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Packing for Picnics

by brittanyandsteven


Summertime in Neopia is a beautiful time of year to enjoy basking in the sun on the golden beaches of Mystery Island, floating on the clouds in Faerieland or cooling off on Terror Mountain. Of course, Neopets are going to need a nutritious and delicious lunch to enjoy while they’re out, so always pack a good meal to keep them from being too hungry. Here are a few ideas of easy to prepare meals to throw together for your picnic that will keep your pets energized and full!

Haunted Delight Picnic Pack:

Cress Ghoskersandwich, Crypt Crisps, Deep Fried Ghosts, Snail Cream Cone, Cup of Stagnant Water

This meal is perfect for anyone who loves spooky foods. The delicious Cress Ghoskersandwich helps you beat the hot summer heat, and it pairs wonderfully with the crypt crisps. The crisps have a slightly moldy taste to them since they are buried in crypts for a couple of years until they are ready to come out and be sold at the Spooky Food shop. The deep fried ghosts might be hot to the touch if you pack them away right after you take them out of the fryer, but once you begin to eat them they’ll give your body the chills. If you’re spending the day at the Haunted Woods or on Terror Mountain, you might want to skip these. A cup of Stagnant Water is a cheap way to quench any pet’s thirst. To finish off with a spooky dessert, a Snail Cream Cone is the perfect way to cool off and has the gourmet taste of escargot too.

Total cost for this lunch pack: Around 17,400 Neopoints

Water Faerie Picnic Pack:

Water Faerie Sandwich, Water Faerie Apple, Water Faerie Cupcake, Bubbling Burping Juice

For any pet that’s a faerie fan, this Picnic Pack features all the best foods from the water faerie herself. Jumping into cool refreshing water is the best way to stay cool, but if you’re enjoying the summer day in Shenkuu or Altador and don't have anywhere to swim, then this lunch is the best way to cool down. The Water Faerie Sandwich is two slices of white bread, with a magical slice of water in between. Somehow the bread never gets soggy. Perhaps it’s a secret spell from the faeries? To add some fruit to your diet, the juicy Water Faerie Apple is a delicious way to get your vitamins. Wash your food down with a cup of Bubbling Burping Juice, and you can even have a burping contest with your friends. For a perfect finish, the Water Faerie Cupcake is a delicious vanilla cupcake with blueberry icing that has a shimmer to it. I have yet to figure out how to make this sparkling icing, and the Water Faerie refuses to give me her secret.

Total cost for this picnic pack: Around 11,000 Neopoints

Molten Meal Picnic Pack:

Cog Stew, Hot Onion Salad, Sparkling Carrot Juice, Obsidian Ice Cream

So this meal seems like it may be for winter, but even in the summer nothing beats a hot meal for lunch. The hearty cog stew of cogs and vegetables will fill up even the hungriest pets. Since it is summer after all, everyone should enjoy a refreshing salad. The onion salad is a wonderful choice, topped with homegrown vegetables and onions from Moltara and a sprinkle of a secret seasoning. It’s then baked over lava until the vegetables are roasted. It’s typically served hot, but is equally delicious if served cold. Sparkling Carrot Juice is an ice cold beverage invented by the Moltaran’s food shop owner, and it really brings out the flavour of the vegetables in the Hot Onion Salad. To complete this meal, cool off with a nice scoop of Obsidian Ice Cream.

Total cost for this picnic pack: Around 14,800 Neopoints

Outer Space Picnic Pack:

Completely Non-Lethal Sandwich, Full Moon Cheese, Rocket Fizzy Drink, Space Tots, Marshmallow Grundo

Nothing is more refreshing during the summer months than spending a day in nice, cold outer space! This picnic pack features some of the best tasting outer space foods you can get for a bargain! The Completely Non-Lethal Sandwich is cheddar cheese, lettuce, mayo and ham on rye. Just ignore the giant ray gun that is on top of it…it’s just a water gun. The Full Moon Cheese is cheese taken directly out of a giant cheese pit located on the moon, and has a very unique and extra cheesy taste. Space tots are a wonderful item to bring on a picnic, because they float in the air and you don’t have to worry about bugs getting on them. To drink, cool off from the hot sun with a Rocket Fizzy Drink. Every drink from space has lots of fizz, but this one has an extra three percent to make it the ultimate refresher! For a fun space themed dessert, a Marshmallow Grundo is the perfect choice. If you don’t like the plain ones, they also come in strawberry, tchea fruit and even chocolate dipped.

Total cost for this picnic pack: Around 3,900 Neopoints

Desert Sun Picnic Pack:

Dust Covered Salad, Mummy Burrito, Sand Peach, Scorched Suti Fruit, Pitcher of Water

If you don’t mind the heat and are trying to get as much summer in as possible, then this picnic pack is the best choice for you. Start off your meal with a sandy Mummy Burrito. The dust and sand inside still hasa slight taste of cheese and beans! A Dust Covered salad goes along great, and the dust and cobwebs give it a light refreshing taste with a hint of strawberry. To add a little sugar to give your pets a boost of energy, the sand peach is a great choice. Edible sand is shaped into a peach shape with peach juice and caffeine is injected into it! If you’re not into sweet things all that much, the Scorched Suti Fruit makes a good snack. Most neopians are afraid that scorched fruit would taste bad, but it actually gives it a delightful crunch and a nice grilled flavour. To complete this meal, you’ll want to get a Pitcher of Water. The sand and dust will be sure to make your mouth dry.

Total cost for this picnic pack: Around 1,100 Neopoints

So there you have it…a few good packed lunches to keep your pet refreshed for a fun day in the sun (or underground, or space, or wherever you decide to spend your day). All of these meals are simple to pack, don’t require much preparation, and come in all varieties of costs so you can pack the perfect meal no matter how broke (or rich) you are! Enjoy the summer and stay cool!

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