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The Unknown Faerie Princesses: Part 1

by puddydog


For years I have studied the geneology of the great Neopian families. I have traced back the lineage of King Skarl and King Hagan (interestingly enough, sibling rivalry runs in that particular family tree). I have sourced the origins of the fantastical heroes and nefarious villains. My greatest discovery, however, has been in the studies of the Faerieland Royalty themselves. I am now prepared to share these findings with the world: Queen Fyora has two younger sisters. This first article will reveal the identity and supporting evidence of the youngest of the sisters, the Princess most commonly known as the Library Faerie.

Point the First: Looks

There is a strong family resemblence between Fyora and the Library Faerie. Looking at the above images, it is clear to see similarities in the high cheekbones, small pointed nose, slight smirk of a smile and purple lidded eyes. Moreover, these two faeries have the same hairstyle, with locks framing the face before moving into long waves. If you gave one faerie a dye-job of her hair, she could easily pass as the other.

Point the Second: Colouring

Both faeries also have a clear satorial connection, with a penchant for purple colour schemes. Historically, purple has been the colour of royalty, so much so that there have been times when the colour was banned to anyone except those of royal blood. The fact that the Library Faerie has chosen to don herself in the regal tincture is a nod to her familial connection to the crown. It is important to note that the sisters strategically avoid the exact same shades of purple, as overly matching outfits are tacky.

Point the Third: Uniqueness

When browsing through the shops of Faerieland City, they are, unsurprisingly, run by an assortment of faeries. The stores for Petpets, Food and Furniture are manned by elemental faeries of Light and Earth. The two exceptions to this are the Book Store, which is the domain of our very own Library Faerie, and the Faerie Weapon Shop (which we'll get to next week!). We have thousands of elemental faeries found throughout the land, running stores, giving quests and, sadly, stuck in bottles by Balthazar. We only have one Library Faerie. The fact that the Library Faerie is unique in Neopia, the only known one of her kind, is a clear indication that she is something special.

Point the Fourth: Location

The Library Faerie remains close to Faerieland, home, at all times. She does not venture out beyond the City limits because she knows of the dangers for a young Princess. The Library Faerie has a very developed mind, and high intelligence, but she is not equipped for the potential battles that could result in the greater world. This explains why the Library Faerie remains at her store, not offering quests to travellers; she wisely prefers the safety of the City.

Point the Fifth: Skill

Queen Fyora is an amazing woman. She is adept in everything- a real jack of all trades. Fyora has a perfect balance of physical and mental traits, and the Hidden Tower proves that she's even a great salesman. While the Library Faerie cannot claim to be quite as impressively diverse as her elder sister, it is undeniable that her intelligence is second to none. The Library Faerie is a businesswoman, an author and a renowned puzzle maker. In addition to this, she is incredibly passionate about education and sharing the joys of reading with others. These virtues are indicative of someone of high birth and good breeding.

Point the Sixth: Secrecy

While the birth records for most Neopian families is accessable with the right connections (and a greased palm or two), the records of the Faerie Royals has always been off-limits to commoners. I have scoured every book, every hall of records and every hospital in Neopia and thus far been unable to dig up anything on the Library Faerie's origins. This, to me, is a big red flag! With my skills and dedication I ought to have come across something by now, unless it was particularly well-guarded and hidden. Like, say, the records of the Faerie Royals. It is clear that the geneology of the Library Faerie has been deliberately obfuscated, which would not have been done without a strong reason.

So why, you may wonder, would the Queen Fyora and her council keep the existence and identity of the Library Faerie as a Princess a secret? Seeking to both find the answer to this question and receive confirmation of my theory, I took to Faerieland City and requested interviews with a number of sources close to the Royals.

Though a palace interview with Queen Fyora herself was, unsurprisingly, denied, I received this response from the Assistant To The Secretary To Queen Fyora, one Melody Twittlebot.

"The Palace will not confirm nor deny any speculation about Queen Fyora and her family. Please respect their privacy and do not persue this matter any longer. Further attempts at contacting the Queen may result in a personal visit from her Guard."

Whilst it didn't give me confirmation, this letter only increased my belief that I had discovered the truth. If it were not true, wouldn't they just deny it? Ms Twittlebot sure got very defensive if it were just a silly rumour.

I decided to get the information straight from the Whinny's mouth, and visit the Faerie Bookstore. As the bell tinkled with my entry, the Library Faerie looked up and greeted me with a soft smile. She had a radiance about her that was undeniably regal. I approached the counter and curtseyed before gulping down my nerves.

"Are you Queen Fyora's little sister?" For a moment, the room was silent. The Library Faerie's eyes widened, staring into mine with shock. A faint blush spread across her cheeks. Then the moment passed, and she regained her composure.

"I'm sorry, it's just about time for me to post my daily crossword. Unless you'd like to purchase a book, I must ask you to leave now." She then excused herself out the back and was replaced by an assistant.

My quest for the truth will continue next week, as I will not only expose the identity of the second, middle Faerieland Princess, but persist in gaining verification of my ideas.

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