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Gifts for Draik Fans

by aleu1986


When a certain Neopet species pet day is coming up, do you always wonder what gift to get your Neofriend? What do you get for the one that`s crazy about Kougras, or loves Lupes, or think Acaras are amazing? Now that Draik day is upon us, I have put together this article to help you find a great gift for your Neofriends that adore Draiks. Whatever your friends interests or personality, you are sure to find the perfect present for them within this list. There are gifts for the booklover, the battler, the gardener and the collector! Grab yourself a Draik Lollypop and let`s dive in!

For the Sweet Tooth

First, let`s take a look at the best kind of gift, the kind you can eat, and share. There are some lovely Draik candy and baked goods available that your Neofriend is sure to enjoy.

Sweet chocolate and vanilla shortbread biscuits in the shape of a Draik head.

These yummy biscuits are sure to delight that Neofriend of yours that has a taste for the sweet stuff. They are chocolate and vanilla flavoured, both with a distinct Draik design.

Chocolate Draik Wing

Creamy milk chocolate moulded to look like a Draik wing.

Don`t worry, it`s not an actual Draik wing covered in milk chocolate! This is a lovely treat, a candy cane covered in rich, sweet chocolate. Your Neofriend (or their Neopet) is sure to love it.

Chocolatey Strawberry Draik Cake and Mint Chocolate Draik Cake

These are large chocolate cupcakes (big enough to share!) in two irresistible flavour combinations. The red one is smothered in fresh strawberry cream, while the green is actually covered in mint chocolate ice cream! The wings are made of sugar paper, and there is even a "tail" made of marzipan. These treats are as good to eat as they are to look at.

Yummy dark chocolate in the shape of a Draik.

Smooth creamy white chocolate in the shape of a Draik.

These drak and white Chocolate Draiks are sure to please your Neofriend! Perhaps if you get them one of each flavour, they`ll give you a taste as well?

The Bookworm/The Academic

Whether you want to get your Neofriend or their Neopet some new reading material, or some new school supplies, here are some suggestions.

The Velveteen Draik

The tale of a plushie Draik that dreams of being real.

Even if your Neofriend is not a big reader or book collector, this charming and heartwarming story is sure to be a cherished addition to their bookshelf. It has beautiful illustrations on every page and large sized print, making it a good choice for young Neopets learning to read on their own.

Daring Draiks

Dashing deeds of Draiks who saved kingdoms and rescued many a damsel in distress.

Your book-loving Neofriend is sure to devour this book (if their Skeith doesn`t beat them to it, that is) in record time! It`s got everything: Far-off places, dashing sword fights, a prince in disguise! A sure delight for anyone that loves stories about Draiks.

Blue Draik Notebook

Your Neopet will be the envy of the whole class with this stylish notebook!

This is a practical present even for Neopets who don`t attend school. Even if they don`t go to class and need to take notes, pets (or your Neofriends) can use this large notebook to jot down anything from poems to caption contest entry ideas to their Christmas wishlist. The possibilities are endless! If you want to get your friend the whole set, there are Blue Draik pencil cases, rulers and pencils available as well.

The Plushie Lover

Most Neopians have friends that love to collect plushies. Even if your NF doesn`t have a plushie gallery, they are sure to treasure their new Draik plushie! Below is a small selection of Draik plushies, both pretty, sweet, and one that`s more on the spooky side. (We all have the Neofriends that enjoy scary stuff too!)

Royal Girl Draik Plushie

This plushie is so regal looking, you might not want to play with it!

This stunning plushie is a great gift for anyone who loves Draiks, regardless of whether they also enjoy collecting plushies. It`s a good quality toy that`s fairly sturdy, but it`s still not recommended for very young Neopets as it also has small parts that can fall off, like the pearl earrings. This plushie has stunning details and will be crown of any collection... or the pride of any Neopets toy chest. (Incidentally, there is also a Royal Boy Draik Plushie, but the Girl one is the prettiest!)

Chocolate Draik Plushie

It looks good enough to eat but its not actually edible!

Sadly, there`s no such thing as a Chocolate Paint Brush, so unless your Neofriend owns a Chocolate Draik already, chances are they`re hoping to get one someday. Until they do, this sweet looking plushie will have to do! It features every detail of the real Chocolate Draik, down to the chocolate sauce and wafer wings.

Halloween Draik Plushie

A must for any serious halloween fan.

And a must for any serious Draik fan! Granted, this plushie isn`t very cute or pretty, but it is a Halloween plushie after all, a holiday that isn`t exactly big on the warm and fuzzy. If your Neofriends favourite holiday is Halloween, or if they love Neopets that are painted Mutant, Ghost, Halloween or Zombie, than it`s a pretty safe bet they`ll be overjoyed at adding this plushie to their collection.

The Battler

Many Neopians enjoy training their Neopets and sending them into the Battledome, whether it is to fight other pets, or take on challengers. With this equipment, your Neofriends Draik is sure to be a force to be reckoned with.

Full Draik Armour

This armour even has wing guards to protect your Draik when flying.

This is just the thing to get any serious Battler. When you send your Neopet into the Battledome, you have to make sure they are properly protected. With this strong armour, your Draik is sure to take on any challenger and win! Forged by the Draik blacksmiths in Meridell, this armour consists of chainmail with metal covers for the most vulnerable areas. Your Draik won`t be needing a shield when they are wearing this fireproof and impenetrable armour! You may want to get them a helmet, though...

Silver Draik Sword

This dazzling sword will smite your opponents with ease.

The Silver Draik Sword is actually made from steel, not silver. The hilt is shaped like a Draiks head, and there is a flame symbol engraved on it, a reminder of the unique ability Draiks (and Scorchios) have to breathe fire. Perhaps your Neofriends Draik will be reminded of their inner strength when looking at the symbol. This sword will aid any Draik well in battle, and makes an impressive gift for any Draik owner.

For the NF with the beautiful NeoHome and Garden

Does your Neofriend frequent the Neopian Garden Centre? Do they have green thumbs? (Not literally... you know what I mean!) Why not give them a Draik Gnome for their garden?

Blue Draik Gnome

Hehe dont Draiks look silly with beards :)

Even if Draiks are not their favourite species of Neopet, how can they not be charmed by this funny looking fellow? He`ll be a great addition to any garden, and your Neofriend will have a great start of every day when they come outside and see this Blue Draik Gnome smiling at them.

The Collector

If your Draik-loving Neofriend is passionate about building a gallery, completing their sea shell album pages, or is going for that elusive NeoDeck Card Collector trophy, there are two suggestions below for items that can help them get closer to their goals.

Maraquan Draik Maractite Coin

This well-worn coin still has a distinct Maraquan Draik design.

This coin may be hard to come by, but the fact that its age shows clearly just makes it more desirable for serious collectors of Draik items. Your Neofriend is sure to get excited if you get them this for their coin collection!

Draik Paladin

His sword cut through villains as he glowed with righteous power, fueled by his desire to protect the innocent.

This card is a great addition to any NeoDeck, and every Draik fan should own it. The card features a fierce looking yellow Draik knight sporting Meridell`s proud colours. Your Neofriend is sure cherish it!

The Neofriend that has EVERYTHING

So now you`ve reached the end of the list and have yet to find a suggestion that fits your Neofriend, or perhaps they already own all the items shown here. Could it be that the only thing they`re missing is an actual Draik?

At about 350k each, the Pirate Draik Morphing Potion and Pirate Draik Egg are the cheapest ways of actually getting a Draik. Chances are your Neofriend already has saved up enough to buy themselves one of these items, or they`ve gotten lucky and won them from a daily. If you`re feeling extremly generous, you could throw a Draik Egg their way, but remember that when honouring a pet day it`s not the gifts that is most important, it`s spending time with your Neopets and Neofriends. So cut up that Chocolatey Strawberry Draik Cake and dig into Draik Day!

Don`t hesitate to NeoMail me if you enjoyed this article, and feel free to check out my other work, thank you! Happy Draik Day!

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