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Dazzling Desert Pets

by aleu1986


The Desert Diplomacy event gave us lots of lovely new wearables especially suited Desert pets, but let's not forget the Lost Desert Paint Brush yields the best wearables of all!

In this article we'll be taking a look at some of the most impressive and interesting Neopets to hail from the Lost Desert.


Clothes: Hood, jacket, pantaloons. I recommend to let your Lutari wear the complete set, the individual pieces look a bit odd without the others to tie the outfit together, it works best as a whole.

The Desert Lutari has a nice brown base colour and beautiful green eyes. He has less flashy accessories than certain other pets on this list, but he is still worth a second glance. Rather than look like a rich and mighty king, the Desert Lutari has the look and feel of an explorer and adventurer, or perhaps a tourist guide who leads excited Neopets on tours in the desert? Whichever the case, he looks like he'd be happier strolling the streets of Qasala rather than wander the grand halls of Princess Amira's royal palace.

He still got plenty of style despite his simple threads, note the gem on the rope (belt) the fancy golden bracelets, the beautifully fashioned scarab as well as the piece of jewelery adorning the Lutaris forehead.


Clothes: Mask, collar, cuffs, wrap. Eye makeup is not considered a part of the set.

This Lupe looks like he'd rather frequent the dark, dusty chambers of the pyramids than visit the busy marketplace in Sakhmet. With his dark mask, the Desert Lupe is quite mysterious.

His bright orange base colour makes him stand out sharply from most of the other Desert pets, who usually come in various shades of brown. The clothing set is ideal for cross painting, and your Lupe will look great with a minimalist look using just the mask and collar. In any case, I personally think it looks best without the wrap as I feel it clashes a bit with the rest of the outfit.


Clothes: Crown, choker, bracers.

Breaking the pattern of dusty brown shades is the beautiful blue stripes and creamy colour of the Desert Kougra. This is a truly regal looking pet, he certainly seems like he'd be right at home in a palace. I like that his golden wearables are simple and effective, they don't include lots of sparkly gems, but are impressive none the less. This gorgeous base colour is worth the cost of the paint job alone! Plus, don't you just love how charming Kougras are?

As for customising, you can choose to leave out the crown to make the two other pieces work with a different outfit, otherwise I'd recommend using all three, they look best as a complete set.


Clothes: Helmet, robe, anklets and armour.

Well, if it isn't Peopatra!

With one quick stroke of the right paint brush your own Peophin can take on an uncanny resemblance to the Desert Petpets shopkeeper.

The gold helmet, anklets and armour are undoubtedly quite heavy, and would make life a bit difficult for the regular water-dwelling Peophin. But the aforementioned Peopatra is proof that this species can enjoy the hot, dry desert climate just as much as a life under the sea.

The helmet and cape are my favourite pieces of this clothing set, and there's plenty of bracelets and jewelry you can add in place of the anklets to mix things up a bit. Note the blue gem on the helmet, a small nod to Lost Desert's signature colours.

If, like me, you're not too keen on the braids given by this paint brush, Brown is the perfect base colour choice! White is also a stunning combination with this clothing set.

However you choose to customise it, you can't deny the Desert Peophin is quite dazzling!


Clothes: Headdress, collar, wrap, earrings, bracelets, makeup. The makeup is removable, and the earrings consists of seven pieces of jewelry on the Acaras ears and horns, the beard included. This is all in one big chunk, you can't pick and choose which piece to wear. Your Acara will look amazing without this too if you're going for a look with less bling. The Acaras make up has more detail where other Desert pets have clear, defined lines.

The Acara has a slightly different base colour shade than other brown Desert pets. Note the lovely blue eyes! The shiny gold jewelry adds detail and an air of power and riches. Let's just say this Acara doesn't need to prowl the dusty, busy streets of the desert cities in search of scraps of food.

I love the mix of gold and blue, take note of the light blue gem and the cobrall on the headdress, as well as the red ruby on the bracelet.


Clothes: Headdress, wrap, collar. Eye make up is not part of the set.

Most Desert pets have a decidedly masculine look, but some, such as the Cybunny, Aisha, Ixi and Peophin have a more feminine style.

The Flotsam is a truly dazzling and beautiful Desert pet. The headdress is a very nice touch, I love how it covers the horn, and the dangling pearls add to the exotic feel of the Desert colour. The light brown base is nice, and standard for this paint brush. The green eye is lovely, and the make up just helps to draw your gaze to it. It's easy to imagine the wrap with its pretty blue silk ribbons floating about in the water as the Flotsam swims onward. She almost seems like a dancer, doesn't she?

The bracelets on the fins as well as the collar are richly decorated with gems, note also the red ruby on the headdress.


Clothes: Hat, wrap, bracelet. Eye makeup is not considered a part of the set.

The Desert Eyrie's base colour is pretty standard for Desert pets, but it's still so beautiful!

The Eyrie's eye makeup is by far my favourite of all pets in this colour, I like how it's clear and defined, not to mention the eyes themselves, aren't they the prettiest pair you ever saw? The blue beak is a very nice touch, adding a needed splash of colour to an otherwise solidly coloured pet. The blue and gold colours are ever present, there are some nice red details here as well, and let's not forget the Cobrall on the headdress.

Now this is an impressive Desert Neopet!

Are you browsing the Trading Post for your Lost Desert Paint Brush yet? Which Desert pet is your favourite?

Thanks for reading, please Neomail me with comments or questions.

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