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How to Spend Time at Darigan Citadel

by minkpink


Darigan Citadel, a place of history and wonder shrouded in darkness, is the least likely of places to spend some quality time with your Neopets. Many Neopians would prefer to visit places such as the lush Faerieland, the whimsical Brightvale, or even the sunny Kiko Lake. In comparison to the Faerieland, Brightvale, and Kiko Lake, Darigan Citadel seems barren, wretched, and somber. However, it would be a grave mistake to simply judge Darigan Citadel by its sinister cover. There are many things to do at the citadel, and none of such things are overly sinister at all. Dare you and your Neopet spend some time at the citadel? Listed below is a guide on what to do during you and your Neopet's visit to Darigan Citadel.

I. Visit the Minions of Darigan

It is always good to greet the locals before you decide to spend more time at Darigan Citadel. Armed with tips and tricks on the mannerisms of the location, the locals would be you and your Neopets' best friends. How else would you and your Neopets learn how to best the champion of Cellblock? -- Or even come close to challenging Master Vex? Where else would you hear clever -- if only speculative -- theories of a resurgence after years of the truce between Darigan Citadel and Meridell? It is said that the truce would last up to a thousand years, however will that truce be broken sooner, or later? The Darigan Minions know their land and its darkest secrets, and it is up to you and your Neopet to decide if you want to know more about them.

II. Play some Games of Cellblock

Challenge the prisoners to a game of Cellblock within the dungeons of Darigan Citadel. Test your wit and cunning against the silent and hungry Clop, the small yet mysterious Barallus, the cowardly and paranoid Squire Meekel, the brave yet tired Yellow Knight, and even the overly eccentric Number Five. After playing against prisoners, and then the loyal guards, Galgarrath and Haskol, you and your Neopets may even get a chance to face the warden who never loses -- Master Vex himself. Hopefully, the tips from your visit to Darigan Citadel's locals will prove to be useful against the champion.

III. Explore Lord Darigan's Chambers

After playing a game of Cellblock with Barallus, you and your Neopet are now equipped with more than enough hidden history between Darigan Citadel's Lord Kass and Lord Darigan. No wonder Lord Darigan likes to keep Barallus under tight security. However, are Barallus' tales really the truth? An exploration of Lord Darigan's Chambers would surely help you and your Neopets find the truth of it all. However, whether or not you and your Neopets want to find out the truth is another story. Some things are better left unsaid, and some things are better left in the darkest dungeons with which they belong.

IV. Enter the Petpet Arena's Fray

The desire for battle seems to still run strong within the hearts of the Darigan inhabitants. They are always seen training their Petpets at the arena. Neopians from all across Neopia gather in the arena to train their Petpets for battle as well. Test your Petpet's abilities and increase their strength through victory. The Petpet Arena is not for the faint-hearted, however. You may even begin to question why Petpets need to get stronger in the first place. Could it be for an impending battle that only the Darigan inhabitants know about?

V. Buy some Darigan Toys

A visit to Darigan Citadel is not complete without some souvenirs and the Darigan locals' idea of fun. Get some toys that feature Lord Darigan, Lord Kass, and Darigan Neopets. Then, dare to fly your Darigan Kite under the eternal moon, challenge the locals to a game of Darigan Dartboard, battle the forces of good in a game of Darigan Knights, or venture into the labyrinths of the Darigan Maze Game. All of the toys are sinister in design, however the fun you and your Neopets could have with them is no less than with any other toys across Neopia. Be careful of the unnecessarily sharp Darigan toys.

VI. Colour the Pages

Need a rest from all the theories and rumors circulating throughout Darigan Citadel? Aside from the Darigan Toys shop, the Darigan Citadel Colouring Pages is said to be the most relaxing place that you and your Neopet could visit. Embed yourself in the history of Darigan Citadel by colouring notable scenes from the Battle for Meridell such as Lord Darigan's challenge to Lord Kass, Jeran's entrance into the fray, or even Lord Kass' rise to power. After your Neopets are finished with colouring, make sure to take the coloured pages back to their NeoHome. Do not forget to hang the coloured pages on the fridge.

It is interesting how even one of the seemingly hostile of places could provide the most quality of times. There is something to be said about Darigan Citadel, and it is neither about its sinister cover nor its inhospitality. The Darigan Minions, who would welcome you and share their dark secrets with you, indicates Darigan Citadel's hospitality in its own unique way. Games and games of Cellblock with the prisoners who seem to know more about the Neopia than any other Neopians indicates undercurrents of Neopia that may be better left unknown. Lord Darigan's Chambers, rich in archives and usually kept away from the public eye, provides even richer details about the Battle for Meridell. The Petpet Arena, which pushes your Petpet's abilities to their limits, hints at an impending doom and battle. Darigan Toys, a shop with items that tests your skills and cunning against the Darigan locals, provides great fun. Finally, the Darigan Citadel Colouring Pages shows you and your Neopets an action-filled history of the Battle for Meridell.

It would be a grave mistake to simply judge Darigan Citadel by its sinister cover, for something even more sinister seems to be brewing right underneath it.

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