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A How-To Get a High Score Guide in “Typing Terror"

by oliviagy


A Little About Myself –

I’ve always loved typing games. There is something about being able to type extremely fast and with great accuracy that makes me excited. I've definitely enjoyed how challenging this game can me and like many of you, one of my wishes is to someday get a first place trophy in Typing Terror.

So, after countless games and research, I’ve come to learn a couple of tricks about this game that will help you get a high score and today, I’ve decided to share these with you. Let's get started!

Basic Gameplay –

The game is very straightforward. You are a yellow space Grundo trying hard to protect your spaceship which is currently under attack by dozens of these evil-looking robots. How do I defeat them, you ask me? - that's easy!

You can destroy these robots by typing the words that they have one them before they come too close to your screen and explode in your face. Yes. They surely like doing that.

Other details about the game:

  • You have a total of 3 lives (amount of times a robot can explode on your screen until its Game Over for you).
  • There are 6 levels total.
  • As you move on to the next level, you will face a larger amount of robots, they will walk faster towards you, and the words on them will also increase in length.
  • On level 6 (the last level) you are faced with the boss of all robots. You can beat this big scary-looking robot by typing a total of 25 words in less than 60 seconds. Don't worry, this one doesn't move! It just stands there looking terrifying.

Types of Robots –

There are 3 types of robots throughout the game (not including the last level boss):

  1. Basic Yellow Robot – The words on these ones are normal and destroying these will give you a total of +5 points.

  2. Basic Red Robot – the words on these bad boys are upside down! Making them a lot more difficult to destroy. Destroying one of these will give you +20.

  3. Semi-dead looking Red Robot –these are by far the coolest ones and the ones that you should wish to see all throughout your game. Their words are normal, just like the ones that appear on the basic yellow robots, but destroying one will give you a total of +100!

Each Level in Detail –

  • Level 1: Destroy 12 robots to go onto next level. The words on the robots are 3 letters long. Robots are slow.
  • Level 2: Destroy 14 robots to go onto next level. The words on the robots are 4 letters long. Robots are still slow.

  • Level 3: Destroy 16 robots to go onto next level. The words on the robots are 5 letters long. Robots begin to walk faster.

  • Level 4: Destroy 18 robots to go onto next level. The words on the robots are 6 letters long. Robots finally start to run towards you...

  • Level 5: Destroy 20 robots to go onto next level. The words on the robots are 7 letters long. Robots are sprinting to you! time to get serious!

  • Level 6 (and final): Write 25 words in 60 seconds. The words on the boss robot are 8 letters long. The boss robot doesn't move from his place, but you do have to type fast in order to beat him.

How to Get a High Score? –

There are several things to take into account in the game in order to get a high score.

  1. Bonus points: Try to get all the bonus points as possible!!

    • Keeping all your lives –You get +100 points per life at the end of the game. So don’t let any robot hit you!
    • No Typing errors – For each level (1-5) that you type with 100% accuracy, you are awarded with +200 points. For no typing errors in the boss level you are awarded +300! So be patient and practice a lot until you can get 100% accuracy; they say that practice makes perfect!
  2. Wait for the Semi-dead looking Robots: wait…wait… wait for them…

    • During the 3 first levels, while robots are still slowly approaching you, wait for the robots to get closer to you, giving extra time for possible red robots to appear. This is definitely a risky tactic, but if you can do it, you will increase your chances of destroying more red robots!
  3. Restart the game: Here are a few hints for you to know when your score is simply not good enough to get a high score and it’s time to restart the game – again.

    • Restart the game if you don’t get 500+ points in the first level. To achieve this score you will need to type with 100% accuracy and you will have to destroy at least 3 Semi-dead looking red robots.
    • Restart the game if you don’t have 2,500+ points by the end of level 5.

Other Information & Interesting facts -

  • In average, in order for a person to get to the trophy chart, one has to get a score of at least 3,500+
  • To get the Typing Terror Avatar you have to successfully submit a total score of 3,600+
  • From time to time, the face of a robot Grundo will randomly pop-up on your screen. No one really knows if this is just a strange glitch in the game or if this is one of those cruel/funny (depending on how you see it) jokes that the TNT team sometimes sets up in games. What we DO know is that this robot Grundo will bring your game to Game Over, no matter how many lives you have.

And that was all I have for you today!

Hope you found this article to be helpful and informative and I send you all my best wishes so that you may get a new shiny trophy in your collection soon! Keep on working on your accuracy and your typing speed and don’t give up, you will get there :)

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