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The Ten Worst Wocky Gifts for Wocky Day

by purplejellystalker


With Wocky Day right around the corner, I'm sure every Neopian with a Wocky is looking for that amazing gift that will bring a smile to their pet's face. Whether it be chocolate, toys, plushies, books, or other great ideas, you probably should do a bit of research as to what gifts your Wocky doesn't want for their extra-special day.

Perhaps you think that it's the thought that counts? Because everyone says that, right? Even though that idea is understandable, let's not take the chance of you buying your Wocky a gift that is downright repulsive or at the top of their "Do Not Want Ever" list. And, of course, every Neopian thinks it's absolutely adorable to buy their pet a gift that resembles them. Well, this list shows you just why that idea may not be the best.

10. Box of Wocky Chocolates

An entire box of chocolates seems like a reasonable and (literally) sweet gift, right? No Wocky could ever resist eating miniature forms of their species? Well, that's far from being the truth. Buying your Wocky a special box of chocolates that oddly resembles them may make them re-consider your gifting abilities. And, well, it's a bit creepy, too. Instead of buying them these species-specific chocolates, just go with something plain (and less creepy), such as a Bar of Chocolate.

This helpful tip can actually be used for any other pet-specific chocolates, as well!

9. Fruity Wocky Log

Mmm, no Wocky could ever resist the temptation of lime icing. Except for the fact, that it has an odd resemblance to oozing slime. While this is supposed to be considered "fruity", limes aren't exactly the best fruit to make a tasty treat out of. Just imagine giving this as a gift to your beautiful Wocky, only to find their face questioning what the contents really are. You never know if a Slorg was around when they made the goody, and they could've just claimed it to be "lime" instead of Slorg slime.

Either way, just stay away from this slightly green mess and you won't need to worry about whether you're feeding your Wocky something hazardous or just disgustingly lime-tasting.

8. Halloween Wocky Plushie

First of all, Wocky Day is far from Halloween. And second, this plushie is just downright odd both in the way it looks as well as how the plush feels. Even the description says that it isn't for everyone, so that should be a warning right from the beginning. With its weird tufts of fur at the top of its head, different colored eyes, and the slumped posture, it's certainly something that may only have use if your Wocky is painted Halloween itself or can be added to your plushie collection. There are plenty of different, more jubilant-looking Wocky plushies out there that would be a great alternative to this one!

7. Orange Wocky Puzzle

A puzzle. Of a Wocky. How challenging. If you give this to your Wocky, be prepared for them to have it done within seconds. Puzzles are fun, but a Wocky knows what their body looks like and will be able to easily identify where the leg puzzle pieces go and so on. Although the description claims that it is quite challenging, it probably only is to non-Wocky pets.

6. Purple Wocky Puppet

This puppet would be great for any pet that could actually hold it. Unfortunately, your Wocky, as well all of the other ones out there, will not be able to do so. Imagine your Wocky receiving this as a gift, and then fiddling with it until they realize that they can't hold it. There goes your hard-earned Neopoints and also will give you an upset Wocky for the rest of the day.

5. Scratchcard Wocky Bean Bag

As soft and comfortable as it looks, your Wocky may not like the idea of sitting on a face of a fellow Wocky, especially one that they may see daily if they like to buy Scratchcards. There are various bean bags that are out there to buy, and many that are plain and still just as relaxing to sit in, but please, don't embarrass your Wocky by buying them this. Because every time they go to buy a Scratchcard in Terror Mountain, they'll see the face of the Scratchcard Wocky and immediately think of how they sat on this bean bag. It can only lead to embarrassing conversations, if any at all.

4. The Sad Wocky

Sure, we understand that you want your Wocky to be educated and read plenty of books, but try to avoid buying them one that will... Well, make them sad. If the Wocky in this story couldn't smile, and if it is as incredibly sad as the description mentions, then maybe look for a more cheerful book to give to your Wocky, as Wocky Day is a joyous day meant for celebrating.

3. Scratchcard Wocky Quiguki

It's understandable that some pets like Usukis, and some like Quigukis. Except, the budding eyes of this Quiguki make it look like its eyes will follow you everywhere. And besides, the Usuki looks more like a Wocky as an Usul than the Quiguki does as a Quiggle. And as an added reason to keep you from buying this gift, just look at the price difference between the Quiguki version and the Usuki version. The Usuki version is less expensive and is much more adorable.

2. Wocky Dartboard

As the description states, only a daredevil Wocky would be interested in throwing darts at this Wocky head-shaped dartboard. With that in mind, if your Wocky is far from being a daredevil, you're better off putting this idea away and replacing it with a different dartboard... One that probably doesn't look like your precious Wocky. That way, your Wocky doesn't have to feel like that they are the target if they ever need a day to let off some steam with those darts.

1. Wocky Tacos

Yes, these are actually much worse than the Box of Wocky Chocolates and the Fruity Wocky Log. While the description thinks that these tacos have a perfect blend of fur and cheese, your Wocky may think otherwise. Pink fur doesn't look too appetizing, and I'm sure your Wocky doesn't eat it on a daily basis, if at all. You also have to think, where exactly did that fur come from? You wouldn't want to feed your Wocky something that questionable, would you? Even the category considers it a gross food choice. Out of all of the food options in Neopia, you're best off avoiding this as a gift at all times, not just for Wocky Day.

Now that you have been properly educated on how to avoid the worst Wocky gifts for Wocky Day, try to think about how your Wocky would truly feel. Again, while you may think it is the thought that counts, the thought can seem like you want to feed your Wocky something disgusting, which can ruin how they see you as their beloved owner. For such a celebratory occasion, work on finding any gifts, even Wocky ones, that are cheerful, fun, and most of all, not creepy.

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