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Fast Guide to the Turtum Avatar

by return_of_weatherbee


It’s summer! Everything is new and fresh! Flowers are blooming in bright yellows and purples, birds are chirping (though perhaps a bit too early in the morning), and you have more motivation and confidence than ever! Thanks to all these wonderful summer feelings, you’ve naturally decided it’s time to add a new avatar to your collection. But wait! Have you achieved all the avatars you can possibly get right now? Except for the game avatars? Oh no! Well, you have come to the right place! This guide is all about earning that elusive Turtum avatar from Ultimate Bulls-Eye II! Much like the game itself, this guide is short and sweet. It’s designed to help you earn the avatar in no time at all and quite painlessly too!

Before we begin, I want you to know – this guide has not been designed to help you win a high score trophy. You can hit the bulls-eye the maximum number of times, (ten) hit it on all three bonus shots, and that would still only be 130 points. That’s not enough points for a high score. To get a high score, it’s a balance between skill and luck (the right amount of balloons). And patience. 130 points is, however, more than enough to get you the Turtum avatar. You only need 100 points. Ok. Here we go!


1. Bouncing Bull – The Bouncing Bull target will grow larger, and then shrink. If you get this power-up, you should use it immediately. Why? Because hitting the target anywhere while using this power-up will automatically give you another random power-up. What happens if you receive the Bouncing Bull again? Use it again as soon as possible.

2. Moving Target – Self-explanatory. It moves closer and further away from you. Much the same as the power-up above, hitting the Moving Target will be an automatic bulls-eye. This power-up should also be used immediately for the same reason as the Bouncing Bull.

3. Three Shots – The Three Shots power-up will give you three arrows to fire off in one shot. They will fly off at the same time, and you get points for any arrows that hit the target! For example, if one arrow hits the bulls-eye, the second arrow hits the five point ring, and the third arrow hits the two point ring, you will receive a total of 17 points for that shot! This power-up also comes in handy if you happen to get a balloon bonus. If one of the three arrows hits a balloon but misses the target, and a different arrow hits the target and not the balloon, you still receive points for hitting the balloon and the target!

4. Inverted Target – For those of you who stink at Ultimate Bulls-Eye, be prepared to be amazing at it for one turn (well, as long as you don’t miss the target all together)! When using the Inverted Target power-up, avoid hitting the target at all. Hit the wooden part of the target. Doing this will give you a bulls-eye and another power-up. Save this one for the last shot, because getting a bulls-eye on the last shot will give you three extra turns, and as you know by now, it’s easier to miss the target than to actually hit it!

5. Fire Hoop – The Fire Hoop will double your points when hitting the target. It will also double your points when hitting a balloon and then hitting the target, although this is usually difficult to accomplish.


1. Red balloon – The red balloon will give you 30 extra points if you hit it and then hit the target (not the wooden part, not the tree, the actual target)! That’s 30 points plus the amount you would have scored without the balloon. So if you hit the red balloon and then the bulls-eye, you will score 40 points! The red balloon is worth five points if you hit it but miss the target.

2. King Hagan balloon – Hitting the King Hagan balloon will give you an extra 40 points if you hit it and then hit the target! The King Hagan balloon is worth ten points if you hit it but miss the target.

3. If both balloons are on your screen, hitting both of them will give you 70 points, as long as you hit the target.

4. The balloon bonus score is added to your regular score. If you hit the five point ring on the target, and hit the balloon, your score for that shot would be 35 points.

5. Basically, just hit the balloon any time you see it. It’s almost always worth it.

Strategy Quick Tips:

1. Aim a little higher than you think you should until you get used to the game.

2. Type in “catapult” at the beginning of the game to receive a random power-up.

3. Sometimes, Punchbag Bob will show up where the target should be. If you hit Punchbag Bob himself, you will score five points. However, if you hit the apple on top of his head, though this is extremely difficult to do, you will score 20 points, plus a random power-up! Sweet!

4. You can use more than one power-up at a time, however, it’s not recommended. Why? Because it’s a waste of a power-up that can be used to help you later in the game. The only time I would ever suggest using two power-ups at once is if you have hit the bulls-eye on the last shot, have just finished your second bonus shot, are about to shoot your absolute last time, and have the Inverted Target and Three Shots power-ups. Then, you can possibly get 30 points at once, and it’s not wasting any power-ups since you have no more shots left!

5. Lastly, take your time. There’s no time limit. No need to rush. Just breathe!

There you have it! It sounds easy, doesn’t it? I consider it to be one of the easiest game avatars out there (and believe me, I’m not a gamer by any means necessary), and if you’re determined, you will achieve it in no time at all! So go out there and get that shiny new avatar!

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