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Finding Your Neopet a Matching Petpet

by cheriipie


One of the most exciting parts about Neopets is not only that you get to own lovely pets of your own, but that your pets can also have their own little critters to take care of! There is over 200 petpets for your pet to choose from, so sometimes it's a bit hard to pick the best one. However here are a few tips to picking out the perfect, matching petpet for your adorable neopet.

Paint Brush Matching

The most basic way for you to match a petpet to your neopet is to base it on paint brush color. A blue neopet will matches a blue petpet, and a faerie neopet will match a faerie petpet. However it is always wise to look at the actual colors on the petpet.

For example, the main colors for the Faerie Gnorbu are peach and turquoise. And so a Faerie Seti, whose main color is black, wouldn't be a very good match. Instead maybe go with a Faerie Yullie or Faerie Pfish would be better.

These sort of color differences within paint brush colors should be noticed for paint brush colors that offer more variety, such as faerie, halloween, royal, and maraquan petpets. For paint brush colors where the color of each petpet is generally the same, such as grey or magma, this isn't too big of a problem.

Only Color Matching

This article briefly touched upon color matching before, but only within matching paint brush colors as well. If you want to get a bit more creative, you can look solely at the color of the petpet and the pet, and not care about the paint brush color!

An example of this would be a Plushie Kacheek, whose main color pattern is pink and purple, and a Maraquan Blobagus, who is a similar shade of pink. Two very different types of paint brushes, but overall the color combination works very well.

This type of option offers more of a choice regarding picking petpets. As for some petpet paint brushes, such as woodland, there is not that much of a choice as to the species of petpet, which can be more limiting. By going based off of only color, and not paint brush color, you'll be able to really consider all your choices.

Pose Matching

These particular petpets are hard to find since they are so rare, but there are certain pets and petpet matches that look very cute because of how similar the poses of the two pets are. The colors may not be the same, but usually the paint brush colors are the same.

An example of this would be a Mutant Cybunny and a Mutant Plathydon. They both have a head facing the right, and a sea lion type body leaning the same direction.

This is fun for a cool visual affect, as well as a tougher, but more 'complete' way to match your petpet.

Character Matching

This type of matching relies more on your creativity and any kind of personality or persona that you've created for you pet. This can give you a bit more freedom, as the petpet does not have to match with the physical looks of your neopet!

A suggested matching for this would be a cute baby neopet, perhaps which you've given the personality of a baby or child, paired with a cute plushie pet, such as a Plushie Faellie or Plushie Miamouse.

Another suggested matching would be for a Halloween Bruce, which is dressed like a witch, to be paired with Black Barbat, in order to match the character of a wicked witch and her trusty bat sidekick.

The pet's personality doesn't have to always match the color though as many paint brush colors such as maractite, pink, or dimensional doesn't really have a character that comes easily with it. However this option lets you be as creative with the petpet as you are creative with your neopet's character!

Look-Alike Matching

Some petpets and neopets look extremely similar, although this only happen on rare occasions. Normally the paint brush color of both the petpet and neopet are the same though.

An example of this would be the Maraquan Albat and Maraquan Eyrie. They both have the same type of yellow body, with blue fins. They're body shapes are also quite similar, although with slightly different poses. Despite slight differences though, it is clear that the two of them look extremely similar and are a well fitting pair.

Some other examples of look-alike petpets and neopets are a Blumaroos and Baby Blu's, for many of the colors such as Halloween, Island, Mutant, and Pirate, these two pets match extremely well, because the faces of both look so similar, and they really do look alike each other.

This, much like the Pose Matching method is a more full-packaged way to match a petpet with a pet, although these are more rare than the other sorts of types of Matching, and for certain pets there are no real great Look-Alike Matches.

Opposite Matching

This is a different type of matching than the ones previous, as the ones before tried to find things that were similar between the petpet and neopet in order to form a match. However Opposite Matching is just what it sounds like, it's trying to find a neopet and petpet that have nothing in common in order to make a match.

A common example of this would be a neopet that is painted Grey to be paired with a Smiley petpet. One is sad and the other is happy, making for complete opposites, but still a cute and funny pairing.

Another example of opposite matching could be a Tyranian neopet paired with any type of robot petpet, as Tyrannia is supposed to be the stone age where there is no technology, and the opposite of that would be a very advanced robot petpet.

So here are six different ways that you can pick out a suitable petpet for your lovely neopet: either matching through color or paint brush color, matching their poses, picking out a cute matching petpet character for your neopet, having them be exact look-alikes, or have them be completely different.

There is no limit to what kind of petpet that you can give to your neopet, and with paint brushes and petpet paint brushes, the variety widens even more! So what are you waiting for? Find your neopet a lovely, matching petpet today.

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