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Ten Summer Ice Creams for Under 1000 Neopoints

by sugarycupcakes


Summer is upon us again which means one thing – ice cream and all things delicious! You can practically see the sprinkles and feel the brain freeze already but, before you head to the Supper Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop only to be overwhelmed with all of the delicious treats, check this list for a selection of affordable summer treats for you and your pet to enjoy this season! (Trust us, we're experts.)

1. Deluxe Ice Cream Machine Sundae

Wow, this is one large sundae!

Yum, looking at this, it’s hard to believe it’s only 500 Neopoints! You might have to share this one with your Skeith. This features three delicious scoops of ice cream on the bottom, topped by two more scoops of ice cream, topped yet again with one more scoop of ice cream, whipped cream, and two waffle cones! Enjoy all of the different ice cream flavors in one huge, delicious sundae that you can share with your friends. This sundae was a prize for beating Abigail in the 2010 Daily Dare, but plenty of people still make replica sundaes and sell them for less than 1,000 Neopoints – what a steal!

2. Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream

This delicious ice cream was flavoured from the best tasting tea.

For the tea and ice cream fanatics, this ice cream combines the best of both worlds – earl grey tea and ice cream – for a perfect summery treat. This features three scoops of earl grey tea flavored ice cream and two biscuits for dipping and eating, and it’s a lighter treat but certainly just as delicious as a big sundae! It sells for an extremely inexpensive 50 Neopoints, so it’s the perfect summer treat for anyone that misses those winter days where they could drink earl grey tea all day long.

3. Giant Tub of Ice Cream

It took five people to haul this out of Castle Nox. Ice cream for everyone!

This tub of ice cream really is giant. It’s a lot bigger than it looks in the picture! You’ll be sharing this with your pets, friends, and half of your neofriends list. For only 550 Neopoints, this giant tub of ice cream gives you three delicious and classic flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, covered in delicious chocolate fudge and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. The only thing you’re missing is a giant spoon to eat this ice cream with!

4. Chocolate Xweetok Ice Cream Sandwich

How cute the cookie cream filling is shaped like a Xweetok.

As cute as it is tasty! For 900 Neopoints, you can have a delicious and classic summer treat: the ice cream sandwich. Vanilla ice cream is placed between two chocolate cookies that have been shaped to look just like a Xweetok. The only problem with this ice cream is not wanting to eat it because it’s too cute, but it is extremely delicious and well worth it.

5. Most Delicious Ice Cream Ever

The best part is that it can be any flavor you want it to be.

For just 550 Neopoints, you can have a bowl of ice cream that is whatever flavor you want it to be! No one really knows how it works, but if you want chocolate, you can have chocolate. If you want vanilla, you can have vanilla. If you want borovan, you can have borovan… you get the idea! The key even doubles as a spoon for your convenience.

6. Multi-Scoop Ice Cream

Each one is made up of four different flavours so you will never get the same one twice.

Four scoops of ice cream with four different flavours per scoop… this is the most flavorful ice cream you’ll find for under 1,000 Neopoints! In fact, it might be too flavourful for some – but not for the adventurous ice cream eater. For 850 Neopoints, you too can try a total of sixteen flavors in one treat! Just eat it fast before it all melts.

7. Ruki Red Lutari Pop

No one is quite sure what flavours make up this Lutari Pop, they just know they like it.

This is a great treat for eating on the go! For under 1,000 Neopoints, you get a delicious frozen treat that is perfect on a hot summer day. There’s not much to say about this one because no one really knows what flavor it is. It’s one of the top sellers, though, so it has to be good! Try it for just 750 Neopoints and see if you like it.

8. Mac and Cheese Ice Cream

Why have mac and cheese for dinner when you can have it for dessert?

This is labelled under gross food, but I say nay! Mac and cheese as an ice cream is the best of both worlds – the cheesy goodness of a mac and cheese dinner and the refreshing coolness of an ice cream treat on a warm summer day. This ice cream isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a fellow mac and cheese fanatic, give it a try for less than 100 Neopoints today!

9. Grey Ice Cream Cone

This is one ice cream cone that is very hard to eat without getting ice cream on you.

Like the description suggests, this ice cream might be tricky to eat, but for 750 Neopoints, this is a great summer treat! As grey and lackluster as it might seem, it’s vanilla ice cream with a waffle cone crunch, and it’s perfect for grey and mutant pets that might not like all of the bright colors that come with other ice creams – just make sure this one is eaten outside!

10. Creamy Cloud Ice Cream

The perfect ice cream that won’t spoil your appetite.

This is the perfect ice cream to eat before dinner! This is the one summery treat that won’t spoil your appetite and will leave you coming back for more. Charmed by the faeries, this light vanilla ice cream doesn’t make you full, but it’s enough for a treat while you’re waiting for that meal.

That concludes the list of ten delicious summery treats for under 1,000 Neopoints! Is that an ice cream truck we hear? Until next time, Neopia!

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