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The Perfect Neohome Buyer's Guide: Tyrannia

by brittanyandsteven


Looking for a perfect home and still have no idea where you want to purchase one? Look no further! Here's a guide to help you pick the perfect place for your perfect neohome in the wonderful prehistoric land of Tyrannia!! Pull up a seat and have a cup of Moehog Face Coffee and read on to see why this is -or maybe for some, isn't- the perfect place to call home!

Let's start off with the best parts of this gorgeous rocky land. Tyrannia is located beside of the cold Terror Mountain. Unlike Terror Mountain though, this recently discovered land is not completely snowy and icy. At one time very long ago, this rocky land was located miles underneath of the Ice Caves, but after a while part of it melted and Tyrannia was discovered! The climate here is not too cold and almost always sunny, and it has a surprisingly humid climate in the summer. If you're into archeology then you are in luck! There are a lot of fossils to discover in your own backyard! Many old and prehistoric plants also grow abundantly in the area, so if you're interested in science and botany, this area may varieties of flowers and plants to start your studies. Tyrannia is also very unique, because it is divided into two levels- one being the Tyrannian Plateau, and below is the Tyrannian Jungle. Both offer many neohomes for sale and each area has an abundant amount of shops and entertainment. Some of the original Tyrannian Neopians that decided to stay in Tyrannia and not venture around the globe live in a very small village called Tyrammet. The leader of this village is the famous Kyruggi, who has been in charge of southern Tyrannia for five years. The village consists of 130 grass and mud huts which are home to over 500 Tyrannian Neopets. Unfortunately these are not up for sale, but it is still a neat area to visit and the prehistoric Neopians are some of the most friendly Neopets you will ever meet.

Tyrannia has tons of entertainment and attractions that will always keep you busy. One of the most popular things to see is the giant egg that cracks and cooks into a massive omelette on the Tyrannian Plateau. Anyone is welcome to one free piece a day, and it makes quite a tasty breakfast. If you're looking for more of an authentic breakfast, then you will find many delicious varieties of original Tyrannian delicacies at the Tyrannian Foods shop. Some of their best selling foods are the Hairy Rock Burger and Buzz Honey. However, if you're not used to rocks as food, the burger might be something to pass up on. If you love history and museums, Tyrannia has many places dedicated to its history and ancient wars you will have to go see. While on the plateau, be sure to stop by The Town Hall. It has lots of displays of the Elders that protect Tyrannia. Also located on the plateau is the War Memorial, which is dedicated to the history of the Tyrannian Invasion.

If you're more into the action-packed attractions, Tyrannia has it's own battledome and arena for double the thrills! If you're up for the challenge itself and not wanting to just cheer in the stands, head on down to the jungle and visit Tyrannian Weaponry. Many prehistoric weapons actually work better than newer designs. Get yourself a new Omelette Shield and some Fire Walking Boots to take down your opponent and win the crowd! For those that love to play games other than just battlegrounds, there are other fun places in Tyrannia to keep you happy. This wonderful archaic land has not just one wheel to take your chances with, but two fun wheels to win prizes and extra neopoints! You can win Tyrannian food items, Tyrannian furniture and clothes, or neopoints to spend on your new neohome! The Wheel of Mediocrity is priced at a very reasonable 150 neopoints, but does offer some more than just "mediocre" prizes if you win. On the plateau if another wheel that is 50 more neopoints, but be warned-if you decide to spin this Wheel of Monotony you will be waiting for a few hours to get your prize, if you even win anything at all! To past the time, you can play the fun and addicting game called Destruct-O-Match III to keep busy. If you have some extra neopoints saved up, purchase some tickets from the Ticket Booth and catch a fun and very talented band playing at the local Concert Hall. This is the only place in all of Neopia that plays the greatest bands of all time such as the super popular Yes Boy Ice-Cream! Different bands perform live every night so there's always a new and amazing show to go see.

Tyrannia doesn't offer any shops to buy clothing from, mostly because the prehistoric pets make their own clothing out of furs, plants, and bones. However, there is a store to get items for your neohome and decorate it to look as authentically Tyrannian as you can! A Tyrannian Grarrl owns a shop called "Furniture", which simply sells furniture for your neohome. Tyrannia is famous for it's use of dung, and this shop has a lot of different items made of it. Some of the most popular ones are a bit odd, such as the Dung Bed, Dung Carpet and Dung Biscuit Jar. Luckily if you're not into having your home decorated completely with smelly dung, they do offer furniture made of other common items in Tyrannia. These include straw, rock, fur, and stone. If you want a really comfy seat, definitely check out the Furry Toilet. The Straw Bed, Furry Sofa, Furry Wardrobe, and Straw Sofa are all very soft and quite decorative for living room and bedroom furniture. If you prefer a stiff mattress instead of a softer one, they also have a Stone Bed as well. The shop also has its famous erupting Volcanic Centerpiece that is popular for decorating holiday tables in Tyrannia. There is also a small petpet store nearby that sells Tyrannian Petpets that want someone to love and will complete your neohome. Some of the most adorable Petpets are Tyrannian, including the Krawk, Camelior, and the Woolypapith.

So now that you've seen all of the wonderful aspects of having a neohome in this prehistoric land, let's take a look at a few of the bad things.

The main bad part of living in Tyrannia is the winter months. The weather gets very, very cold and is generally below freezing. Unless you're from Terror Mountain, this weather can be hard for Neopians to get used to. If the area was again to freeze over, you could possibly be trapped underneath the ice until it melts again. But hey, these prehistoric neopets survived thousands of years before, so it might not be a bad thing!

Another bad part of having a home in Tyrannia is the Lair of the Beast. Many venture into this place and meet the terrible, horrible creature called the beast, and some never return. These caves lead up to Terror Mountain, but rumor has it that many horrible and deceptive creatures lurk deep within the caves. This could mean there possibly might be another bad invasion was to happen in Tyrannia in the future, or maybe not. Nobody knows.

Clearly the good outweighs the bad in the wonderful prehistoric land. If you can get past the dung stench in the air, then Tyrannia might be the perfect place to make your home at! Stop on by and visit, grab a bite to eat and explore the plateau! This could be the perfect place for you.

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