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The Taming of the Grarrl

by chunky_sushi

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The Dark (and Cute) Lord of All
I am not cute!

by alloways


In Defense of Overfeeders
There is a certain rush that appears every time you refresh and witness a slew of hungry kadoaties in front of you. The thrill that comes when you beat your opponent to the kadoatie of your choice cannot be replicated anywhere else on Neopets.

by mustang1772


Mutant Pets In the Lost Desert
This is why not many mutant Neopets reside in the Lost Desert...

by kikale107


The Baby Crusaders: The Foundation
Alpinaroseā€™s mouth had dropped about half-way through the letter and she knew that there was no way she could argue with Kate about a thing like this

by bunnyhugsgirl

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