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Snow Wars II: A Trophy Guide

by magic_man_4_eva


Are you a trophy collector? A game enthusiast? Or maybe you just really want to become a champion of all the Neopets games! This guide will help you on your journey to reaching those high scores and obtaining yourself a very nifty trophy!

Snow Wars II is a brain buster style game; it requires speed, mental power and a lot of clicking! The game involves a bunch of Grundos protecting snowmen from snow beasts and wild Lupes (maybe the Grundos believe snowmen are earths greatest inhabitants and hold the key to universal peace, who knows). You control the Grundos and must build forts around the snowman, allowing you to place catapults down and fire snowballs at your enemies. Once the enemies are defeated you are given time to re-build your forts and prepare yourself for another wave of snowman hating bad guys!

Phase 1: Building Blocks

Building a strong initial fort is key to achieving a high score as it sets you up for the whole game. When starting a new game you are given five snowmen to protect in random positions, in order to ensure you have a strong and resilient fort you want your snowmen to be close together and towards the centre of the playing area. I recommended restarting the game until you are happy with the positioning of your snowmen.

Once you are happy with your snowmen you should build one big fort that covers all of your snowmen while also leaving plenty of space for catapult placement. You should aim to build your fort as big as possible, however you should also be conscious of time as you only get thirty seconds to build it. My recommended technique is to build a rough fort as fast as possible (by clicking very fast and pressing space bar quickly for your horizontal fort walls). Once you more-or-less have a four-sided fort you can use your remaining seconds to fill in any gaps and further bulk your wall defences by adding layers. If your fort is not fully complete then you have failed to protect any snowmen and your game will be over, so making sure your fort is complete before adding extra layers is essential!

Phase 2: Placing the Troops

The next phase of the game is placing your Grundo army within your fort. You are given fifteen seconds to do this and have the ability to place up to five Grundos every time (six for the first round). I recommend grouping your Grundos together in lines while keeping them away from the edges of your walls as you will need this space to add layers for added defence.

I recommend only placing around twenty Grundos in total, as this is more than enough to quickly defeat your enemies while not clogging up too much space within the fort. Once a Grundo is placed they cannot be moved or deleted, so make sure you place it in the correct position. Once you feel you have enough Grundos within your fort and it comes to placing more, just let the timer run out and begin the next round as normal.

Phase 3: A Very Cold War

Now that you have a durable fort and a formidable army; it's time for war! The two types of enemy are snow beasts and Lupes with both having different characteristics. It is important to note that both enemies are defeated by only a single snowball.

Snow Beasts are equipped with a catapult of their own allowing them to fire snowballs at your fort walls destroying blocks. Thankfully, they tend not to move much allowing you to accurately defeat them. You should aim to defeat all snow beasts before moving onto Lupes as they are more deadly in their assault on your fort walls. In comparison, the Lupes are very agile and tend to move regularly, I recommend shooting snowballs directly at Lupes and also around them in areas they are likely to move into. Lupes do very little damage to your walls but it is still important to defeat them as it adds to your score.

For the first round you are faced by two snow beasts and three Lupes, every new round spawns an extra snow beast and an extra Lupe. This is capped at five snow beast and six Lupes which you will continue to encounter throughout the whole game. Do not fear if you run out of time without defeating all enemies, they will just be carried over to the next round with the addition of new enemies, just be careful not to let this happen too often or you will be overrun by snow beasts and Lupes.

Phase 4: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Once you have completed phase three, you will return back to upgrading your fort with additional blocks, you are given 15 seconds and must use this time to firstly, repair any holes and secondly, add defensive layers to your wall. During the later rounds you are given awkward size blocks that are Z and + shaped, if you can use these within your wall defence then do so, however if not and there is still time remaining or your wall isn't complete then place them in the enemy area so they are out of the way, this also helps by blocking in the enemy Lupes allowing you to easily hit them on following rounds.

If you feel you need a break from all the clicking then you can do so in-between phases. There is no timer before you click the 'continue' button to begin the next round so you can leave the game open and have a little breather before continuing on your mission to protect the harmless snowmen.

Secret Tips & Tricks

A very useful tip when playing this game is to take a screenshot of your fort after you have defeated your enemies and before the window pops up to begin the next round. This screenshot will allow you to visualise your fort and look where gaps are within the wall, this prior knowledge therefore allows you to quickly fix the broken parts within the allotted fifteen second time period.

Another tip you may find useful is that you are able to shoot and destroy your own fort blocks, this can be useful when there is an awkward or misplaced piece within your wall and by removing it you are able to use the new space to place a more effective block on your next round.

If for any reason a Lupe manages to enter your fort through a gap in the wall, you can simply plug this gap and the Lupe will disappear before the next wave begins. If a Lupe wanders of the screen, they never seem to return so don't panic thinking they are plotting a surprise attack.

All in all, I hope this guide helps you achieve a trophy score which you can display on your lookup with pride. Good luck in your efforts!

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