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Charity Corner Shouldn't Be The End

by cadetbush


We all love Granny Hopbobbin! She has such a kind and generous heart, always thinking of the less fortunate Neopians. She has successfully organized two charity drives now; one for Christmas toys and one for school tools. When both of these site events came to pass, I noticed an incredible amount of inflation in the Shop Wizard. That was great to see, not because it was more expensive to help others, but because it meant that everyone was doing their best to pitch in. We thrive on the amazing opportunities that she gives us to help those poor Neopets in need. I’m sure that many of you wish we had events like this year-round. I certainly do! For those of you who love charity, I have some terrific news for you! Charity Corner doesn’t have to be the end of your charitable contributions to Neopian society! There are so many great things that you can do out there!

Donate to the Money Tree:

This one seems pretty obvious, but please hear me out. The Money Tree is an important center of charity for this site. It’s where new users come to get some help. I’m sure you all remember that it’s not easy being new. How many of you have donated to the Money Tree in the last week? I’m sure that many of you have. What was it that you donated? A bowl of soup? An extra slice of omelette? Some spare neopoints? A book that all of your Neopets have already read? A waterlogged shoe that you caught in the fishing hole? A rusty old can or maybe a piece of driftwood? A pile of slude?

You may have noticed that the last three items are very different from the first four. There’s a reason for that. The first four are useful to Neopets in need. The last three are pieces of junk. The Money Tree should be filled with things that fit into the first four, but it isn’t. One man’s trash is not necessarily one man’s treasure. Sometimes, trash is just trash. We have a discard button for a reason. Use it! So when I say, “donate to the Money Tree,” I mean donate things that will really make a difference in the life of a Neopet.

Buy Your Neopets Some Healthy Food:

This one may seem confusing to some of you. How will buying things for our Neopets help others? But here’s something that you may not know. That Quiggle loves charity! He thinks that Neopets eat too much junk food, so every month, he donates a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables from his store. Depending on how much he has made that month, he could donate up to 100 items! That’s a lot of nutritious and deliciously organic food, so please take your Neopets there for a treat and contribute to this outstanding cause!

Keep Your Eyes Out For Personal Fundraisers:

Some users use their shops as a way to raise money. Maybe they use the proceeds to contribute to their Usuki Doll collection, or maybe they’re trying to pay for gourmet food or expensive training for their Neopets. When you see users asking for contributions, think about buying an extra item or two from their shop. You may not get a thank you note, but charity isn’t about being thanked! It’s about doing good because good always needs to be done!

Check Out The Newbies Board:

Some of you may not use the neoboards very often. I don’t normally. So, in case you didn’t know, they have a special board for Newbies to use. It’s a place for them to meet other newbies and ask important questions about site functions. You could pay it a visit sometime and answer some of those questions, or you could jot down the names of a few newbies and send them a neomail welcoming them to the site. Maybe you could even send them some food items for their Neopets. It’s hard to keep pets full sometimes. Pizza is a great food to send. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, and it contains six servings of food! If you’re feeling really generous, you could even send them drinks, side dishes, or dessert. Maybe even all three!

Start A Guild:

Why not? You can always accomplish more with a group then you can by yourself! If you aren’t a part of a guild, you could create a special one where you discuss all of the little things that you can do to help out. Maybe you could even start your own drive for school supplies, toys, wearables, food, or cures and donate everything to the Money Tree! What a great way to lend a hand and get others involved!

Never Stop Looking:

I’ve only given you a small list of things that you can do that don’t have to take a lot of your time or Neopoints, but there are always more good things that you can do. Maybe you’ll be going to get your free Tombola spin and you find out that the poor guy is out of cash. Rather than wait for everyone else to help, maybe you’ll look at the two thousand neopoints in your money bag and decide that you don’t need to buy those extra sweets after all. Or, maybe you’ll look at your week’s earnings and decide that you really don’t need to buy another paint brush for your already lavish collection, and decide to spend the money on a treat for a poor, lonely, Kadoatie. Best of all, you may decide that you want another Neopet, and rather than create a new one, you’ll decide to adopt one. There’s always something that you can do.

Neopets is really a fantastic site! Not only is it filled with fun games, cute pets, exciting worlds, clever plots, and an amazing user-written newspaper, but it also has endless opportunities for you to help other members. You don’t have to sit around and wait for Charity Corner; go out there and spread some smiles!

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