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Trick-or-Treating All Around Neopia

by kadumy


The exciting and scary Halloween came and went. Costumes are going back to the closet, carved pumpkins are discarded and spooky decorations are taken from the houses.

Of all the traditional Halloween activities, the one Neopians enjoy the most is trick-or-treating: disguised in their ghastly costumes, they roam from door to door, asking the mere mortals to choose between suffering the devilish trick and providing the treat of truce.

The Haunted Woods were once again this year the most popular place to celebrate Halloween in, with a massive influx of Neopets from all over Neopia, who went trick-or-treating during the spooky night. However, while everyone seemed to go there, I decided to leave the Haunted Woods and travel around Neopia, determined to prove that Halloween can be celebrated everywhere, by searching the most interesting places to go trick-or-treating in.


Neopia Central

Kadoatery: Getting closer to it, you can hear the chilling sad cries of the poor kadoaties. Impressive acting on their behalf (now I know that cats are better at playing dead than dogs), flawless makeup work, great props and decorations that will make anyone feel absolutely terrified. While it may be hard to believe in, and despite what you'll see, always remember: no Kadoaties were hurt during Halloween.

Health Food Store: Because not all treats are unhealthy and filled with sugar. You'll receive a treat so good that will make you question how healthy it really is – trust me and trust them, it is just as healthy as it is delicious.

Defenders of Neopia Headquarters: If you want to play tricks, then this is the place to go. In their Halloween latex costumes, they are likely to trick you before you even manage to see them, let alone play a trick on their headquarters. Go there if you enjoy a good challenge, because they enjoy it as well.

Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake Treats: The lovable cook and shop owner claims that they have "the best food anywhere on Neopia". I always get a little sceptic at this sort of statement - but then I tasted the treat they gave me.

Roo Island

Deadly Dice: Count Von Roo insists on being awake during the entire night, so that he can welcome everyone who wants to trick or treat him. But to decide who gets to trick or who gets the treat, you first must play a round of his favorite game...


Brightvale Castle: If you want to know more about the history of Halloween, as well as some fun stories related to it (did you know that Brightvale was once "invaded" by the unintentionally mutant pumpkins they were growing for Halloween?), go trick-or-treating there and attend King Hagan's lesson.


Meridell Castle: King Skarl is frightening, I'm telling you. He doesn't want to be a part of Halloween and he's already mad at all the turmoil outside. So, if you want an encounter with a very scary King go ahead, try to trick-or-treat him. There's always the remote chance that, who knows, you'll get a chuckle out of him.

Guess the Weight: They usually only have humongous marrows, but they do grow one enormous pumpkin for Halloween. This works as a different trick-or-treat – if you answer right you get a treat, if you answer wrongly you get tricked. Hint regarding both treat and trick: the Rubbish Dump is nearby.


The Hidden Tower: The decorations are striking, both beautiful and spooky. Queen Fyora will be generous on her treat, but don't expect something comparable to the wonderful items she's selling. I must add that this is probably only time in which Queen Fyora wears a colour other than pink!

Healing Springs: I recommend going here, particularly after a long night out trick-or-treating, if you're feeling ill or hungry. The Water Faerie will always treat you kindly, contrasting with what one feels during Halloween. She even enjoys that you go there more than once - just wait at least 30 minutes between visits, or else she won't be able to "treat" you.

Terror Mountain

Donny's Toy Repair Shop: Almost completely dark, only the moonlight coming from the window allows us to see the broken and repaired toys standing on the shelves, with their eyes focused on us. It seems like one plushie blinked - probably just our imagination. Donny is fairly lethargic but ends up giving a small treat. I admit that when I left the shop I ran away for quite some time without looking back.


Lair of the Beast: Great place, great treat. Go there, yes, go.


Kelp: Quite possibly the classiest restaurant in Neopia, you won't find distasteful or overly creepy decorations. For those willing to pay there's a thematic dinner, but all trick-or-treaters are welcome to stop by and receive a treat – let's just hope you don't get somebody's bag of leftovers.

Mystery Island

Lost City of Geraptiku: Though the folks there may seem a bit isolated, they actually embrace the Halloween culture and take it seriously. And we all can agree that Geraptiku is already very spooky. This combination of effort and atmosphere makes it a perfect place to celebrate a proper traditional Halloween. You can knock on every door you want, with two possible outcomes – a treat or a huge scare.

Island Mystic: I have to mention this funky Kyrii, because he is committed to this, in his own way. He decorates his hut with orange tropical fruits, like Stramberries and Pippers (I guess they don't have pumpkins over at Mystery Island), candles and bones. As for the treat you'll get, it's also done in his own well intended way, by telling your fortune.

Krawk Island

Governor's Mansion: The Governor considers that it is good to entertain Krawk Island's inhabitants by throwing a grand Halloween celebration in his Mansion. Trick-or-treaters are also welcome and, while there, why not stay for the party?

The Golden Dubloon: Halloween was the only time I did not see that Lupe bartender shooing me for not having dubloons. There are some Halloween decorations and he will treat you to some drink (always tell him your age!), but the other folks over there are mostly just hanging out like it was any other normal night.

Lost Desert

Coltzan's Shrine: King Coltzan III's spirit is still around the shrine, and very aware that it's Halloween. You – and everything around the shrine – will be glowing orange, and he will be glad to welcome and treat you in some magical way.


Igneot's Cavern: Igneot seemed pretty eager to answer to my "trick-or-treat" question. But I did not quite understand his answer. I wonder if you will.


Hall of Heroes: You can trick-or-treat here, but I have to leave a serious warning. No messy tricks, or else you'll deal with a very – VERY - angry janitor.


Lunar Temple: There is a lunar festivity on the same day, which oddly also involves them giving a small souvenir to those who go there. The wise old Gnorbu may find the phrase "trick-or-treat" odd and will look curiously at how you're dressed, but you'll get something nonetheless.

Virtupets Space Station

Grundos Cafe: The Cafe is chaotically decorated and the Grundo is disguised as Dr. Sloth, and even trying to act as him. It's worth seeing. They gladly give you a treat, but I don't think you really want it. Trust me.


Cafe Kreludor, Booktastic Books, Kreludan Homes: Each year, these shop owners make Halloween plans together and dress up wonderfully as pumpkins – after all, they're orange Grundos.

Kreludor Mining Corp: You don't want to go there, unless you're as fond of adrenaline rushes as you are foolish. It will, most likely, end wrong. The mining robots will enjoy the scene, though, and even more if you succeed on tricking the guard.

Jelly World

There is no such thing as Jelly World.


If you stayed at home during this Halloween, assuming you wouldn't be able to celebrate it where you live, you now know better. Make sure that next year you remember this list... And why not starting to think already about the costume you'll wear and tricks you'll play?

Halloween is all about your effort, together with the effort of many others around you, which enable everyone to have a great and spooky time! Therefore, go trick-or-treating next year, take family and friends with you – for yourself and for those around you.

Until next year!

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