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How to Find the Perfect Usuki

by celestialguineapig


Has your Neopet been begging for a new toy? Do they think all their friends have better toys than them? If so, it may be time to find them a little playmate- and why look any further than an Usuki? Usukis are all the rage amongst young Neopets all across Neopia, and rightfully so. With their fashionable outfits and interchangeable accessories, this fun and imaginative toy is just the thing for your Neopet to bring to their latest playdate.

However, with all the choices for dolls, outfits, and accessories, it certainly can be difficult to find the perfect companion for your Neopet. Whether you have a prim and proper Blumaroo who can't wait to get her paws on the latest fashions or a more laid-back Chia who couldn't care less about the state of his or her clothes (or their doll's!), I'm here to help you find the perfect Usuki for your 'pet!

Along with some reviewing help from my resident Usuki fanatic, Kommodius, I will be going through a few different ways to find an Usuki that fits your 'pet's personality and interests.

Method 1: Usukis by Interest

Sometimes the best way to match your Neopet with an Usuki is to simply take a look at their interests. By doing this, you can help encourage them to keep pursuing their favourite activities, and give them a little friend to take along with them!

Alpine Adventurer Usuki

If your 'pet loves winter sports, this Usuki might be the perfect match! With a multicoloured outfit and tiny green skis, this doll looks like she's ready for fun in the snow.

Kommodius's review: The Alpine Adventurer Usuki is really well-made. The details on her coat are stunning, and you can take off the skis if you'd like. Quite fun to bring outside to play with in the snow in the winter, but I'd suggest you're careful not to get her fur wet!

Artistic Usuki

A good choice for a budding artist, the Artistic Usuki will make the perfect companion for a 'pet that enjoys painting, drawing, or sculpting.

Kommodius's Review: The Artistic Usuki has multiple paint splatters on her tail and fur, giving her a sort of broken-in look. Great for messy pets- you don't have to worry about spilling anything on your new Usuki- it'll blend right in!

Swimming Champion Usuki

Perfect for a more athletic Neopet, the Swimming Champion Usuki is sure to please those who would love a little friend to bring to practice with them. This doll looks like she's about to have a splashing time with your 'pet!

Kommodius's Review: One thing I really love about the Swimming Champion Usuki is the removable medal she comes with. Perfect for acting out a sports championship scene with your dolls, and fits nicely on most other Usuki dolls so they can take turns being the winner too!

Photographer Usuki

If your little Neopet has been spending their days snapping pictures of just about everything, this Usuki would make a great addition to their toy box! With styled hair and a fashionable visor, this doll looks ready for a pretend vacation with your budding photographer!

Kommodius's Review: The Photographer Usuki is a fun addition to any Usuki collection. The outfit isn't too versatile, but what Usuki Prom doesn't need a resident photographer? The camera is removable as well, allowing your doll to lend the camera to another Usuki!

Method 2: Usukis by Personality

If your Neopet can't find an Usuki with their exact interests, you might want to try basing your Usuki choice off of their personality. By matching their personality with their doll, you'll find that your 'pet will get a lot more out of their new Usuki and hopefully cherish it forever!

Usukis for a girly, feminine, Neopet

The Prom Queen Usuki, Teenage Usuki, and Ballerinan Usuki all have something in common: they're glamorous, girly, and pink! If you have a Neopet who spends their time preening and fussing over their appearance, you might want to consider one of these three dolls for them.

Kommodius's review: These are some of my favourite Usukis! Personally, I love the Prom Queen Usuki because of her poofy dress, but any of these should appeal to a girly 'pet. Word of caution, however- these might not be the best choice for someone who's messy or has a haphazard room. The dolls' elaborate hairdos (while fun to style!) can easily get caught and tangled. I would recommend these Usukis to a 'pet who has time to care for and display these lovely dolls.

Usukis for a messy, disorganized Neopet

Who's to say a messy 'pet can't join in on the Usuki fun? These dolls, while still great, have less elaborate costumes and hair, making them ideal for someone with a less than tidy room. The Nature Lover Usuki, Usuki Singing Star #2, and the Carniverous Plant Usuki all fall under this category, making them the perfect choice for a disorganized 'pet.

Kommodius's Review: With only one costume piece each, the Carniverous Plant Usuki and Nature Lover Usuki are the pinnacle of easy-to-care-for dolls. While not conventional, they still hold hundreds of opportunities for creative Usuki games- "Help, my plant ate my Usuki!", anyone?

The Usuki Singing Star #2 is a more glamorous option for a messy 'pet. Her sleek bob hairdo is tangle-resistant, perfect for someone who needs an easy-to-care-for doll but still wants a fun, girly option!

Usukis for the ULTIMATE Usuki Fan

There's no denying it- the Usuki Frenzy Usuki, Magical Hair Usuki, and Pretty Pink Usuki are the ultimate Usukis for any hardcore fan. If your Neopet is always bouncing off the walls as soon as a new Usuki is released, or is begging you for UsukiCon tickets months in advance, these dolls are the perfect choice.

Kommodius's Review: These dolls are certainly must-have companions for any Usuki-crazed 'pet. They're all classic and fairly girly too, so they can double as excellent options for feminine Neopets as well. My favourite out of the three is the Magical Hair Usuki- who hasn't asked for one for Christmas?

These Usukis all provide plenty of options for play as well- is the Pretty Pink Usuki going shopping or attending the Usuki Prom? That's up for you to decide! I would recommend you to treat these Usukis quite gently, however, as their spectacular outfits and hair have a tendency to get tangled or messy.

So here we have it- an excellent resource for helping your Neopet pick out their next Usuki companion. Whether they're girly or sporty, I hope I've helped narrow down the choices on your next trip to Usuki Land and find the perfect little doll to brighten your 'pet's life!

Now, excuse me- I'm off on a shopping trip with Kommodius to help her pick out a new doll- and I think she has her eye on the Pretty Pink Usuki. ;)

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