), Miniature Tyrannia Foreground (2,700 NP), Old Cobwebs Foreground (13,350 NP), Mystery Island Blumaroo Tail Ring (Paintbrush), Smug Bug Net Trap (80 NP), Super Sleuth Hat and Wig (NC).

A Pirate (Non-Scary)

Customizing your pet to look like a pirate for Halloween was the easiest look for me to put together. I actually used a lot more NPs than NC. All the NC I used aren't needed to make this customization work. The hero piece in this look are the dueling decks purple head bandana, caution - pirates sign, and knee-deep in neopoints foreground. Without these three hero pieces, this look might not work as well. This customization portrays a pirate in his secret cave counting his fortune. All the items on this model cost approximately 52,399 NP.

Items Used: Bone Necklace (NC), Caution - Pirates Sign (2,800 NP), Dashing Gothic Jacket (NC), Dueling Decks Purple Head Bandana (40,000 NP), Evil Twin Goatee (NP), Hanging Vines (19 NP), Inside the Wishing Well Background (1,180 NP), Knee-deep in Neopoints Foreground (2,000 NP), Loot Bag (6,400 NP), Wrap Trousers (NC).

A Trick-or-Treater (Non-Scary)

You can have a simple look and still fit the Halloween theme. Here we have a normal trick-or-treater wearing an old fashion dress with a playful scarecrow makeup to give her a disguise. This neopets is going door to door begging for delicious candy. With Autumn colors giving the environment a sense of chilliness, this customization not only fit Halloween, but an Autumn themed one as well. The hero piece in this look is the Jack-O-Lantern Pail. You can do almost any Halloween themed customization around this one item. All the items on this model cost approximately 26,900 NP.

Items Used: Enchanted Tale Dress (NC), Gypsy Girl Earrings (NC), Hanging Lanterns and Leaves Garland (NC), Jack-O-Lantern Pail (26,900 NP), Lighted Autumn Staircase Background (NC), Lost Desert Kacheek Tail Ring (Paintbrush), Playful Scarecrow Makeup (NC), Side Ponytail Autumn Wig (NC), Windy Autumn Fence (NC).

A Vampire (Scary)

It's Halloween and this frightful season is full of vampires! This vampire lives in a huge mansion with spooky decorations like her Pumpkin Ink Frame. She loves spooky petpets and has lots of barbats and spyders living with her in the mansion. She claims to be the most gorgeous vampire in Neopia. She is dressed in her Vampire Counts Cape, Tasteful Black Cardigan, Gloves with Jeweled Bracelets and Deadly Beauty Face Paint. The Neopoints in this customizations cost around 20 NP. With this look, I mostly focused on lots of NC items. Don't forget to check out the NC mall for spooky items. Looking for retired items? You can check the NC mall board and try trading with other Neopians. If you're feeling lucky you can try the new Retired Ancient Halloween Mystery Capsule. It gives out old retired Halloween items!

Items Used: Long Black Wig with Bangs (NC), Spooky Old Foyer Background (NC), Curtain of Barbats (NC), Golden Key Necklace (NC), Tasteful Black Cardigan (NC), Red Vampire Contacts (NC), Vampire Counts Cape (NC), Deadly Beauty Face Paint (NC), Gloves with Jeweled Bracelets (NC), Spyder Web Garland (NC), Pumpkin Ink Frame (20 NP)

A Dark Magic Sorceress (Scary)

Around this time of the year the magic pets in Neopia sneak around in the dark forest. This sassy dark magic sorceress is casting Jhudoras' spells and has the dark faerie magic effect around her. So make sure you don't get to close or you could get cursed! All NP items in this outfit cost about 111,750 NP. If you want to go for the spooky look, use darker colors like black, dark blue, dark green and dark red to give your pet the look.

Items Used: Fancy Purple Facepaint (NC), Gothic Updo Wig (NC), Dark Faerie Magic Effect (NC), Golden Key Necklace (NC), Dark Magic Dress (NC), Forgotten Faerie Grove Background (NC), MME16-S2a: Menacing Tree Vine Garland (NC), Jhudoras Fingernails (950 NP), Dark Faerie Eye Shadow (2,275 NP), Jhudoras Spell (3,625 NP), Deluxe Dark Faerie Wings (98,000 NP), Deep Dark Shrubbery (6,900 NP).

A Witch (Scary)

Around this time of the year you can find witches all over Neopia! This witch flies around the full moon in Neopia on her witches broom scaring trick-or-treaters and adults alike. With her cauldron of brew she cooks spooky potions using spices from her haunted spices garland. I wouldn't drink this potion if I were you. She is dressed for the witching hour, so beware! If you want to go for a spooky look, think of your character first. So a witch, wizard, vampire, ghost or zombie would fit the theme nicely.

Items Used: Haunted Woods Autumn Background (NC), Gnarled Witch Gloves (NC), Black Halloween Caplet (NC), Crazed Spellcaster Contacts (NC), Charming Witch Dress (NC), Cauldron of Brew (NC), Decorated Witch Hat and Wig (NC), Green and Gold Star Eye Shadow (NC), Witches Broom (NC), Giant Suspended Spyder Webs (NC), Haunted Spices Garland (NC).

Thank you for reading our article! ^_^ All the customization you see here are only suggestions to get your pets ready for Halloween season. As more and more items get released in the NC Halloween/Fall store, you will have more than enough items to customize your pets with. We hope our customizations helped you a little during Halloween.

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