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Petpets of Neopia

by aleu1986


Every Neopet should have a petpet. These cute little creatures teaches Neopets about responsibility and friendship, and can provide countless hours of fun. More importantly, your Neopet will form a close bond with their petpet and gain patience and understanding as they work to earn their trust, as well as teach their petpet tricks and generally care for them.

In this article I have looked at all petpets from the various Neopian lands and narrowed my choices down to three favourites which I feel are the most iconic and best represent the land they hail from. I`ve tried to avoid the super rare petpets plus ones that are given out as prizes from plots (such as the Marafin and Yooyu) as well as those that are special or retired. I have excluded Virtupets Space Station and Moltara from this list, as the majority of those petpets are robots/mechanical. These petpets are all unpainted, and the Neopian shop you can purchase them from is noted over each section.

Neopia Central (The Neopian Petpet Shop)

Flowper - This cheerful soul can use his large ears to float down from high places.

The Flowper is so cute and cheerful, it could make a Grey Neopet crack a weak smile. They love to eat berries, so your Neopet had better make sure they don`t raid the neighbours bushes. Flowpers are highly energetic and playful, the perfect petpet for any Neopet that loves games involving chasing and running.

Noil - A Noil is a fluffy, bouncy companion who will follow your Neopet where he or she goes.

One of the most iconic and well-known petpets in Neopia, the Noil is a very loyal petpet that will happpily tag along with your Neopet. Many believe Noils to be fierce and strong, but this is a misconception. Noils are just fluffy, cuddly and oh so cute! They`re also experts at finding good hiding places, to if your Neopet decides to engage in a game of Kacheek Seek with this petpet, they`re in for a long search!

Doglefox - A cute mongrel that delights in finding small treats for your Neopet!

Similarly to the Noil, the Doglefox is a very well-known and popular petpet, adored by many. They have an excellent sense of smell, and love to follow tracks and search for food. They`re also patient and have good endurance, so your Neopet can play with this little fellow for hours before he grows tired.

Aquatic Petpets (The Rock Pool and Maraquan Petpets)

This is a mix of petpets from Maraqua and Mystery Island

Bubblebee - So called for the yellow and black bubbles it blows when happy.

The Bubblebee is native to Maraqua, and can usually be found in the main city. They are however equally comfortable in more shallow waters. This petpet has a very friendly and calm personality which makes it a good choice for young Neopets.

Slugawoo - Ok so hes not the fastest Petpet in the world, but at least he will never run away.

The Slugawoo is the type of petpet that likes to take things slow, which makes him an ill fit companion for those Neopets that are very energetic and quick, like the Xweetok. This Mystery Island petpet has no need to spend all his time underwater. He is in fact most comfortable on the shore, where he can slowly make his way along the beach.

Peo - Peos are very pretty, but dont they know it. They are very demanding and have temper tantrums if they dont get what they want.

If your Neopet is strong-willed, this fussy little diva is the petpet to put that will to the test. Peos have quite the demanding nature, and although they have a tendency to throw tantrums when denied something, it is possible to teach them that their demands can not always be met. As Peos are quite tiny, they are better suited for the smaller species, such as Flotsam.

Delfin - A very intelligent Petpet the delfin can learn all sorts of tricks and games.

Delfins can be found off the coast of Mystery Island and is one of the most intelligent petpets in Neopia. They need to be challenged and get a chance to use their intellect, and so it`s recommended that Neopets teach them fun tricks and engage in various games and tasks that trains the Delfins brain and body. They can get both bored and frustrated if not kept active, so make sure your Neopet has plenty of time to spend with their Delfin.

Hippalop - This little Petpet has a nose for shiny things and is often used to seek treasure when water is an obstacle!

Like the Delfin, the Hippalop is also native to Mystery Island and is most commonly found in shallow waters off the shore. They are however capable of diving to impressive depths and can seek out anything shiny such as pearls, coins and jewelry. The perfect petpet for the clumsy Neopet who always loses their things! The Hippalop can be a bit lazy if not properly encouraged, but a few tasty treats is usually the only incentive they need.

Lellefisk - Its roar isnt very loud, but it sure makes a lot of bubbles!

This cute little guy almost looks like an aquatic cousin of the Noil! The Lellefisk prefers the deep waters of Maraqua, and is rarely seen on the surface. He`s quite adventurous and can get himself in trouble if your Neopet doesn`t pay proper attention to him. Lellefisk are also brave petpets that can grow quite protective of their owner.

PPL informs: Peo, Lellefisk and Delfin are recommended for Maraquan Neopets and aquatic species only, as they can`t live on land.

Lost Desert (Peopatra`s Petpets)

Anubis - Anubis is a friendly little fellow, who will try not to judge you in any way.

The Anubis is easily one of the most iconic petpets to hail from the Lost Desert, and they`re also quite popular due to their friendly personality. They have a great curiousity, and will happily follow their owner anywhere.

Turtmid - When a Turtmid is fightened it curls up inside its pyramid so nothing can harm it.

This petpet can only be painted two colours (Green and Island) and you`ll probably be surprised to find him in this article instead of for example the Geb, but I wanted to give the Turtmid a minute in the spotlight as I feel they`re a lesser known petpet.

Similarly to the Slugawoo, the Turtmid is not the type of petpet that hurries to get anywhere. They`re rather timid, but once you earn their trust they remain loyal to you forever.

Mauket - The Mauket is a sleek Petpet who loves to sleep for hours on end in its bed!

This feline is a relativly new addition to Peopatra`s petpet shop. She has risen rapidly in popularity, both in the Lost Desert and far beyond its borders. Maukets are quite intelligent, and rather independent, but they`re easily offended if they don`t recieve attention when they demand it.

Terror Mountain (Wintery Petpets)

Ona - This cute little Petpet just wants to be hugged.

Onas are adorable, we can all agree on that. Be aware however, that Onas are quite delicate petpets. They`re timid and require careful, special care. If your Neopet is a gentle, kind soul, an Ona will make a fine friend for them. And remember that if your Ona ever feels unhappy, pretty flowers will cheer them right up.

Gwalla - A rather timid creature that loves to roll around on the snowy slopes of Terror Mountain.

Although most Gwallas are timid at first, they usually come out of their shell once they`ve learned to trust their owner and feel comfortable with them. The Gwalla is a very playful petpet, your Neopet will enjoy countless hours of winter activities with their new friend. Be warned that Gwallas do not thrive in hot climates, so if you don`t live on Terror Mountain already you had better move there if you plan on adopting a Gwalla!

Snowickle - This demanding little beast loves to collect shiny things and cries when you take them away from it.

Similarly to the Peo, the Snowickle is a demanding petpet that needs a firm hand. If your Neopet allows their Snowickle to keep everything it brings back to your NeoHome, you`ll soon be needing a second NeoHome to fit all the stuff. Seriously, Snowickles are hoarders. (Just look at the Snowager!) When a Snowickle starts bringing home Purple Neggs and Red Korbat Keyrings, you know you`re in trouble. This little beast also has quite a mean bite, so watch those fingers!

Altador (Legendary Petpets)

Alabriss - This little Petpet isnt large enough to transport much, but it can fly quite fast. And while it may look cute and cuddly, youll have quite the fight on your hands if you threaten its owner.

If your Neopet belongs to one of the winged species, such as Lenny, Scorchio, Eyrie etc, the Alabriss is a great choice of petpet. The two of them can fly together, and even have races! This petpet can also run fast and is capable of pulling small, light carts, which makes it a good choice for Meridell farmers and Altadorians who are fond of chariot racing.

Altachuck - This Petpet is quite scared of loud noises, sudden movements, and anything that starts with the letter D. It needs a kind and loving Neopet to take care of it, but it will be quite loyal to its owner for ever and ever.

The Altachuck is one of the most timid and skittish petpets around, and so you need to consider if this guy is a good match for your Neopet. If they are gentle, kind and calm they should have no problems gaining the trust of an Altachuck and form a close bond. He is a loyal petpet that will be your friend until the end.

Naalala - This Petpet loves to frolic in the meadows of Altador and eat the flowers it finds there. You should probably hide your tin cans and magical orbs as well.

Do you own an Ixi or Meerca? If yes, you`re probably aware of how mischevious and playful they can be, not to mention how Meercas in particular are quite the tricksters. They can`t hold a candle to the Naalala! This quick and cunning little fellow loves to dance and frolic, but he also likes to steal (err, collect) shiny metal objects and is even rumoured to be able to perform small magic spells. Watch out for this one!

Shenkuu (Fanciful Fauna)

Pandaphant - These cute fellows are considered the jewel of Shenkuu and are being offered to responsible owners in limited numbers. They are extremely sweet creatures known for their gentleness.

I challenge you to find a Neopian who isn`t charmed by the Pandaphant. These adorable petpets are beloved by all, but as they`re considered Shenkuus national treasure, they`re only adopted out to Neopets who are truly responsible. Pandaphants would not be happy with an owner that is loud, fierce or even too energetic. They love to take it easy, and are most happy when they can sit around and eat their favourite foods. They need an owner who is as sweet and gentle as themselves, does your Neopet fit that description?

Juma - Known for their soft coat and their playfulness these critters are very light on their feet.

Your Neopet is going to love to pet and cuddle their Juma! These petpets are very playful and is sure to provide lots of fun and entertainment, plus their coat is incredibly soft. The Jumas fur need care, though, make sure your Neopet brushes and bathes them regularly.

Hegelob - This mystical creature is found in the waters of Shenkuu and it thought to have many magical powers.

The Hegelob is a bit mysterious as they`re native to Shenkuus waters, so studying them in their natural habitat is challenging. Shenkuuvians believe that the Hegelob has healing powers, and that seeing one is a sign of good luck and great fortune. This petpet is recommended to aquatic species and Maraquan Neopets only, as they live underwater.

Faerieland (Faerie Petpets)

Carmariller - A jolly Petpet that sings pretty melodies when happy.

Contrary to some other winged petpets, the Carmariller is suitable for any Neopet species, whether they`re able to fly or not, as they never fly high off the ground, preferring to collect nectar from flowers and rest on low tree branches. They prefer warm climates, so giving them to a Snow Neopet is not the best choice.

Cirrus - Its older brothers Cumulo and Nimbus abandoned it as a child, so now its up to your Neopet to look after it!

This Faerieland petpet is... well, a cloud, so he`ll make a good companion for any Faerie Neopet or species with wings as pets who are stuck on the ground won`t get all that much fun and interaction from a petpet constantly hovering above them.

Harris - Harris make very affectionate Petpets, providing you can stop them climbing the trees in the Faerie Queens garden.

Harris are famous for being messangers of Psellia the Air Faerie – you can even train your Harris to deliver letters! Although native to Faerieland, Harris can live anywhere as long as there are plenty of trees around for them to climb. Cute as these petpets are, you don`t want them climbing up and down every tall piece of furniture in your NeoHome.

Krawk Island (Little Nippers)

Screal- So called because of the loud screeching noise they make when they are hungry!

Screals are excellent swimmers. They`re fast and can easily hold their breath for several minutes. They don`t spend all of their time in water, making them suitable both for aquatic/Maraquan Neopets and landlubbers. They are however dependent on living near salt water, so if you live in Kiko Lake, the Screal is not the petpet for you unless you plan on moving to the seaside. Screals love their seafood and have in fact earned their name from the awful noise they make when they`ve gone too long without tasting any, so make sure you feed this petpet well.

Swabby - You will never have messy floors with a Swabby around!

If your Neopet is messy and clumsy, always knocking things over and spilling their drinks, a Swabby can help them clean up after themselves.

The PPL comments: Swabbies are friends, not household appliances. They can soak up small spills, but are not meant to clean your floors for you.

Weewoo - Named after the rather haunting melody it makes. At dusk a chorus of Weee..Woo... fills Krawk Island.

Every Neopian knows the Weewoo! It`s the symbol of our beloved Neopian Times and amongst the first Pirate petpets introduced in Neopia. (Their original, unpainted colour is in fact brown and not white, as many may think). Weewoos love grubs, usually rising at the crack of dawn to dig around in the soil to find the juciest ones.

Meridell (Ye Olde Petpets)

Gallion - An energetic little fellow that loves to be the centre of attention. Watch out they can give you a nasty nip if you ignore them.

The Gallion is quite a striking petpet with his bold colours and sharp horns. Although they`re one of Meridell`s best known petpets, Gallions are quite rare and King Skarl himself has several in his personal petpet collection. If there`s one thing a Gallion loves, it is attention. Make sure your Neopet has the time and energy to give their Gallion all the attention he requires, because these guys do not appreciate being ignored for long.

Whinny - If a whinny was a little bigger they would make a great steed, but they arent... so they wont.

This petpet is mild-mannered, quiet and docile, a good friend for a Neopet such as Ogrin, who enjoy studying nature and talking long walks. Whinnies are far too small to be ridden, and they`re not very strong, so your Neopet should never make them carry anything heavy on their back or put them in front of a cart – even a tiny one.

Ukali - Ukalies always appear mournful no matter what you do for them.

Although they look sweet and adorable, Ukalis are actually a tad depressing to work with. Sure they`re cute and all, but they`re constantly sad and never seem to cheer up no matter what you try to do. They make good petpets for Grey Neopets, as they can`t get more depressed than they already are.

Tyrannia (Tyrannian Petpets)

Gruslen - Gruslens may appear to be cute and harmless but if you anger them you could be in for a visit to the Neopian Hospital.

Gruslens should come with a warning label: Do not get them angry. You would not like them when they`re angry! These little felines are best suited for the native Tyrannian species, such as the Grarrl. They can be both fun and playful, but they do also have a wicked temper, so your Neopet had better not provoke them!

Icklesaur - A timid little creature that never seems to grow no matter what it eats.

No need to worry about over-feeding this little cutie. They never skip a meal, but they`ll also stay the small, manageable size regardless of what their meals are made up of. No need to fear your petpet will turn into the Tyrannian version of the Great Turmaculus!

Rock - What can we say... Its a pet rock.

OK, so this might not be the most exciting petpet in Tyrannia (or Neopia, generally) but the Rock has some of the most creative forms of all petpets when painted. Just look at the Desert, Halloween, Disco and Island Rocks for examples.

Haunted Woods (Spooky Petpets)

Zomutt - He followed you home from those spooky woods didnt he?

The ideal petpet for pets painted Zombie, Halloween or Ghost, this little guy makes a loyal friend. Zomutts like to follow their owners around, and one of their favourite activities is digging. You`ll end up with countless holes in your NeoGarden... just make sure to keep your Zomutt away from the graveyard.

Green Tentacle - It`s sticky and slimy and wants to be your pal!

Perhaps not the best choice for a fussy Neopet such as the Uni, the Tentacle is the kind of petpet that makes a mess in the shape of a slimy trail whereever it goes. Similarly to the Slorg, the Tentacle is both sticky and slimy, but he`s also cute and unlike a Slorg he won`t destroy your crops and garden plants.

Bloop - A cross between a pool ball and a spot of ink, the Bloop.

This is a petpet I`ve personally rarely seen around Neopia. When I first started playing Neopets and discovered the cute little critters known as petpets, the Bloop became one of my instant favourites. It`s just so cool and unique looking! Why not head over to the Haunted Woods and adopt a Bloop for your Neopet?

Whichever petpet your Neopets have, and whether they`re painted or have petpetpets, I hope you give them the care, love and appreciation they need and rightly deserve. Remember that just like Neopets, petpets are special and need to be taken care of properly to be happy. Before choosing a petpet, make sure to read up on them to decide if they`re the right kind of friend for your Neopet. Good luck!

This article was written in assosciation with the Petpet Protection League.

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