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The Best of the NC Mall Collectible Series Pt 1

by honeybee54321


Also by darkobsession

Since it came into existence, the world we know as Neopia has always been full of all kinds of unique characters: Faeries, heroes, villains, merchants, kings & queens, etc. But it wasn't until Neopets V2.0 & the NC Mall were introduced, that 'Pets could be customized to suit their favorite character. The NC Collectibles Series is the cherry on top, as it offers specific, limited edition, highly in demand items that have been worn by some of Neopia's elite. In this article, Honeybee54321 & DarkObsession will shed light on some of the best & most creative items of the series (some of them are really shiny too...)

Heroes & Villains Series (Aug 2009 – Jan 2010)

Fyora Collectors Staff (released: September 2009) –

Now you can feel as powerful as Queen Fyora herself with this beautiful replica of her famous staff. It gives off a gorgeous purple hue with a sparkle that will catch the attention of any Neopian around. Everyone knows the confidence Queen Fyora has; with this item you can show off your confidence too!

Kass Collectors Armour (released: December 2009) –

Even if you are a Meridell Knight, you can't help but get jealous of the armour suit Kass wore during the war. It's made of thick black leather for protection and embroided with mustard-coloured buttons and decorations around the neck, cuffs, and waist. Darigan's insignia is proudly represented on the shoulder. You will look commanding, and be both feared and respected.

Gamers Deluxe Series (Feb 2010 – Jun 2010)

Extreme Potato Counter Collectors Mohawk (released: May 2010) –

The Extreme Potato Counter Wocky is so extreme, even his hair is made of sharp, pointy red spikes. You too can sport that hairstyle if you want to look like a tough guy. Just be careful not to lean down while you're greeting someone up close, or you might poke them in the eye.

Princess Lunara Collectors Parasol (released: March 2010) –

Looking to add a subtle yet classy accessory to your Neopets closet? Princess Lunara's Parasol is a simple yet stunning addition to any Shenkuu themed inspired outfit, a "must have". Though it's casual there is a tiny sparkling gem that gives just a flash of shimmer. Perfect for making someone look twice.

The Royal Treatment (Jul 2010 – Nov 2010)

King Kelpbeards Collectable Orb (Bonus released: November 2010) –

Most Kings are noted for their style that's for sure, but King Kelpbeards Orb is quite the rarity. An orb formed by water is a great accessory for any water themed customization of course. Though it sounds extravagant it's actually quite tiny and gently moves in a circular motion.

Princess Amira Collectors Arm Cuffs (released: July 2010) –

Princess Amira of Sakhmet wears her arm cuffs in public appearances, official meetings and diplomatic missions, but when she's all alone, she takes them off and stores them in a secret vault. "They are too heavy," she claims, "but they were a gift from my late father, King Coltzan, for my 16th birthday." Made of pure gold and adorned with blue Topaz and scarab ornaments, they are a marvel to look at and a luxury only a few could afford to own. However, Amira was generous enough to open her vault and let a few replicas be made for some lucky Neopians to buy. They are only gold plated of course, but they're still high quality faux-bijoux.

Menace & Mischief (Dec 2010 - April 2011)

The Three Collectors Cloak (released: March 2011) –

The Three are some of the most underrated characters in Neopia. Revenge, Greed and Ambition played a major role in the Battle for Meridell. However, their mere existence is questionable, as they could be just a manifestation of Darigan's own inner psyche and not actual beings. What supports this theory is the fact that they are spectral elements and they have not shown up since Darigan's redemption and the overthrowing of Lord Kass (to whom they appeared too, and he was carrying on with Darigan's plans and malice). All that we have left of them is the Cloak they donned: Black, mysterious, and menacing. And whoever thought the glowing purple heart would actually leak of all that hatred and spite?

Court Dancer Collectors Wig (Bonus released: April 2011) –

Keep the hair out of your face while dancing your heart out with the Court Dancer Wig. You could have all of Neopia under your spell through the art of dance. A beautiful long flowing orange wig with a cute yellow headband attached. It is quite simple but everyone will know your pet loves to dance!

Wit & Wizardry Series (May 2011 - Sept 2011)

Robertas Collectors Contacts (released: June 2011) –

Princess of Brightvale, a sorcerer apprentice and keeper of the Scrollery, Roberta is one of the kindest and most loved Neopian characters. This is all reflected in her big bright purple eyes, thus making these contacts one of the most sought after items. Your eyes will look really lovely wearing them.

Lenny Conundrum Wizard Collectors Wand (Bonus released: July 2012) –

The Lenny Conundrum Lenny encourages all Neopets to try their hand at wizardry. With this Wizard Collectors Wand your pet can dress like a true wizard. Although no Neopet can solve puzzle like this special wizard, you may feel as though puzzle are a slightly easier with such a powerful artifact in hand. Keep in mind this wand is a replica and that no "extra" magical powers have been added.

Famous Dailies Series (Oct 2011 - Feb 2012)

Healing Springs Collectors Wig (released: November 2011) –

Marina is one of the most beautiful faeries found in all of Neopia, she resides at the Healing Springs. Now your pet can look just as gorgeous with this long blonde wig and seashell. Many wonder how her hair can stay so perfect when wet, so instead of releasing her secret she has allowed The Neopets Team to release an identical wig. Now your pet doesn't have to worry about messing up their hair when getting wet!

Moltara Foreman Collectors Wings (released: January 2012) –

This is what the Charred Steam Wings used to look like, before, you know, someone got too close to the Magma pit. Poor Moltara Foreman. He has to bear the heavy weight of these metal wings all day long. This accident happens more often than you'd think; I'm starting to suspect a major flaw in the steamwork system, although it seems to pump well at first glance. Or maybe the Altador Foreman has something to do with it (he's looking for a job in the new plot, I hear.) Nevermind all that: because when you buy these wings, you won't be wearing them in Moltara, but in your backyard, to impress your friends, so you're good to go.

This is the first half to our favorite NC Collectible Items; we hope you enjoyed it and check the next edition for the rest of our list!

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