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A Day in the Life of Jeronie

by applefaerie99


      What an exhausting and frustrating day.

      My day off and I spent it cleaning out my overly stuffed safety deposit box. If only the first thing I had run into hadn't been my stash of smug bug sticky paper. I am glad no other neopians stopped by to see me. First I got one stuck on my foot, and while trying to remove it got another stuck on my left paw. My right paw was next. My teeth finally got me out of that situation. Where did the rest of the day go?

      So much is on my mind, I can't sleep, but I know I need to.

      Hope my petpet is ok off at grave danger. Wonder if Fritz, my Christmas Zebie, will ever bring me back a grave danger stamp. Will I have what I need to complete Aboard the Coincidence tomorrow? I am seeing the water, fire, and the wind symbols in my mind. Red, blue, and yellow from the Mysterious Negg Cave. Maybe if I try to read a book, but which one? The Haunted Bell Tower is laying on top of the wobbly stack of books by my antique four poster bed.

      The first of the alarms goes off, is that the bell tower? Did I fall asleep with the light still on reading about the bell tower? Jeronie, the blue Yurble reaches to her stone bedside table for her giant alarm clock that is originating the repetitive sound, *BRRRRIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!* Wake up! It is a difficulty as her eyes are barely even open. It starts to grow louder and louder. Annoyed, she wakes up a little and grabs the giant alarm clock. She presses whatever button she sees first that will make it stop. Then she takes a quick glance at the time to make sure she didn’t oversleep.

      It’s only 6:00. I’ll just get up when my next alarm goes off.

      Still trying to sleep, but half awake. One of Jeronies’ housemates, cami_0, the pink Lenny, calls up the rock stairs asking what she wants for breakfast. Jeronie mumbles something impossible to understand. Cami_0 takes a break and figures just to ask in ten more minutes.

      Ten minutes pass and again, Cami_0 hollers up the rock stairs, “Jeronie are you awake?” She replies “Yes. I’m about to get up”. Really, she is still lying there with no desire to get out of bed at all. Cami_0 asks what Jeronie wants for breakfast again. She replies with an answer her housemate can understand this time.

      Now leave me alone, I’m trying to get in 5 more minutes of sleep…

      Alarm #2 goes off, *BRRRRIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!* Wake up! One of the most annoying sounds when you are trying to sleep. Somehow Jeronie manages to sleep through it. Alarm #3, #4, and #5 go off. Still, she sleeps right through them. She finally wakes up a half an hour later then she usually would. Panic mode is automatically turned on. Jeronie jumps out of bed. Before she could barely grab her giant alarm clock to turn her alarm off it starts again, *BRRRRIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!* Wake up! Why didn't Cami_0 wake me up this morning, she is always so chipper in the mornings and can't wait to start her day.

      There is no way I could’ve slept in through the six alarms I set!

      With no recollection of being awake at all that morning, there is nothing else on her mind except getting ready. Of course she was too preoccupied the night before to even think about taking a shower, so she jumps in and turns the water on. Tomorrow I can use my kiko shower cap and sleep in even longer. As soon as the water is hot, she globs herbal shampoo into her hair and massages it in. Then comes the buzz honey soap and corn silk conditioner. She rinses out the conditioner with cold water and turns the shower off. Jeronie forgets about drying herself off and immediately throws her blue hair into a fuzzy white towel on the top of her head, hoping her hair will dry quicker.

      Her stomach growls, but Jeronie knows she has to get ready first or she will be late. She runs to her closet to find something to wear. This is the hardest part of her morning.

      Oh, this outfit might be cute together!

      She tries it on, and immediately Jeronie throws it back off feeling discouraged. It didn’t end up looking anything like she thought it would. She continues to try on outfit after outfit feeling even more troubled then before.

      Ugh! I have nothing to wear!

      Finally after her floor is layered in clothes, she finds the perfect outfit, a yurble lumberjack shirt and skirt. Jeronie dashes to the bathroom to throw her worn leather yurble trousers and worn leather yurble Shirt she wore as pajamas the night before into her dirty clothes pile on the floor. After that she grabs her deluxe makeup compact off the bathroom counter and applies it all over her face. She rubs it in with her paws. Then she pops her yurble librarian glasses on, which only takes a second. After she chooses her favorite mascara, illusen blue waterproof mascara, and tries her best not to clump her lashes, but define them. To finish everything off, Jeronie applies gothic inspired makeup to even everything out. Her last steps in the bathroom are brushing her teeth with her squeezy toothbrush and covering herself in a light but beautifully scented spring flower body spray. Making sure she didn’t forget anything, she runs down the stairs to leave.

      Jeronie remembers that she didn’t have anything to eat that morning. She stops in the kitchen hoping for a breakfast to go. Cami_0 had made her honey toast. She took a single bite.

      I don’t remember asking Cami_0 for this. Oh well, I have to get going!

      She leaves the breakfast on the counter and goes to leave. Her disappointment of the breakfast she saw made her forget about grabbing a breakfast at all. She shouts goodbye as she leaves. Jeronie walks out the door to her little pink racing bike.

      She gets onto her bike. When Jeronie gets to the end of her road she makes a complete stop. It is clear. No matter how big of a hurry I am in, it will make it worse if I am unsafe.

      I might actually make it on time hopefully! The road is curvy and there are tight turns. She slows. The next corner is even tighter. Jeronies' stomach growls as she pedals by a house where someone is cooking what smells like a big plate of bacon and something sweet like syrup to go with some nice fluffy pancakes. Tomorrow I will get up a little earlier and enjoy a nice breakfast like that.

      Sure, right I will, how many times I have said that before.

      She turns the last corner. If only there were no turns on this road… She is on the last stretch of road before she reaches Faerieland. It is 7:55 She panics. She wants to pedal faster, but she knows it won't help. Jeronie slows down as she reaches Faerie City. There wasn't much time left. It was 7:58 when she reaches the Faerieland Employment Agency. She needed to be there by 8:00 to use her gold job coupon. Everything is going to be alright she realizes. She isn't as late as she thought.

      I wonder what item I will be asked to find today. I hope where ever I need to go, I will go by somewhere I can get a strong cup of coffee.

      The End.

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