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Uncover the Mystery: Mystery Island in a Weekend

by tkprtyrhd


Summer is coming to an end, but before getting school starts up again why not take on more long weekend getaway? Peak touring season is over in Mystery Island so now is the best time to go, prices are low and so are the crowds! Here is a comprehensive guide to getting there, back, and everything to do in between to get the most out of your last hurrah. Please note, I recommend setting out early to maximize your time on the island. This guide will assume you arrive at the island around 5 pm NST.

Getting to the Island

Ever wonder why there has never been a battle on Mystery Island? It’s because there is one well-guarded harbour in and out of the island. If you’re coming from the mainland your best option is air travel to the Lost Desert and then switching to a boat. Go figure, all that sand and they still have one of the most active ports for travelers. Travelers coming from east of Terror Mountain will be best suited coming in directly by ship. All travelers congregate at a midway point, some small stopover island to wait for the Mystery Island ferry. Remember how I said there’s only one Harbour entrance? Well, there’s also one type of authorized boat permitted to dock there. The good news is the ship runs hourly, 24 hours a day and despite its deceptively small size, holds hundreds of visitors per trip! While you’re waiting on the island enjoy some tropical fruits and the scenery. You’re almost there!

Upon arrival Pango, the island guardian, will greet you at the dock. Don’t let the intimidating coconut mask fool you, Pango is strict and direct but he loves visitors, I swear I have even seen him shed some tears while seeing folks off the island. Anyway, Pango’s main concern is that no non-native critters or foods make it on to the island for environmental reasons. Mystery Island is known for having pristine jungles and beaches, this is why! Once his fellow Kougra gives you a sniff down and you’ve been approved you are free to tour the island. If this whole itinerary does not appeal to you skip some parts, it is your vacation after all!

Day One: Arrival/First evening

Hopefully you have avoided lines and cleared Pango rather quickly. Many shops on the island close early but that is only because the locals enjoy their evening leisure time. You’ll usually find them at the beach, playing volleyball and taking in the sunset. Join them and take in the local island flair! From your vantage point take in the lovely Rock Pool sculptures, let the warm glow of Techo Mountain engulf you. Be sure to pick up a few island fruits and pop them in your satchel, certainly you have a satchel, keep them with you for a real treat in the morning! If you’re weary from the long journey fear not, you’ll find many huts set up on the beach, a few neopoints will get you a peaceful night of lodging while the waves lull you to sleep.

Day Two: Taking the Tiki Tour & Excursion Day

Whenever you choose to set out today walk a little west and you’ll see a lovely group of coconut Jubjubs waiting for you with the loveliest hut carts. For only 25 neopoints this will be your most efficient form of travel around the island. The cart walkers complete a circuit, the whole trip takes 450 minutes but you can jump of at any time and that is exactly what we are going to do! Enjoy the stories of the island and take in the scenery while you wait to arrive at your first destination breakfast at, The Cooking Pot! Remember those fruits I mentioned? If you forgot to pick any up, fear not, The Cooking Pot has a wide assortment of fruits ready to pick around the vicinity. This place is truly a one of a kind dining experience. Just bring three ingredients to the chefs and in a short time you will have the finest meal you have ever tasted. Truly a gem of the island!

Now that you’re well fed, and hopefully well rested from the evening before you have two choices, a day excursion to the lost city of Geraptiku or a day hike up Techo Mountain. If you are not pressed for time I highly recommend squeezing in both however, if you are pressed for time do whichever appeals to you more. Both will take up a whole day but both places have fantastic sites and lodging accommodations so fret not.

Option One: Trek Up Techo Mountain

Nobody knows how long this volcano has been around or how the mysterious Techo head was carved in to it. Local legend says Island Spirits, local skeptics say eccentric residents, created the carvings. Whatever the case may be it is surely a sight to behold. Techo Mountain is an active volcano but have no fear, it is active in the strangest way. Instead of spewing menacing lava on the town Techo Mountain spews out the most unique souvenirs you can get on the island. Around the base of the mountain you will find basic codestone rock scattered about. Take some to the top and throw them in for a real treat. Within 15 minutes your stones will be spit out back to the base, glowing red! By the time you arrive back down to the base your codestone will have cooled off and you have your own one of a kind magma rocks.

Option Two: Get Lost in Geraptiku

Perhaps hiking uphill to a pool of magma is not much your thing. History buffs in particular will enjoy exploring the ruins of Geraptiku. Guided tours leave twice a day and will take you on a once in a lifetime hike deep into the jungle and unveil a true gem of history. Nobody is quite sure who built Geraptiku or why they left but until it was recently discovered the settlement lay untouched for hundreds of years. There is no much to do among the ruins but the deserted tomb, presumably of a former king, sit in pristine condition and open to visitors. Enjoy a guided four-hour walk winding and weaving through the tombs. It may seem daunting but the experience is truly wonderful. There are no souvenir shops here but photos are welcome and you will probably even find old chipped off rock, feel free to pick up a piece so you never forget your adventure. If you are able to this guide highly recommends staying overnight in one of the dilapidated huts that still remain in the city.

If you chose not to camp out at the mountain or lost city this guide highly recommends camping out on the other side of the beach, mostly because you’ll find accommodations lacking on the island.

Day Three: Mingle in the Market

For your last day on the island head down the Island Market for a one of a kind shopping experience! Thousands of huts line the beach with all sorts of deals. This main trading hub has every item you could have ever dreamed of and plenty you never knew existed! Mingle with locals and other travelers; expect big crowds but plenty of stalls to walk around.

Once you’ve got a good meal in you and your purchases made it is time to head back to the harbor for docking. You could wait for the Tiki Tour Jubjubs to make their rounds but I recommend taking the scenic route and taking in the final sights of the island. Before you board be sure to take a look around Tiki Tack souvenir shop for any last minute gifts. Remember, nothing says “Thinking of you” like a magnet or bottle of sand.

Whether you’re going for the weekend or an extended stay Mystery Island is the place to do everything or nothing. Find your sense of adventure or place of serenity, however you chose just come uncover the mysteries of this beautiful island!

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