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Top Ten Colors for Ruki Day

by melaiv


Ruki Day is fast approaching, Neopia, and I know what most of you are probably thinking: “What’s so great about the Ruki anyway?” I, too, was guilty of overlooking this praying mantis-like Neopet until I had my first Ruki species change at the lab ray. Stuck with a basic Ruki at the time, I decided to see what colors they could be painted at the Rainbow Pool, and I was blown away by the number of beautiful and intricate colors available! It helped me really appreciate the Ruki, and this Ruki Day, I’m here to list ten of my favorite Ruki colors to convince you to do the same. According to the Neopets Popularity page, the Ruki is all of the way down in 39th place with a total of 2,027,176 Rukis created, and that is an injustice when you see how many beautiful colors are available for this unique species.

Ahem. Without further ado, in case you ever end up with a lab-zapped Ruki or pick one up from the pound, I’ll now present you with the ten colors that this Neopet looks absolutely wonderful in!

#10 Royalgirl Ruki

When I first saw this elegant, regal Ruki, I was blown away by how beautiful she is. Between the gorgeous base color, those stunning violet eyes, and her elegant robes and jewelry, the Royalgirl Ruki truly is the royal color of all Rukis! Not only do they make wonderful customizing pets, but if you don’t like customizing, they look beautiful enough all on their own.

Overall rating: 10/10

#9 Baby

Aw, look at this adorable baby! This is by far one of my favorite baby designs in all of Neopia. With those big yellow eyes staring at you, the Baby Ruki can barely walk on its own legs, so they require a lot of care and attention, but if you’re willing to devote extra time to your Neopet, then the Baby Ruki is the perfect choice for you! One look at this Baby Ruki, and you’ll be running to the store to buy all of the baby bottles and bibs that you can carry.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

#8 Royalboy

The Royalboy Ruki is often forgotten about when compared to the Royalgirl, but look at that intricate design! The dark blue color of the Ruki is offset with yellow spots, and it makes a great color for those dark, nighttime customization themes that you’ve been itching to try. Even if you don’t customize, the Royalboy Ruki has such a unique set of clothing that you might not want to change anything about him! No other Royal pet has an outfit quite like the Royalboy Ruki, and he’s definitely a contender for one of the best Ruki colors out there.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

#7 Faerie

Whether converted or unconverted, the Faerie Ruki has such an amazing purple and pink color scheme that you can’t help but fall in love with it. Sure, some people might argue that the Faerie Ruki is too simple when compared with other faerie Neopets, but I say that simple is best in this case! Best for those spring and summer customizations, this soft colored Neopet loves frolicking in flowers and exploring the clouds of Faerieland.

Overall rating: 8/10

#6 Halloween

Why, isn’t that the cutest mummy you’ve ever seen? The Halloween Ruki might not be too spooky, but it sure is adorable! You can finally address those stereotypes that all mummies are scary and dangerous by owning one of these friendly Ruki. Best of all, you even get an avatar by owning this colored Ruki! Own a Halloween Ruki with a Mummy Baby petpet for 30+ days, and you’ll be able to unlock the just as adorable Mummified Ruki avatar.

Overall rating: 8/10

#5 Tyrannian Ruki

This prehistoric Ruki is often looked over in favor of a more expensive paint job, but for just 80,000 neopoints, you can have one of the most adorable pets to ever walk Tyrannia! With its dark brown skin and tufts of light brown fur, this Ruki is not only cute, but perfect for snuggling. You just have to remember to watch out for those long, pointy fangs. This Ruki would never bite you or another Neopet on purpose, but the fangs do get in the way sometimes.You can’t stay mad at them with those big hazel eyes, though! Overall, I think this is one of the best Tyrannian designs on one of the most underrated Neopets, and this color is even better for any Tyrannian themed customization you’re hoping to accomplish.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

#4 Darigan

Okay, now this Ruki is spooky, but they do look totally awesome (not to mention they’ll keep away the Skeiths and Grarrls). One of the best things about this Ruki is that it stands out from most other Darigan pets that have a purple and black color scheme by having a yellow and black color scheme. Covered in dark spots with piercing red eyes, this Ruki might seem scary, but they’re just as friendly as any other Ruki! And best of all, you can customize them in ways that you can’t customize other Darigan pets that have the traditional purple and black color scheme, which makes the Darigan Ruki a very unique pet to own.

Overall rating: 7.2/10

#3 Maraquan

Often overlooked in favor of Maraquan Cybunnies and Gelerts, the Maraquan Ruki is a unique color all on its own! Before you underestimate this Ruki, just look at that powerful tail and those long antennae which allow the Maraquan Ruki to swim through even the roughest currents in Maraquan waters. The colors are distinct enough to notice a Maraquan Ruki from far away, but they go together so well that the Maraquan Ruki is a joy to customize! My favorite aspect about the Maraquan Ruki would have to be their bright blue eyes; no need to find those Icy Blue Eyes on the NC Mall board because your Ruki already has them!

Overall rating: 7/10

#2 Camouflage

Camouflage is a color that is always overlooked, and while some camouflage pets look better than others, the Maraquan Ruki is definitely one of the best designs out there! The color scheme offers a nice blend of whites and browns that make this Ruki neutral enough to customize just about any way you want! Even by itself, this Ruki has such a unique color scheme that will make it hard to believe you got this Ruki for only 350,000 neopoints!

Overall rating: 6.5/10

#1 Chocolate

Chocolate pets are always one of my personal favorites, and not just because they look so delicious! The Chocolate Ruki might seem simple when compared to other Chocolate pets, but instead of comparing, take a moment to appreciate the deep brown tones and whit speckled antennae that make this Ruki look more like a tasty treat than a Neopet. You might want to keep your Chocolate Ruki away from baby Neopets that might be tempted to have a taste, but this subtle color is a perfect choice for a first time Ruki owner!

Overall rating: 6/10

And there you have it Neopia, a list of some of the most unique and well-designed Rukis out there... with a total of 48 colors to choose from, there are plenty of Rukis out there for you to adopt and paint this Ruki Day!

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