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The Tale of Coco Metrone

by yashasvika


      I am Coco Metrone, Centre Defender for Krawk Island in the Altador Cup X. My life wasn’t always as fantabulous as it is now. When I was just a baby, my parents and I live in a neohome made from cardboard. It was terrible whenever it rained because we would always be completely soaked when the rain fell through the cardboard. But my family and I always kept smiles on our faces. We never let our situation make us sad and we would always work hard to make more neopoints.

      When I was little, I used to run through the mud playing yooyoball with my two sisters and our neighbors. Our parents would sit on the side lines cheering us on and placing bets on which team would be victorious that day. Then when we were done playing, the moms would let out a collective sigh. As soon as we went home it meant that they had miles of mud to clean off the the floors, walls, and ceilings. They would laugh while cleaning though because they thought about how we would sometimes fall into the mud and wouldn’t be able to get up again.

      After we cleaned off, my friends and I would go to the soup kitchen to grab some soup. My favorite soup was always asparagus and chutney soup but my friends all preferred the golden juppie soup. I did not care much for the golden juppie soup because every time I ate it I thought about cheese roller and the spicy juppie cheese and it would make my stomach all queasy. After yooyuball the soup kitchen was my favorite place to go. My friends and I would laugh and talk and the soup faerie would make sure all of our stomachs were completely bloated before she would let us leave.

      As I grew older, I needed to start going to school. Throughout my childhood my parents had saved up a few dubloons so that way I could go to the best school in Krawk Island, the Academy. I started off as a mere sea urchin. I could barely stand on my own four feet without tripping. But over the course of a few years and so much advice from cap’n three legs I too became a cap’n. It took me intensive training, but I managed to increase my speed and my strength to great levels. My parents were so proud of how their daughter was improving her skills everyday.

      In no time I was the best student at the Academy. I could dodge any attack. I had the strength of four Elephantes. Every day Cap’n Three Legs would put me through an intensive regimen which changed not only my training routine but also my diet. Every morning I would trek to Tyrannia for an omelet. Then on my way back, I would test my strength at the Haunted Fairgrounds. My training at the Academy would be done when I would be able to hit the highest score. After my trip to the Haunted Woods I would travel to Qasala. They needed someone to help them rid themselves of their scarab problem. I needed practical applications for my strength. As my parents always taught me, “If you cannot learn something and help someone with it, it is not worth learning.” Now, you might be wondering, “But Coco, Qasala still has a scarab problem? Why didn’t you get rid of all of them.” The answer to that is simple. While I worked my hardest to do what I can to help, the officials of Qasala decided that they could get rid of more scarabs if they enlisted the help of anyone and everyone in Neopia. Anyways back to my story. After Qasala I traveled back to the Academy where I would begin my official training. Unfortunately I cannot tell you exactly what my training consisted of. If you are curious though you can take a course at The Academy for 1-20 dubloons depending on your level. Then you can learn all the secrets that Cap’n Three Legs has to offer.

      When I wasn’t at The Academy, I would visit hbookshops and get some books to read. I wanted to learn everything there is in Neopia. I read boring books and I read good books. I read books where I soared through the skies around Faerieland and books where I was scared through the haunted woods. After much reading, I became one of the most intelligent neopets around Krawk Island. I knew everything there is about anything. Every day I would quiz myself with the daily crossword, I would play a few rounds of rooduku, and complete the daily trivia. I was not satisfied with just challenging myself though. Like my parents always said, “If you cannot learn something and help someone with it, it is not worth learning.”

      My first job was using what I learned from The Academy and all of my books. Of course, I could not just go around teaching others exactly what I learned at the Academy or otherwise the Defenders of Neopia would have me in chains in no time. No what I did instead is apply my knowledge to yooyuball.

      The next generation of children in my neighborhood were just like my friends and I. They were all so enamored with the game. Only now, because of the mandatory neohome upgrade, they got the benefit of not playing in the mud. The only thing that these children were lacking was a good coach and teacher. They needed someone who could teach them more about the sport, the history of Altador, and anything else they could possibly wish to learn. I wanted to be their coach and mentor. I wanted to be their inspiration and role model so hopefully one day they will be just like me. And fortunately my dream came true.

      With my new intelligence and my immense strength and speed. I started playing yooyuball more competitively. My dream was to one day play on the same team as my idol Garven Hale the defender for team Krawk. In order to do this I needed to hone all of my skills and most importantly get myself a pirate paintbrush.

      Over the next few years of playing yooyuball, and holding the regional record for number of goals in a single season, my skills were near perfect. The most goals I have ever missed in a single season has been two. People flocked all over from Krawk Island to watch me play yooyuball. And in no time I had more than enough money to buy myself the pirate paintbrush. With the money that was left over I brought my parents a new house. Instead of a cardboard house, we now lived in a house made from Tatami. But that’s not all that I did with my regional winnings. I donated the remainder of the money to my best friend, the Soup faerie. I wanted her to be able to feed as many neopets as possible so they could all grow up and achieve their dreams.

      Winning the regionals did more than just give me more neopoints than I can handle. I also gained fame and success. In year Y5 I was asked by Garven Hale if I wanted to join one of two open spots on the Krawk Island Altador Cup V Team. I was beyond ecstatic. I was finally given the opportunity I had been waiting my entire life for. But I had a condition. I told Garven that I would be unable to accept the position unless he allowed my closest friend and previous protege, Feldon “Dinksy” Collibridge. She was 4 years younger than me and not only was she one of the girls I tutored when she was little but in regionals she was also my teammate and without her we never would have made it to victory.

      And that my fellow Neopians is the story of how I, Coco Metrone, started off in a cardboard house and then soon became a valued player on the Krawk Island Yooyuball team. For anyone out there who has a dream, keep on dreaming!

      The End.

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