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10 Bouquets For (almost) Every Occasion

by usukii


There are plenty of bouquets around Neopia and they can be suitable for occasions of all kinds. But with such a wide choice there are many Neopians who get stuck with the mind numbing fear that they may accidentally choose a bouquet inappropriate for the occasion. And if you do that then you know for sure you won't be receiving an invitation for the latest Neopian Ball. However this guide is here to help guide you to make the perfect bouquet choice for any occasion and ensure everyone you meet is jealous of your bouquet choosing ability. Or at least convince you that they are.

Spring Garden Bouquet

You can't go wrong with a classic bouquet of flowers and at this time of year the Spring Garden Bouquet is the ideal choice. Pretty enough to be appreciated, but not so flashy that the recipient will suspect an ulterior motive to the gift (even if there is one!).

Apologetic Bouquet of Flowers

Oh no. You didn't did you? You did? Well in that case the best bouquet for you is definitely the Apologetic Bouquet of Flowers. Be warned that these must be accompanied by an actual apology, not instead of one. They also only result in the acceptance of said apology 57% of the time. But it's worth a try. And whatever you did? Try not to do it again, the flowers decrease in effectiveness by 10% every time they are used.

Colourful Candy Heart Bouquet

For the friend with a sweet tooth. A more luxurious alternative to the traditional Candy Bouquet but definitely worth it in my opinion. You get a wide range of flavours and it's finished off with a lovely red bow. Plus with so many candy hearts included, who will notice if a couple of them are missing? Really, it would be rude to gift it before checking it tastes ok. And you'll only be having one or two anyway. Or maybe one of each flavour. Just to be sure of the quality. Actually, if you've got a sweet tooth yourself it may be better to buy a couple of these bouquets.

Wilting Flower Bouquet

Well. It's like that is it? For that admirer that's a little slow on the uptake and needs a bigger hint in the form of a bunch of old mostly dead flowers. However if you're a little strapped for cash then simply leave any bouquet you already own to dry out on their own. The cheap, handmade version of a Wilting Flower Bouquet, no one will be able to tell the difference!

Secret Admirer Bouquet

Hoping to show your affections to that special someone? Then this is the bouquet for you! Of course remember that for this bouquet to truly live up to its name you do have to keep it a secret. But if they seem to like it, an accidental slip to let them know it was from you is always a good idea. If however you receive a Wilting Flower Bouquet in return you might want to turn your attentions elsewhere.

Dripping Brucicle Bouquet

Are you five? Is the recipient of this bouquet five? If you answered no to both of the questions then it's probably best to leave this one where it is. Or put it in the freezer. On the other hand this bouquet does include four different brucicles so you could always cheat and use it as four gifts if you're a little low on neopoints at the moment. Of course then it wouldn't actually be a bouquet any more, just a brucicle, but I won't tell if you don't!

Weighted Balloon Bouquet

A bouquet that lasts longer than your average flower and makes a fantastic centrepiece at a party. Also has the added bonus of being able to pick and choose your own colour schemes so you'll always match the event and avoid any embarrassing issues of colour clashing! Just make sure to keep away from any sharp objects or mischievous children.

Pretty Bouquet

Just because it calls itself pretty that doesn't mean it is. However if you're on a budget this may be your best option. Just make sure to remove any price tags first, or the recipient may be less than thrilled to know what you think they're worth. Unless of course that's the whole point, in which case you'll want to make sure that price tag is extra obvious. I find highlighter pens are often particularly helpful when making sure the recipient gets the hint. Just be cautious of any future gifts they give you.

Gothic Lily Bouquet

This is often a good choice if the recipient wears a lot of black, supports The Sway or just in general seems to have a gothic vibe about them. Never give such a person a traditional flower bouquet as its likely to be met with a great deal of scorn. Instead the Gothic Lily Bouquet is the perfect choice. If it's a little out of your budget you could try spray painting an existing bouquet, but this can result in varying degrees of success (and failure) and so is only to be risked by the artistic and optimistic.

Glittering Shamrock Bouquet

Is Illusen day just around the corner? Show how up to date you are when it comes to current events by giving the gift of a Glittering Shamrock Bouquet! Is Illusen day not until next year? Well lucky for you the glitter in this bouquet is due to the magic used and it'll last until next year anyway, no one needs to know you've had it in storage all year!

Of course if these options have just confused you even more it may be best to leave these types of the decisions to the professionals and just hire yourself a Neopian florist to save yourself the trouble.

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