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Faerie Cloud Racers Game Guide

by _d_o_g_


If you’re interested in mastering Faerie Cloud Racers 1 then read on! This small guide is only the basics, but after practice and some of that “mastering” stuff, you might very well have a shiny trophy on your Neopia shelf. So, let’s get on with the guide! It will be broken into sections, the very basic basics, and then the basics.


Of course you need to pick your character before you can play (duh,) so here’s a list of all the playable faeries.

  • Fire
  • Winter
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Tooth
  • Dark
  • Space
  • Light
All of the faeries are equally good choices, it all just depends on which one you like best. I personally like the water faerie the best. However, depending on the character you chose will somewhat change the order of your opponents. Here’s what I mean: In normal circumstances you would start the game by trying to defeat the fire faerie. Now, if you choose to play the fire faerie, you will start by racing against the faerie who would have usually been second on the list.


Your opponents will be all the other faeries besides the character you chose… with one exception. If you successfully beat all the other faeries a surprise challenger will come before the end of the game. Who is this faerie? Why, it’s Queen Fyora herself! If you beat her you will have successfully won the game. Now, this task is easier said than done. So let’s take a closer look at how our opponents will try and defeat us, shall we?

The faeries you will have to race against start out slow and easy, then gradually the game speeds up and your challengers get just a tad wittier and become more difficult to defeat. The different faeries do have a slight difference in their strategy but, as I said, it’s only a slight difference. You can’t really put your foot down on it, but if you if watch you can kind of see.

All the faeries (including you) leave “smoke” around the board. So, if you are playing a water faerie, it will leave little bubble like marks behind wherever you go. It’s important not to run into your smoke or the smoke of your opponents.

The Board

The board is where you will be playing! It’s just a simple cloud in Faerieland. The board has a few obstacles randomly scattered about the board each round. Trees, little houses, etc. If you run into them, you lose a life (more about that later,) and you start the round over.

As I said, the obstacles are randomly scattered about, different each time. Some boards will have a lot, and some very few.

It’s also possible to run off the side of the board, if this happens; it’s the same as crashing. You lose a life. On to gameplay and more about lives!


So, I’m sure you know this, but i haven’t said it in text yet, so I will now. The basic concept of the game is to cause your opponent to crash. You will have to defeat all of the seven faeries and Fyora to complete the game. However, you will have to defeat each and every faerie three times before moving on to the next faerie. Yup, sounds like a lot, but it goes by quickly. But what about those “lives” I mentioned before? Well, for each faerie, you have three lives. You can crash into obstacles, smoke, run off the side of the board, but you only have to end the game and start over if you do this three times. But what if you mess up two times while fighting the fire faerie, and then fight the winter faerie, and mess up again! That’s three times; do you have to start over? No. Because you have three lives per each faerie you fight.

Also, are you timed, and only have a certain amount of time to defeat each faerie? No, but the quicker you win the round the more points you get.


Is there any really good strategy to winning? A foolproof plan? Not exactly. You can either attempt to trap your opponent by creating a box around them with your smoke, or by simply keeping your distance, using your space on the board wisely, and wait your opponent to crash themselves. However, the second suggestion doesn’t always work quite as well for the following reasons: that could take a while, and you want to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible, also, as you get to the more difficult challengers, they are less likely to crash themselves as quickly. I like to trap my opponent as quickly as I can. But do whatever works for you! Experiment. There’s really no wrong way, just take in consideration that the quicker you are, the more points you’ll win. And be careful not to crash!


Here’s a few tips to get you started:

Practice making sharp turns and weaving in between the obstacles on the board. I’ve become quite good at making the sharp turns, and it makes the game easier to play. If you can safely make a border around the edge of the board, that’s good. Your opponent will almost never do that so it’s a good place to venture. Also, if you can quickly weave in between the obstacles you could save yourself a life in a desperate moment with a narrow escape. Weaving in between the obstacles in a narrow escape and not crashing is mostly luck, but I like to think I’m just that good ;)

Don’t choose a character that drives you crazy! You may like the faerie but you may not like the car or smoke. The light faerie looks pretty, but her car might irritate you because it’s bright yellow and flickers.

Use your board space wisely. If you dart around all over the place in random spots, not keeping your smoke close together, you’ll make it harder for yourself.

Watch out! As you get farther in the game, your opponents get more clever. They’ll start trying to trap you too.

Well, there you have it. The Faerie Cloud Racers basics. If this guide wasn’t helpful, just look up a different one and see what you find!

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