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Chia Calisthenics... Halloween Style

by sarika_ambrielle

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Halloween Shenanigans: Byhaliae and the Esophagor
The wind howled and Byhaliae pulled her cape tighter around her shoulders. She hated to admit it, but she was already regretting begging her mother, brothers, and sister to let her go trick-or-treating on her own.

by natalia_ivanovna


Paint Brush Neopets Halloween Costumes
Why go through the hassle of getting the supplies and trying to create a costume that looks like them when you can just use a Paint Brush, Lab Ray, or Rainbow Fountain on the right species!

by pikachu315111


A Translucent Poogle's Search For Home
This little Poogle learns what makes a truly happy home for any neopet, sweet or spooky.

by lily_death


The Casket Case
Uh oh...

by linework

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