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What’s Being Brought To The Annual Chocolate Ball

by pikachu315111


The Annual Chocolate Ball is an event that many of Neopia's confectionery makers and lovers look forward to every year, eager to see (and taste) what new chocolate treats the Chocolate Factory has to present. However this year the Chocolate Factory isn't the only one who's bringing goodies; the Chocolate Factory Kiko has decided the theme of this Annual Chocolate Ball would be an international one and has asked all of Neopia's food shop owners to bring their own chocolate dishes! But they've been limited to what they can bring, so each Shopkeeper had to think carefully about what they're bringing to best represent their world and, most importantly, their shop. Of course not everyone can be invited to the Annual Chocolate Ball, but that doesn't mean you should be left out of knowing what was brought, so here are the chocolate dishes that all of Neopia Shopkeepers brought!

NOTE: Due to the sheer amounts of preparations that'll need to be done for this Annual Chocolate Ball, the Fresh Foods Shop and Bakery have been asked to help. Sadly this means you won't be seeing any of their chocolate treats at the Annual Chocolate Ball, but they will be receiving a generous donation of chocolate to their shop from the Chocolate Factory for their assistance.

SHOP: Neopian Health Foods

WORLD: Neopia Central (The Neopian Bazaar)


Chocolate Baby Cabbage (Mmmmm, a healthy vegetable snack with a delicious center of milk chocolate!)

Chocolate Parsnip (A delicious fresh parsnip dipped in rich milk chocolate - mmmmm yummy)

Chocolate Stuffed Orange (Mmmm... the healthy alternative to your standard chocolate orange.)

Baked Apple with Snowberries (A crunchy red apple that has been baked, then dipped in chocolate. This delight is finished off with a scattering of snowberries and cream.)

"While I'm not one for chocolate myself, I can understand it can be a useful tool to get Neopians to eat healthier. Chocolate isn't necessarily bad, it's all about proportions, but some go by the motto 'the more chocolate the better' which is neither true nor healthy. But for those who are healthy conscious or want to become healthy conscious yet don't want to give up chocolate then I have made the treats for you! If you're attending The Annual Chocolate Ball I'm bringing my creations of chocolate vegetables and fruits! Using a special healthy chocolate recipe The Chocolate Factory Kiko was kind enough to give me I covered or filled healthy vegetables and fruits with a proportioned amount of chocolate. Now you can enjoy your healthy food and chocolate at the same time!"

SHOP: Smoothie Store

WORLD Neopia Central (The Neopian Bazaar)


Large Chocolate Smoothie (For those who prefer their chocolate in semi-liquid form.)

Small/Large/Mega Wild Chocomato Smoothie (Savour the taste of sweet milk chocolate combined with zesty NeoTomatoes!)

"Sup! While I personally prefer a good fruit and vegetable smoothie to give me energy to exercise, I appreciate a treat once in a while. While I do have one smoothie which is just chocolate, I'm more proud of my Wild Chocomato Smoothie. I thought to myself 'chocolate is nice, but it doesn't really give you anything besides a temporary sugar rush', so I thought that maybe I could mix chocolate with something to get both a treat and a genuine energy boost. I tried a few things, some were okay, some weren't, but what really worked great together with chocolate was the NeoTomatoes*. That works perfectly fine for me, tomato smoothies are one of my staple choices, having it with chocolate just makes it all the better! So at the Annual Chocolate Ball I suggest picking up one of my Chocomato smoothies to give you all the energy you'll need for the night!"

* NeoTomatoes are a special breed of tomatoes that can grow anywhere in Neopia, even in the sands of the Lost Desert or cursed soil of the Haunted Woods. Most worlds rather use these tomatoes as a base to breed their own kind of tomatoes than sell them, so sadly none are available on the market.

SHOP: Hubert's Hot Dogs

WORLD: Neopia Central (The Neopian Bazaar)


Chocolate Coated Hot Dog (Hmm chocolate and sausage isn't what you would normally expect, but it makes a nice change from mustard.)

Chocolate Dipped Hot Dog (Just went you thought hot dogs couldn't get any better...)

Chocolate Hot Dog (A vegetarian delight. Huge chunks of chocolate mixed into Hubert's secret chocolate bun recipe. Topped with a long finger of solid milk chocolate.)

"HOT DOGS! GET YOUR HOT DOGS HERE! Huh? The Annual Chocolate Ball? Well as the hot dog vender famous for making the hot dog that has everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink, I'm no stranger to chocolate. I have many hot dogs that is made with chocolate, but limited to pick only a few I'll be bringing my basic and probably most popular three. Chocolate Coated Hot Dog is your basic hot dog, well as basic as far as one of my hot dogs go, with a rich layer of chocolate; perfect for those who want a plain hot dog yet not be left out of the chocolate festivities. If you're a chocolate connoisseur and/or are feeling a bit more daring, you can try my Chocolate Dipped Hot Dog where I dip the bun and hot dog into chocolate so that each bite you'll get equal amounts chocolate and hot dog. But I can understand some may feel squeamish about the thought of a hot dog with chocolate, so I'm also bringing my Chocolate Hot Dog which is just chocolate shaped into a hot dog shape. But for those feeling squeamish, let me remind you that these are my hot dogs, do you think I would sell anything that wasn't up to my standards? I have a sponsorship with the Altador Cup, they wouldn't have done that if my hot dogs weren't top of the line! GET YOUR PLUMP, JUICY HOT DOGS HERE!"

SHOP: Pizzaroo

WORLD: Neopia Central (The Neopian Plaza)


Chocberry Pizza (A delicious twist on a traditional pizza. Chocolate pizza base topped with cheese and strawberries - yummy!)

"Ah, SI, I know exactly what I am bringing to La Annual Chocolate Ball! Being a pizza pie takes up so much space I need bring only uno pizza: mio Chocberry Pizza! I have a pizza that uses chocolate sauce and chips, but is La Annual Chocolate Ball not partly about presenting experimental chocolate dishes? So why make a pizza that's specifically made of chocolate when I could show how brillante I am by making a normal pizza with chocolate in it! But why stop there? Would not a pizza with chocolate and cheese just be as plain as a normal pizza of cheese or purely chocolate pizza? So I decided to add on strawberries to add in an additional fruit flavor. Chocolate, cheese, and strawberries; only I could make a pizza of such combination MAGNIFICO!"

SHOP: Exquisite Ambrosia

WORLD: Altador


Chocolate Rose Petal Ice Cream (This sweet ice cream is a wonderful combination of rose flavour and chocolate.)

"Altador isn't that big on chocolate, surprisingly, however that doesn't mean I'm lacking anything to bring! Because Altadorians weren't going to order a lot of chocolate, I decided to put all me effort into making a chocolate Altadorian dish that when someone was in the mood for chocolate, they would be tasting the best chocolate dish on our side of the Neopian continent! I am of course talking about my Chocolate Rose Petal Ice Cream, and yes those are real rose petals. Not many know that roses not only smell good but they taste good too, properly prepared of course, and gives the chocolate a nice bitter sweet taste. Hey, don't knock it till you try it; all the Altador Council members have tried it and given it their top compliments, what better commendations do you want?"

SHOP: Brightvale Fruits

WORLD: Brightvale


Strypedillo (This tangy, tough skinned fruit goes very well with vanilla ice cream.)

"As mainly a fruit stand I don't really have anything that's chocolate or tastes like chocolate. Not from the lack of trying, I've dipped several fruits in chocolate but they changed the flavor and/or texture of the fruit too much for my tastes. I then thought about finding recipes of chocolate-fruit dishes and substituting some of my fruits with the ones they recommend but that's easier said than done as no two fruit are truly alike. Just because they taste similarly doesn't mean they can be prepared similarly, a lesson I found out the hard way. I was about to give up when I checked all my fruits again and found that I had previously noted the Strypedillo tasted good with vanilla ice cream. I decided to try it with chocolate ice cream and found they tasted quite well together too. While some may say I'm cheating a bit for doing this, though I look at it as serendipity, I've made a deal with Mr. Chipper of Terror Mountain's Happy Valley Ice Cream Cart to have slices of Strypedillo served with his chocolate ice cream at the Annual Chocolate Ball."

SHOP: Faerie Foods

WORLD: Faerieland (Faerie City)


Chocolate Cloud Cookie (A chocolatey treat that wont spoil your appetite.)

Chocolate Faerie Mallows (Strawberry filled marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with a little faerie dust!)

Faerie Eclair (A freshly baked eclair filled with light cream and coated with milk chocolate.)

"Greetings! It was a tough choice of what to bring to The Annual Chocolate Ball, wanting something to make Faerieland stand out amongst all the other chocolate dishes. But then I thought, 'with all the other chocolate that'll be there, would anyone have room for some of my Faerieland treats'? It was then I realized I knew what I should bring! All the chocolate treats I have are extremely light but no less delicious. Actually they're so light that if you're not careful some may float away on you *giggle*. You can eat a dozen of each yet never feel full, which if perfect for The Annual Chocolate Ball as that means you'll always have room for them no matter when you eat them! Early in the party? You'll leave just as hungry as when you started eating them. Middle of the party? It'll help ease your appetite as you plan out what to do next. And late in the party? When you're feeling full you can still join in the chocolate eating with my light as air chocolate Faerie creations!"

SHOP: Spooky Food

WORLD: Haunted Woods


Chocolate Coated Eye (Great if you like these kinds of things!)

Peanut Butter Spiders (Good things come in small packages, and these chocolate covered treats sure are small!)

Crunch Chocolate Scoaches (Mmmmm... crunchy with a sweet chocolate filling.)

Halloween Candy Cane (Fresh pumpkin, Cobrall venom and a dash of chocolate go into this candy cane.)

"Muawawawawa! You're asking me what kinds of chocolate that I, the shopkeeper of the food shop in the Haunted Woods, the world where it's Halloween all the time, am bringing? Why, the best chocolate that The Annual Chocolate Ball will have, of course! Why, right after the Neopian Central food shopkeepers I'm the next one to receive an invitation to the Annual Chocolate Ball! And I assure you that I would be the first if the Neopia Central Shopkeepers weren't there. Not that I'm applying anything *does a mumbling chuckle*. But where are my manners? I did not explain why I picked what I did. I have normal chocolate treats like chocolate covered peanuts or chocolate chip cookies *rolls eyes*, but luckily I know others will be bringing such simple treats. Them doing so allows me to bring the TRUE chocolate treats of the Haunted Woods! Chocolate covered eyes, handful of bugs made into crunchy snacks, and decisive looking candy made with potent ingredients. THESE ARE THE TRUE CHOCOLATE TREATS OF THE HAUNTED WOODS! MUAWAWAWAWAWA!"

SHOP: Kiko Lake Treats

WORLD: Kiko Lake


Chocolate Orange Kiko Fudge (A tangy, chewy change from normal fudge.)

Banana and Chocolate Rock Stick (Super sweet and sticky, this rock is the treat of choice for young Kiko Lake inhabitants.)

Choco Mint Rock Slices (All the taste of the whole stick, without spoiling your appetite.)

Chocolate Scallop Shell (This chocolate is shaped to look like a shell.)

"Oh boy, this was a tough decision. We're not called Kiko Lake Treats for nothing, we have so many chocolate treats we could probably have a Chocolate Ball of our own! But that would be rude; though still being limited to bringing only a few of our treats took me a few days to decide which ones to pick. I decided to bring a sample of each of Kiko Lake Treats' prime four creations. Of course the first is our fudge which comes in a wide variety of flavors. To show this off I've picked an orange flavored fudge with a chocolate drizzle on it. Just as famous as our fudge is our rock candy which you can either get as a stick or in slices, so that means I get to bring two kinds of our rock candy, heehee! For the stick I picked the banana and chocolate as it makes for a nice whole treat while for the slices I picked the chocomint as it makes for a nice and quick after meal cleanser. Finally I made a famous series of chocolate shells that are very popular among chocolate connoisseurs so I think it's only right to have a sample of one of them where all of Neopia's chocolate enthusiasts have gathered. If that doesn't show what Kiko Lake Treats has to offer, I don't know what does!"

SHOP: Cafe Kreludor

WORLD: Kreludor


Orange Chocolate Bar (Mmmm... this orange chocolate bar is made with creamy white chocolate.)

"I don't think it would be a shock for me to say that, being an alien species, we Grundo don't have the usual Neopian diet or tastes. To put things simply, chocolate isn't a common Grundo treat as it's kind of hard to find chocolate in space. But I would not be a food shopkeeper if I was not willing to experiment so I have made some chocolate dishes, though the one that seems the most popular is the Orange Chocolate Bar. Made from a modified Orange Grundo recipe, the Orange Chocolate Bar puts the best of Orange Grundo cuisine in the form of a white chocolate candy bar that you can try at the Annual Chocolate Ball this year. While we're on the subject of Grundo chocolate bars, I'd also like to dispel the rumor of there being a Purple Chocolate Bar. To put things simply, there isn't one. Not that I wouldn't mind making one, I could make it a dark chocolate candy bar to match the Orange Chocolate Bar's white chocolate, but Purple-Orange Grundo relations are a delicate situation and no one wants to start any accidental controversies just because of a chocolate candy bar."

SHOP: Merifoods

WORLD: Meridell


Illusen Day Cupcake (A delicious chocolate and mint cupcake bakes in Illusens honour.)

Illusen Day Jelly (Mmm this delicious jelly is chocolatey and minty!)

"Being most of my customers are peasants they don't have the NP to buy any fancy chocolate when they only have enough for bread, fruits, and vegetables. However there are exceptions and that's for two of the foods I made for Illusen Day. It's known among food merchants in Meridell that Lady Illusen's favorite flavor is chocolate mint, so in her honor I made the Illusen Day Cupcake and Illusen Day Jelly. Come this year's Annual Chocolate Ball I get an invitation and I'm told I'm allowed to bring my own chocolate treats. Well, the Illusen Day Cupcake and Illusen Day Jelly are the main chocolate dishes I have, so therefore that's what I'm bringing to the Annual Chocolate Ball. It ain't so bad as I'm making it sound, everyone likes them well enough, saying the fresh mint goes well together with the chocolate. So if you're looking for something chocolaty and minty you know who to come to, though don't think all Merifood is like this or you'll be sourly disappointed if you drop by and visit. But what we lack in chocolate we make up for in Draik Eggs, and many would agree that's a fair exchange."

SHOP: Molten Morsels

WORLD: Moltara


Molten Lava Cake (A delicious chocolate cake with a molten lava center.)

"Chocolate is kind of hard to keep on the menu in a place where you might as well be ordering chocolate syrup, or rather boiling chocolate syrup. But despite that we do have a few chocolate dishes, but they're not what you may think of as chocolate. The closest is the Molten Lava Cake though it's a chocolate cake you'll need to be patient to eat. The chocolate is rock hard, has to be in order to not immediately melt in Moltara. However the lava in the center slowly heats up the chocolate enough that it softens enough to be eaten. But you better be quick! Once the chocolate starts to soften it also means it'll start to melt and evaporate as the lava starts pouring through. And do I really need to warn you about not touching or eating the lava? It's a bit of a dangerous meal, but it's Moltara's main chocolate dish and that's how we like it down here, and I'm sure it'll be a HOT item at the Annual Chocolate Ball! Get it? HOT item? Because it's made of lava! Aah, that would have made a Moltaran laugh."

SHOP: Tropical Food Shop

WORLD: Mystery Island


Chokato (This tasty veggie mixed with chocolate and tomato is great for a snack.)

Cocoa Juppie (Mmmm, how tasty. A chocolate fruit like no other. You will love to eat one after another after another after another after another.)

Cocolatte Fruit (Crack open this leathery looking fruit to reveal the creamiest chocolate filling - mmmm!)

Darttlefruit (A little hint of berry, another hint of chocolate, and you have the perfect treat.)

Shebberries (These unique berries taste just like dried strawberries covered in chocolate.)

"Aahaha. What I'm bringing to the Annual Chocolate Ball are the TRUE chocolate foods! Before it was discovered how to make chocolate, if you wanted to eat chocolate you'd needed to have one of my fruits. Not only do I have fruits which taste just like chocolate, I also have fruits which taste like chocolate mixed with other kinds of fruits! How crazy is that, ahaha! Interesting enough some actually think that all the chocolate is made by extracting it from these fruits. Well I'm sorry to report this isn't true, chocolate making doesn't quite work like that. Chocolate does come from a special bean that's originally from Mystery Island, but you'll never find this bean on the market as all the chocolate makers buy all the beans up. But that's not such a big problem, do you really want to go through the hassle of making your own chocolate or would to rather sit back and have good ol' mother nature grow a chocolate tasting fruit for you? This is Mystery Island after all, just relax on a hammock and munch on a Chokato, haha!"

SHOP: The Coffee Cave

WORLD: Roo Island


Cocoa Juppie Mocha (The chocolate drink you just cant have enough of. Complete with our famous amaretto biscuits.)

Ice Blended Mocha Coffee (This drink is a combination of frozen coffee and chocolate.)

Chokato Bubble Tea (A lovely herbal tea with chokato bubbles. Yum!)

Caramel Hot Chocolate (Rich hot chocolate made even better with lines of caramel and whipped cream.)

Borovan Service (Nice hot borovan that comes in an asparagus themed tea set.)

"Sugar, I have so many drinks to pick from I was debating just asking the Chocolate Factory Kiko if I could put a coffee maker in a corner and sell packaged blends. But after much thinking I think I finally got my picks. I decided to choose five drinks, one for each kind I serve: coffee, iced coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and borovan. The ones I picked were either straightforward or were the only one I had which fit the occasion. You think it's too much work making 5 different kinds of drinks? Oh that's real sweet of you, sugar, but ever since I moved shop from Neopia Central's Deep Catacombs to Roo Island the huge increase in customers have been keeping me on my toes that I can make a dozen drinks at once now and not get a single one wrong, aside from a few order mix-ups once in a while."

SHOP: Exotic Foods

"HOLD IT! Orrin didn't make any of these dishes, I DID! *Bonju shoves Orrin out the door*"

WORLD: Shenkuu


Chocolate Momo (Dessert dumplings filled with banana and covered in chocolate.)

Chokato Dumplings (Nice tender dumplings with a lovely aroma.)

Koi Dumplings And Chokato (Fresh Koi dumpling mixed in with juicy chokatos.)

"The nerve of Orrin, trying to take credit for MY creations! Yes, it's I who created all these dishes and it's I who will pick what dishes are served at the Annual Chocolate Ball. *I ask Bonju if he got an invitation* Well, no, the invitation was sent to Orrin, BUT THAT'S A MISTAKE! Orrin only RUNS the Exotic Food shop as I'm busy creating wonderful dishes at Culinary Concoctions with my mysterious cooking vessel. I still created all the dishes, including the ones being sent to the Annual Chocolate Ball. *I ask who's going to the Chocolate Ball then* Oh, well, Captain Tuan heard me and Orrin arguing and decided if we can't agree who will go, he'll go instead. So though it's I who created these dishes, it'll be Captain Tuan representing us at the Annual Chocolate Ball. But enough of these nitpicks; onto talking about my masterpieces!"

(Bonju talked for about an HOUR on each dish, so to sum it up he basically says that the people of Shenkuu don't order chocolate often so he made only a few chocolate specialty dishes. Now back to Bonju)

"... and that's why The Emperor of Shenkuu forbids anyone from bringing their own dumplings to the Shenkuu Palace. Well I think that's all you'll need to know, remember to include that VERY important detail I told you about the Chokato Dumplings! *leaves back to Culinary Concoctions*"

(Sadly I do not know what that VERY important detail is. After ten minutes of him talking my mind had wandered off and I started drawing Altador Cup players until the end of his hours long talking. Though I'm sure it's nothing dire)

SHOP: Slushie Shop

WORLD: Terror Mountain (Happy Valley)


Peanut and Chocolate Slushie (Mmmmm... Peanuts!)

"*Sips a slushie* We have a few chocolate slushies, but I decided that I really only need to bring one. I thought about which one to bring and decided upon the Peanut and Chocolate Slushie since I don't think too many would bring something that's just chocolate and peanuts and they're just a great and classic combination. No need to over complicate things, *takes another sip of his slushie* you seeAHH... BRAIN FREEZE! *a few seconds pass a he rubs his forehead* Sorry about that, I've been living in Terror Mountain and drinking slushies for years now yet I still get a brain freeze now and again. Good grief. So what I was saying again? Oh yeah, the Annual Chocolate Ball, if you're looking for a cold refreshment keep an eye out for my Peanut and Chocolate Slushie!"

SHOP: Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop

WORLD: Terror Mountain (Top of the Mountain)


Chocolate Kyrii Ice Cream (This ice cream has been lovingly sculpted to look just like a Kyrii.)

Chokato Brucicle (Wow. They make Brucicles out of anything these days.)

Mint Chocolate Chia Pop (Minty ice cream with whole chunks of chocolate chips in it.)

"*Making constant movements and talking fast* Being the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop Shopkeeper everyone knows what I'm bringing: ICE CREAM! Specifically one on a cone, a Brucicle, and a Chia Pop. Originally I wasn't going to bring an ice cream on a cone as that's usually Mr. Chipper's territory but he made a deal with the Brightvale Fruits Shopkeeper and is giving out cups of chocolate ice cream. So now it's up to me to supply the masses, or at least the attendees of the Annual Chocolate Ball, with the ice cream that'll melt onto their hands! Well except for the Chia Pop, but that'll leave your hand freezing cold; pick your mess! I'm honestly more worried about everyone remembering the name of my shop; I created it when I was on a sugar rush, gotta keep on moving to stay warm way up here on Terror Mountain, and been told it's quite the tongue twister."

SHOP: Lost Desert Foods

WORLD: Lost Desert (Sakhmet)


Bagguss (This giant green sack of gas is very unpleasant when ripe... it gains its familiar chocolate-like taste when degassed and left in the sun to dry.)

Bagguss Dip (Now if you can only find the right chips for this dip...)

"Hmph, we don't usually deal with chocolate, the Lost Desert heat melts it fast and the palace gets its chocolate from foreign trades. I have one chocolate dish, but it wouldn't properly represent the Lost Desert at the Annual Chocolate Ball. So instead I'm bringing Bagguss and a dip I made from Bagguss. *I point out the 'Bagguss' in the dip is missing a 's' at the end* What? Um, no it's not, I just thought it would... umm... sound better without it! Yeah, that's it, I didn't misspell one of my main crops, that would just be embarrassing. *cough* Anyhow I should have enough Bagguss degassed before then; one of the punishments for the Desert Diplomacy thieves is Bagguss degassing duty, a punishment I wouldn't wish onto my worst enemies. So yeah, come check out my Bagguss display at the Annual Chocolate Ball, and if you don't want a Bagguss at least come and try the dip, I'm pretty sure no one else thought about making a chocolate tasting dip!"

SHOP: Qasalan Delights

WORLD:Lost Desert (Qasala)


Hot Chocolate Dip (Cooked in the fashion of the ancients this chocolate dip is decadent.)

"Ah yes, the Annual Chocolate Ball, I have one item for such an occasion. I could have made a chocolate dish like everyone else, but why have one chocolate food item when you can make ALL your food items into a chocolate dish? And you can do that with my Hot Chocolate Dip, a Qasalan-style chocolate fondue fountain that will give anything an even chocolate coating. Or I suppose you could just take a cup and fill it up with chocolate to drink, though at that point I would say you've had too much chocolate my friend. Pacing yourself is very important at any eating event, smaller the dish the better, and remember if you don't think it has enough chocolate you can always drop by and dip it into my Hot Chocolate Dip. It's very versatile like that."

SHOP: Tyrannian Foods

WORLD: Tyrannia (Plateau)


Tyrannian Brownies (How cute, these brownies are stacked up to look like the Tyrannian Concert Hall.)

(Translated from Tyrannian)

"Tyrannians don't care for chocolate, much prefer meat and local yummy tasting plants. And crunchy rocks. And omelette, all Tyrannians like omelettes! Thinking about it, Giant Omelette has a Chocolate Omelette, but this is about my shop so that don't matter. Me don't have anything made of chocolate, but have something that could. Tyrannian Brownies could be made with chocolate, me told that normal brownies are made of chocolate normally anyway. *I ask what the brownies are made of now* Brownies currently made with mud. Mud does opposite of chocolate in heat, instead of melts it hardens. Makes it last much longer than chocolate. *I ask him if mud is okay to eat* Mud that only dirt and water perfectly safe to eat. That why me am shopkeeper of Tyrannian Foods now and not Trrygdorr. Trrygdorr get lazy and just scoop mud up from outside! Me do extra effort to make mud, make me more qualified than Trrygdorr. Trrygdorr also wouldn't make brownies out of chocolate for Annual Chocolate Ball, me want to make Tyrannia proud and look good in front of nicely dressed Neopians. Nicely dressed Neopians act odd being told brownies made of mud, they make odd face and run to bathroom. Strange place to eat, but me don't judge."

SHOP: Grundos Cafe

WORLD: Virtupets Space Station (Recreation Deck)


Chocolate Eclair Paste (The bit right at the end of the tube is the best bit!)

Double Chocolate Surprise (You'll be surprised at the sheer amount of chocolate we have managed to cram inside:))

Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich (A regular old chocolate and vanilla ice cream sandwich becomes stellar in its crunchy freeze dried form!)

"Master Sloth had a bit of a sweet tooth, so I have plenty of chocolate treats to bring. I even have one in the shape of Master Sloth's head, but I think the guests of the Annual Chocolate Ball wouldn't really appreciate it. So instead I'm going to show off Virtupets Space Station's advance food packaging technology. There's three ways space food is packaged: in tubes, in high volume, and freeze dried. For tubes we liquefy the desired food into a paste and package it in tubes; the one I'm bringing being eclair. High volume is when we cram an enforced aluminum bag with as much as it can hold before vacuum sealing it close; Double Chocolate Surprise being one filled to the brim with two kinds of delicious chocolate. Finally our most well known method is freeze drying when we flash freeze the desired food and sublime the excess water before packaging it; the freeze dried ice cream sandwiches still retain their flavor without worrying about them melting or making a mess. They all taste as they should if not better, they're just in a form you aren't used to. That's the marvel of Virtupets Space Station food technology!"

Such a wide variety of plans, thoughts, and of course, chocolate! And just because you're unable to attend the Annual Chocolate Ball doesn't mean you should be left out. All the chocolate treats I mentioned are currently sold in their respective shops, so why not drop by and see if you can't pick up one of them (or anything else that may catch your eye). And of course don't forget to check the news on the day of Annual Chocolate Ball to see all the new chocolate and other confectioneries that the Chocolate Factory will be releasing! Now if you excuse me, I need to go to the store as I'm in the mood for some, well, I think you can figure it out *wink*.

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