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Secret Lives of the Shopkeepers: Terror Mountain

by purplejellystalker


I know what you've been thinking, because we've all thought it. Yes, that's right. What exactly do the shopkeepers of Neopia do in their spare time besides run their shops? Which, surprisingly happens to be all day, every day. Except, what do they do when no one is in there browsing around? Well, you're about to find out.

For this specific article, we'll look at some of your favorite shopkeepers of Terror Mountain in celebration of the winter!

1. Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop

Who can resist the absolutely delicious Chia Pops and Snow Puffs? Sure, it may be already freezing on Terror Mountain, but the Lenny that runs this tasty shop insists that you won't mind the low temperatures if you enjoy one of his icy treats!

When you stumble upon him when entering the shop, you'll notice he's usually running around frantically in search of who-knows-what. His arms are full of various goodies, but he's always got a smile on his face.

But, would you believe it if I told you he spends most of his time searching the Shop Wizard looking for neggs just to find an excuse to make his way down to the Neggery? He's a big fan of the Negg Faerie and takes any chance he gets to exchange neggs and to have a fabulous conversation about yummy food. However, he always happens to be extraordinarily busy with customers, so when he does make a trip down, he usually has to be quick!

2. Ice Crystal Shop

The shy Shoyru that is seen taking care of this crystal-covered igloo has the opposite problem of the Lenny at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. Although he doesn't get very many customers, he's still seen sweeping up his business and enjoying the snow flakes that float around.

If you were to take a little time to notice what he does when isn't sweeping and restocking snowflakes, you'd see that he has a vast clothing collection. Although he lives within the heart of the Ice Caves, it doesn't stop him from dreaming of the days when he'll be able to one day wear his clothing for warmer weather. He secretly dreams about vacationing to Mystery Island, where he'd finally be able to wear his favorite piece of clothing, the Mystery Island Shoyru Grass Skirt.

One day, he will. But for now, he'll have to marvel at his collection with hope.

3. Wintery Petpets

Jolly as can be no matter the time of year, the cheerful Bruce that supervises Wintery Petpets clearly has a wonderful time doing his job. Just from first glance, you can see he's merrily singing to the petpets that gather around him in awe. He's possibly the happiest shopkeeper in all of Terror Mountain!

On the off-chance that he isn't singing to his petpets or greeting his customers with a lovely tune, he finds time to skip across the street to join his fellow Bruce in Rink Runner. While he enjoys watching the cheerful skater on the ice, he often finds himself wanting to do the same. And so he acts on his dream more often than you'd think. His plump body will grace the ice, until moments later he finds himself swiftly dropping into the freezing water. However, he never gives up. In fact, it only motivates him for the next time and puts him in an even better mood for when he returns to his shop!

4. Tarla's Shop of Mystery

This list wouldn't be interesting unless we added the lovely Ixi that happens to be Tarla! It's always tempting to buy those Mystery Items that tempt us with their prices and making us wonder which to choose. Tarla is quite the business person as she doesn't give too much information away and if you do purchase from her, she makes you wait quite a bit of time if you'd like to test your chances, again.

But, what could this seemingly sweet Ixi possibly do when no one's around? Well, she doesn't like anyone to know, but she tends to forget what she packs away in those Mystery Items she displays. And, when her curiosity gets the best of her and she forgets what could possibly be in that one ridiculously-price bag, she'll have a peek. And then she takes a moment, considering its value, and as the absolutely amazing shopkeeper she is, she'll decide to make a quick swap with another item. Then she repeats this process. Over and over. Until she herself cannot truly remember what exactly is in each bag.

And, for some reason, that makes her happy. Because if she doesn't know, then she certainly can't be blamed for its contents. Right? At least, that's her type of fun.

5. Igloo Garage Sale

Well, it may be rather obvious what Mika and Carassa do when they're not stocking their shop with insanely cheap finds. It just made sense to add these two adorable Chias that know how to to keep us on our toes. In fact, almost literally when they have to be lightning fast when catching those pesky falling items.

They're quite the friendly duo, but a lot of their time is taken up between falling items and throwing them into their shop immediately after. Except, they have a little too much fun with Snow Wars 2. As these Chias are known for being the most fun duo around, those Grundos just are too much competition for them. In fact, those Grundos tend to start trouble with their catapult, or that's what the Chias want you to think.

They settle their score as soon as they clear out their shop, eager to beat those Grundos at their own game. And then one day, they'll be the only awesome duo to be known in Terror Mountain. At least, they hope so.

While there are still a few more shopkeepers that haven't been recognized for their surprisingly secret lives in Terror Mountain, you have at least been enlightened on the most intriguing ones out of the bunch! Perhaps you'll catch one of these fantastic personalities enjoying their hobbies, but surely they'd be more than happy to laugh it off over a nice Peppermint Cocoa with you! Perhaps you can look forward to learning more interesting secret lives about the numerous other shopkeepers around Neopia!

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