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Dreams: A First Adventure?

by sha2196


A mask. That's all I had right now. A mask that I put on whenever I was scared. By wearing that mask, I hoped to feel what I tried desperately to. But still, here in the Haunted Woods, with just that Lupe beside me, I admitted, I was scared. But really, what do you expect from a twelve-year-old Uni? I wondered if I regretted following him. Ignoring the fear, there was an unknown feeling in the pit of my tummy. Regret? Anticipation? I couldn't tell...

     Somewhere, I heard a Werelupe howl. I nearly tumbled into the Brown Lupe when he suddenly froze in his tracks. When I looked up at his face, his ears were perked up, before shaking his head and continuing. "Where are we going?" I asked in the most cheerful tone that I could muster. He gave me a scrutinising gaze that I used to receive ever-so-often. I distinctly felt myself cower from his gaze, but tried to cover it up by starting to prance about.

     "The Deserted Fairground." Oh, look who finally decided to grace me with his answer. But I felt myself pause in my thoughts. I noticed something, one that I mentally scolded myself for not noticing before: he sounded younger than an adult. He couldn't be that much older than me. But looking at his towering frame, I thought that he'd be so much older. A cold wind blew past, and I felt myself shiver.

     When I took a look around, I saw the trees, trees that looked like their branches were claws that could grab you any moment. Not to mention the dark, and all those things that could go bump in the night, like the Werelupe I just heard. But, strangely enough, I was not scared of those. To me, the darkness was welcoming; it made me feel like I was in a dream. What I was scared of were Spyders. By that, I included the Spider Grundo. But it was not because of a Spyder Bite, because I never let those icky creatures near me. I couldn't believe how some people found Spyders cute, but each to their own opinion, I guess...

     A thought suddenly hit me. I wondered what I actually wanted to do; I just had no idea. I assumed that by travelling with that Lupe, I'd be able to see the world. Right, now I was trying to travel all of Neopia, I could see, but what's the point of travelling if I couldn't change my view of this world? Isn't that the point of the travelling, to see each part of the world as it is, to experience every different part, to learn more, and to overcome my current views of the world that I'd gotten? I wished I had my journal with me right then, but unfortunately, I stopped writing ever since I ran out of charcoal. Writing made me calm down sometimes.

     The real question: Can I actually see the world, or do I just see the illusion given to me?

     "Are you coming, or are you just gonna stone there all day?" A certain voice snapped me out of my trance. Funny, I didn't even notice that I had stopped.

     "Wait up!" I called after him as I rushed to catch up. Well, at least he cared.

     "I don't, I just don't want you to be eaten by Werelupes."

     Oops, did I say that out loud?

     "No, you didn't, it's just written all over your face." That was his curt reply. I walked next to him and tried to figure out whether that was meant to be sarcastic or not.

     I shivered again, and I tried to shake off the weariness that followed, but it came out as a yawn. I heard the Brown Lupe sigh. "Let's stop to rest," he told me as he guided me along. Hmm... I guess he did care after all. He led me to a spot surrounded by trees. "Here." That's all I heard, and I circled around my chosen spot a few times before curling up in a tight ball, otherwise known as the fetal position.


     One look at the now sleeping White Uni, and I shook my head. She barely reached half my height. Fyora, I was such a softie. But I still couldn't fight the smile that forced itself onto my face. She tried to be brave, but I could feel her fear. I had no idea why I felt some affection for her, when there was so much that I didn't know about her. She somehow made me feel like an older brother. Leaning against a tree, I inhaled the scent of my home, and sighed, before drifting off to sleep, with one ear perked up to listen for danger.

     "Ugh..." I heard her groan. I forced my eyes open from my slumber and looked at her. She was shivering. And it was not even midnight yet. She really was like a baby. I sighed once again. I'd really grown soft, that, or it was just the way she was, making me want to protect her against the dangers out there. She really was like the little sister I never had. Forcing myself to change, I lay down beside her. It wasn't long before she shifted closer to me.

     Satisfied that she was no longer cold, I surrendered to the darkness and slept.


     "Without a soul,

     My spirit sleeps somewhere cold.

     We are one,

     Fading with the setting sun.

     I'm alive but sleeping,

     Wake me up.

     Frozen in this mirror,

     I'm on my own.

     There's always something more,

     Save me from the darkness.

     Bring me away from this glass wall,

     Breathe life into me.

     Oh dear child,

     Heart as pure as snow.

     We are all just statues,

     Incomplete pieces.

     Names hold power,

     Don't forget what you have.

     Look into my eyes,

     Tell me what you see."

     The vision of the blue Aisha singing to me dissipated as I yawned and woke up. But I remember the song she sang to me. "Finally up now, princess?" I heard him tease. He must be in a better mood than yesterday. I blushed as my stomach grumbled. He rolled his eyes. "Wait here, I'll go get food," he told me as he walked off. I stared at his retreating back, and wondered how he'd get food.

     Looking around, I noticed that it remained dark, even though it should be morning by now. But then again, I was in the Haunted Woods.

     It had been quite some time since he walked off in search of food. Where was he? Was he ok? I stared in the direction that he walked off. Making a decision, I grabbed my backpack and rushed off towards where he went off to.

     Walking amongst this maze of trees, I wondered if I should have listened to him and stayed there. But then again, what if something happened to him? Sure, it's not like a midget like me could do much, but still...

     I heard growls around me. I immediately froze up. I tried to snap out of the hold of the fear within me, but I couldn't. Fear of the unknown. Maybe knowing the source of the fear would make me feel better? I saw glowing green eyes, and the fear grew worse, even though I was not scared of them. It wasn't their presence that induced the fear, it was the look in their eyes: I was the prey, and they were the predator.

      They stalked closer to me. I had heard of Werelupes from travellers, but this was my first time meeting them face to face. Regaining control over my body, I slowly moved backwards, until I was backed up against a tree. This scene somehow felt familiar, like in my dream. If it's true, then...

     A Werelupe jumped in front of me. It looked straight at me. But unlike the rest, his eyes were gentle. I could not help but give a small cry of recognition. He turned away from me and faced the other Werelupes, before growling ferociously, something that I've never really heard. I looked at the other Werelupes leaving. Strange, I've never heard of Werelupes backing off from a fight, but what did I know? Besides, I was thankful that there was no fight; I didn't want to face those scary claws.

     I looked at the Werelupe gazing back at me. So, he was a Werelupe. I guess I was taking all this pretty well- no hysteria, no screaming or crying. He slowly shifted back into a brown Lupe, as I watched with fascination.

     "You're really weird, you know that? Most people would've run off screaming already," he remarked bitterly.

     "I'm hungry, I don't have any food in my bag, and you were supposed to find food for me. So there." I stuck my tongue out at him childishly. Hey, don't blame me, I was a child after all! He chuckled softly and beckoned me to follow him, when I suddenly thought of something. "What's your name?" He seemed startled by my sudden question.

     "Tharros," he replied after a moment of hesitation.

     "I'm Stamita," I replied, this time with real cheerfulness. I thought I saw a hint of a smile before he turned away.

     "...So, you're a Werelupe?"

     "No, I'm a Halloween Lupe," came the sarcastic reply.

     "Do you have to change during the full moon?"

     "No, I'm not a Werelupe."

     "Huh? But you said you were a Werelupe."

     "I said I was a Halloween Lupe."

     "Really? I thought you were being sarcastic."

     "No, really." His voice was dripping with sarcasm.

     "Hmph... Meanie."

     "Just be glad I didn't leave you to be eaten."

     "Aww, so you do care!"

     "I don't, I just don't want to be the cause of your death."

     "Yay! Tharros likes me!"


     That was pretty much what our conversation was like as we continued walking.

     "What's a Werelupe doing on the Revenge then?"

     "No comment."

     "Tell me!" I whined.

     "Can you PLEASE keep quiet for once?"

     "Nope," I replied, popping the 'p'.

     "What are you? A child?"

     "Actually yes."

     I heard him groan, probably from frustration.

     "What does Tharros mean?"

     "It's just a name."

     "Yeah, but what does it stand for?"

     "How do I know? My parents just decided to call me that."

     "What does having parents feel like?"

     He stared at me strangely.

     "You've never had parents?"

     "Don't think so, I only knew my name from a dream I had. Most of the time, I see a blue Aisha in my dreams. Sometimes I think she could be my mom, but other than that, I can't remember them at all."

     He was silent for the rest of the walk to the Deserted Fairground.

     "I can't remember my mom, just that she's a Werelupe, if it makes you feel better." His voice was now softer.

     "Mmm..." I nodded sadly.

     "Well, since I know your secret, a secret for a secret I guess," I muttered, but he heard anyway.

     "A secret for a secret?" He looked confused.

     I took a deep breath, and my horn started glowing.

     "Your secret is... that your horn glows?" His voice was laced with amusement.

     I glared at him and he shut up.

     I willed for... ice, and almost immediately froze the tree in front of me.

     His jaw dropped.

     "You can do magic? Then you didn't need my help at all in the first place-"

     "Mmm..." I felt my surroundings spin around, and I would've collapsed onto the ground if Tharros did not catch me.

     With that, I succumbed to the fatigue and blacked out.

     "Hey, you alright?"

     I blinked the sleepiness away.

     "Sorry, that happens whenever I try to use my abilities..." I trailed off uncertainly.

     "We're such a great team, aren't we? A half-Werelupe and a magic-user that faints every time she uses her magic." He shook his head exasperatedly.

     "We're a team? Wait, you're a half-Werelupe?" I couldn't help but inquire.

     "Um, yeah, my mom was a Werelupe, but my dad wasn't. Maybe it would've helped if he was turned. Then I'd be as strong as a full Werelupe." He shifted about awkwardly.

     "So is your dad a part of the crew?" I pointed out.

     "Erm, yeah, I guess you could say that." He grimaced.

     I noticed the change in his tone and decided to change the topic.

     "Why are we going to the Deserted Fairground anyway?" I tilted my head to the side.

     "Good question, I don't know either." He chuckled nervously as he noticed my enraged expression.

     "What? You mean you made me walk all this way for no reason at all?" I hissed, narrowing my eyes.

     "Hey, you were the one who wanted to follow me in the first place, besides, don't forget, I'm a Werelupe, I can easily take you down on my own," he retorted.

     "Hmph... Wait... So you do care!" I lit up.

     "Where'd that suddenly come from?" He sounded fed up.

     "You tried to make me feel better and you caught me when I almost fell."

     "I give up, think whatever you want." Tharros groaned and walked on forward.

     "So you admit that you care!" I caught up and skipped next to him.

     "I didn't say that!"

     "Nope, but you implied it." I cheered softly.

     "I'm pretty sure I said that I gave up," he muttered while shooting me a glare.

     "Yup!" I replied, popping the 'p'.

     He didn't reply, and I decided to sing softly to pass the time.

     "In the middle of the night,

     When I'm in this dream,

     I sing to the sea,

     A silent plea.

     Drifting out alone,

     With a simple goal,

     Won't anyone aid me?

     Fulfil my dreams?"

     "Isn't that the one I heard before?"

     "Mhmm..." I nodded.

     "You really do have a nice voice.

     "For singing, not talking, you're annoying when you talk too much," he quickly added.

     "I'm not annoying, I'm lively and adorable!" I protested.

     I heard Tharros chuckle.

     "What? It's true!"

     He smirked at me.

     "Sure." And with that, he shoved me into a puddle of muddy water that I didn't know was there.

     I spluttered and glared at him. He smirked in return. I felt the corners of my lips turn upwards. He noticed and tried to back away as quickly as he could. I felt an evil grin spread onto my face, and with a push from my hind limbs, I tackled him to the ground.

     "Oof, you're heavy," he complained while I lay on his back.

     "No I'm not." I giggled while he unsuccessfully tried to push me away.

     "Never would I have thought that a midget could weigh this much." The laughter in his voice was apparent.

     "Hmph, you know what? I'm tired, and you make a great bed. A soft, furry bed." I faked a yawn and pretended to drift off to sleep.

     Who would've thought that I really fell asleep? Turns out that using my magic was enough to make me sleep again.



     I couldn't help but shake my head again. She really fell asleep. Turning my body around slightly, I gently lifted her off my back and placed her on the ground, while I walked off to find some breakfast.


     "Wake up, Mita." I felt a furry paw shake me awake.

     "Wh-What? Wait, how'd you get me off you? You said I was heavy," I muttered indignantly.

     He rolled his eyes and passed me a Clawmatoe.

     "Don't these things usually claw back?" I asked.

     "No, where'd you hear this from?" He frowned.

     "I might not have gone out of Krawk Island, but I get to borrow a lot of books from passing travellers," I explained.

     "Just eat it; you're hungry, aren't you?"

     I nodded and muttered my thanks before slowly eating it.

     After that, the journey continued.

     "Strange, we should've reached the Deserted Fairground by now," I remarked.

     "Well, someone kept falling asleep," he bit back.

     I glared at the brown Lupe.

     "Wait, what did you call me just now?"


     "You called me Mita, didn't you?"

     "That was ages ago; how do you remember irrelevant things like these?"

     "Maybe I have a photographic memory."

     "You read too much for your own good."

     "Tharron likes me!"

     "I'm not starting this again!"

The End

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