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Random Acts of Kindness, Neopian Style

by blondegreen


Isn’t it nice to give something back? Everyone knows that random acts of kindness are wonderful ways to share with other people. And because everyone loves Neopets so much, why not do your best to brighten up the site by spreading some happiness to share with someone else!

Here are some ideas that you can use to make someone’s day on Neopets!

Donate an item

I’m sure we all have items lying around in our SDBs that we don’t need. . .books all of your pets have already read, clothes you know you’ll never wear, or food that just isn’t your Neopet’s taste! However, instead of just lying around, these items can be passed on to someone else! Why not take a bunch of these items and bring them over to the Money Tree, or take a load of clothing to the Secondhand Store? At these places, Neopians in need will be able to pick up something new, and you’ll be able to rest very happily with a less crammed SDB!

And if you don’t have any items to spare but plenty of extra cash, the Money Tree will take Neopoints to pass on to another player!

Share an item

Maybe the Money Tree isn’t quite your thing, and that’s okay! But let’s say you see someone seeking an item, one that you already have a couple of and don’t really need. I’m anyone would love to see the item they’ve been saving for suddenly appear in their inventory! Or if you can't afford the item, why not contribute by making a purchase from their shop to help them save up the NP?

Or if you see someone has a sick pet, why not chip in for the cure? I’m sure everyone feels better when they don’t have Neggitus!

Use your shop, trades, or auctions

Maybe you want to give away an item, but instead of just donating, you want to have a little more fun. There are ways to make it almost a game!

1 NP sales are very common in the boards. A shop owner posts a time, and then seconds before, they fill their shop with all kinds of items worth 1 Neopoint. Everyone rushes to find their favorite item before it gets scarfed up! This is an easy way to share items with lots of people, as each person usually only has a chance to get one or two before everything is gone.

What if you want to cluster items together? Trades are a fun place to do that! Create a lot of up to 10 items, and in the wish list, write that your lot is free! Choose an offer from a random Neopian to make their day by giving them some great stuff. You can try creating your own newbie packs with a mixture of toys and books, or making lots of all food for hungry pets.

And if you only want to do one item at a time? Try a 1 NP auction! Take your item, place the starting bid and minimum interval at 1, and wait to see as it slowly climbs up. Hopefully everyone will stay in the spirit and keep the bidding low so everyone has a chance!

Share some advice

Maybe you don’t have any items or cash lying around after buying that last paint brush, and that’s okay! You can still help out another Neopian in need. Why don’t you head over to the boards and see if you can answer a question or too! Pets love getting help with their customizations, so if you’re fashionable, that’s the place for you! You could also help someone make a character for a story, decorate their Neohome, or give someone tips on a game you’re good at.

People also head over to the Quests board when they have a Faerie Quest and can’t use the Shop Wizard. Why not help them out by searching an item for them, or even passing it on if it’s something you have and aren’t using?

Adopt a pet from the pound

Yes, we all know the sad eyes of the Neopets who find themselves in the Pound. And though it may seem daunting, it’s super easy to adopt a pet! You can find pets of all species and colors, some even painted. Go ahead and browse through the pages- you’ll know when you found your future pet. Then just press the adopt button, pay a small fee, and bring them home! Treat them right by feeding them, giving them a petpet, and spending lots of quality time with them playing and reading.

If you have a Secret Lab Map and want to be super nice, why don’t you adopt pets, zap them into painted pets (since painted pets seem to have the highest chance of adoption), and seek new owners for them? I’m sure someone would love that Faerie Uni or Halloween Kacheek you just zapped.

Write a guide

Happen to know all of the stamps on a certain page in the Stamp Album? Are you unstoppable at Goparokko? Why don’t you use one of your pet pages to write a guide listing all of the stamps or sharing your awesome tips for players seeking the avvie? Someone out there would love your helpful advice! Many sites offer html help or premade layouts, so you don’t even need to know how to create a page. Just share the wisdom you have to offer other Neopians! Be sure to share your guide so other people know it’s out there.

Just be nice!

Don’t be stingy with your compliments! Everyone loves to hear nice things. See a pet with a really awesome outfit? Drop the owner a Neomail telling them so. Or let someone know how much your liked their Beauty Contest entry, or that you thought their gallery was really unique. It will definitely leave a smile on someone’s face to receive your nice note!

I hope you have been truly inspired to go make someone’s day on Neopets! Remember that everyone loves to have some happiness thrown their way. And if someone shares with you, why not make it a chain and pass on the favor to someone else! And as much fun as it is to be kind to a stranger, don’t forget your Neofriends as well. Happy Random Acts of Kindness!

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