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Neopia's Most Fierce Female Neopets

by venused


Over the course of its more than thirteen years, Neopia has seen its fair share of tough ladies. Below we've compiled a list of some of the most powerful and influential female Neopets that young Neopets can hold up as role models.

The Duchess

This no-nonsense Lenny knows a thing or two about showing Neopets who's boss. She runs the secretive Sway faction with an iron fist. For those who have never joined her faction, it's a wonder to witness her barking orders at Neopets three times her size as she leads them on the battlefield. She knows what she wants and has the tough-as-nails attitude to get things done her way. We only need look as far as her win during the Obelisk War (and during many battleground events) to know that she means business.


A standout during the Tale of Woe plot, Sophie is an Ixi who knows a thing or two. Her mastery of powerful potion making has made her a force to be reckoned with. She's an excellent potion maker who is able to concoct a variety of fabulous potions that are certain to improve your pet's performance in the battledome. Want to get to know her a little better? Spend the day playing Sophie's Stew with her and her trusty Meowclops to get an insider view on how she concocts her magic brews.


There's more to this cute little Usul than meets the eye. She led the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot with a healthy sense of adventure and amazing bravery. A longtime companion of Kanrik, the leader of the Thieves guild, you can bet she can hold her own. Witness her courage and strength of character when you play one of the four games staring this super Usul. (They're Pirate Caves, Ice Caves, Kreludor Caves and Hannah Adventure, if you're interested!)


This orange Kougra holds her own when paired up with notorious thief and troublemaker Hanso. Having put him in his place (that place being a jail cell in Brightvale) too many times to count, you can bet she doesn't take bad behaviour lightly. After starring in the Faeries' Ruin plot, this fabulous Kougra went on to be named the Captain of Fyora's Guard. Indeed, the prestigious position was well deserved after her efforts in restoring Faerieland to its former glory following the immobilizing of every last Faerie in the land.


Not quite the example of truth and honesty that some of the others on this list are, Xandra is still a pretty cool Neopet, and certainly not one you want to mess with. This powerful Wocky sorceress was able to single-handedly bring about the downfall (quite literally) of Faerieland. As you can imagine, such powerful magic is not easy to learn. Her evil deeds have made her a legendary figure in Neopia! Just ask Dr. Frank Sloth, who despite having a much greater depth of resources, has never quite managed to achieve the same level of destruction.

Mira, The Space Faerie

The powerful space faerie is evil Dr. Sloth's one true nemesis, for good reason. Her powers are so great, they put the evil green mastermind in his place time and time again. No matter how hard he tries (and trust us, he tries very hard) poor Dr. Sloth is never able to outwit Mira, despite his legions of enslaved Grundo followers. Mira manages to foil him time and again. Interested in reading more? Pick up the popular book Space Faerie vs. Dr. Sloth - The Novel on the shop wizard to learn how Mira foiled Neopia's most famous villain.

Rasala The Bright

Rasala is a shining example of goodness and brightness (it's in her name, after all). She's proof that one doesn't need to be cold or mean to command an army. This powerful sorceress leads the Order of the Red Erisim battleground faction, and has led her followers to a number of victories. Many of Neopia's most powerful mages trust her brilliant mind to lead them into victory as they fight for dominance of the Obelisk.

The Happiness Faerie

As there are no such things as male faeries in Neopia (how ridiculous), we must assume that the Happiness Faerie is a she, and a powerful she at that. Her brilliant gift of bestowing happiness upon Neopians simply cannot be overlooked. Not since the joyous wonder that is the Roo Island Merry-Go-Round has anything or anyone in Neopia inspired such delight in Neopets of all ages.


The only female Neopet on the Defenders of Neopia squad, this Aisha is one tough cookie. During her tenure at Defenders of Neopia, she's busted baddies like Kastraliss and the snow beast. Aisheena has put her share of bad guys behind bars without breaking a sweat. We would be remiss not to mention that she rocks a pretty cool super hero look too.


The most powerful of all the Faeries, the legendary Faerie Queen is most certainly a force to be reckoned with. She runs the Hidden Tower, tucked away in a secret corner of Faerie City. The magic-sprinkled weapons she stocks in her exclusive shop easily rank among Neopia's strongest weapons. Further exemplifying her extraordinary powers, complete a faerie quest for her, and she will reward your Neopet with a tremendous jump in stats.


This little yellow Aisha is best known for being the only Meridellian able to resist the powerful charms of the Court Dancer. Though small, she is mighty and makes use of her considerable book smarts to outwit her much older and larger opponents. She was able to help lead Meridell to victory during the Meridell vs Darigan war, saving the day for a very grateful King Skarl.

Jhudora and Illusen

These rival faeries are each quite amazing in their own right. Illusen crusades for earth magic, while Jhudora does the same for dark magic. Both are exemplary at what they do. Illusen is known for being a kind soul that nurtures plant life and all earthy causes. Jhudora, on the other hand, is well known for inspiring fear in even the toughest of Neopets as a good dark faerie ought to do. Complete either of their quests, and you'll be rewarded with rare and powerful treasures.

Neopia abounds with fierce female Neopets, so unfortunately it's impossible to list them all! We could easily list a dozen more that deserve recognition. Some other honorable mentions include Cylara, Taelia, Aethia, and Princess Terrana. Though there are certainly plenty more fabulous female Neopets that all of us could aspire to.

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