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Valentine's Day - Spread The Joy

by alexrider4568


It is Valentine's Day, and LOVE is in the air! People and their pets all over Neopia are getting ready to celebrate this joyous occasion in whatever way they see fit. 'Spreading love', eating chocolates and visiting places are definitely on the to-do list of most Neopians.

If you don't mind the outrageous amount of pink and red everywhere (not to mention the hearts all around), then you can definitely hoard cute, dreamy wearables that you've always wanted to dress your pets in. Here are some valentine themed wearables that might just help you spread the love...

Abundant Heart Dress

If you're a huge fan of dresses and if you don't mind walking around in one that is covered in hearts, then this is the dress for you. (I assure you that this dress will make your pet stand out. Don't let the hearts bother you.)

Delicate Valentine Heart Background

Here is one background that shows exactly what Valentine's Day is all about (red hearts and flowers. If you're thinking of saying 'love' or 'joy' then go ahead and say it, I won't stop you.) But there is no denying that it is a beautiful background.

Dreamy Pink Hearts Background

Don't have any NC? Well, no matter. This NP background will fill your heart with the same dreaminess of Valentine's Day. (Personally, I think the pink hearts and fluffy clouds are quite cute. Wait... I think I should get one for my baby pet! Be right back...)

Tree of Hearts

If you love sitting under a tree, then on this occasion, why don't you sit under a special tree - a tree full of hearts. I'm sure the hearts above your head will be a pleasant change from the usual green leaves (and the hearts aren't hard as the apples that fall).

Delicate Heart Wings

Well... Like the name suggests, these wings are quite delicate and definitely pink and pretty (and obviously, shaped like hearts). Now there is no need for you to stand in one place and talk about Valentine's Day. You can fly around and talk about it. (I'm sure not many of them will mind someone hovering over their heads singing songs of joy).

Dreamy Hearts Shower

Now, here's a shower you can love and hate at the same time. Sure it will help you show your spirit on this special day, but considering that these hearts follow you wherever you go, it can get pretty annoying. But, nevertheless, it is a day to have a shower of hearts. So, there you go.

Baby Valentine Heart Shoes

These shoes would look extraordinarily cute on tiny feet.

Baby Valentine Wings

Aw! These wings are just perfect. And who could show love and happiness more than babies. So let's leave it to them to spread the love and affection. (I know they're going to do a very good job. I mean, look at them. They're adorable!)

Rebellious Valentine Wig

I KNOW that there are Neopians out there who prefer to stay away from all the hearts and the crazy colors. So, who said that Valentine's Day is all about pink! Celebrate this day in your own, rebellious way with this awesome wig.

Now that you're all dressed up and ready to go, why not actually visit places. You can most certainly ask your friends to join you, because what's the point of it all if you go alone.

The Chocolate Factory

So close to home for many Neopians, the chocolate factory is an ideal place to visit on this day. After all, Chocolates are an essential ingredient for the celebrations. So go on, get out there and satisfy your sweet tooth and those cravings that never seem to go away.


Ah... home of the faeries. Just one look at all the happy faces is enough to make anyone else happy. And don't forget, these wonderful residents of the Faerie city are the perfect examples of caring for each other every other day and not just on Valentine's Day. And they are just so friendly and I'm sure the Faerie Queen will welcome all the visitors with a most charming smile.


What a wonderful place. Located in Maraqua, this place is certainly a personal favorite of many of the habitants of Neopia. Now what better way to tingle your taste buds other than with such exquisite cuisine offered by the kelp. Sure, some of you may disagree, considering how expensive the food is. But also keep in mind that it is a special occasion and such occasions are quite rare and there is nothing wrong with spending a little extra once in a while.

The Money Tree

Have some extra money? Then why not donate? Show the true spirit of Valentine's Day and make somebody else a little happier by giving away some of that extra money. No money? There are always items lying around in your deposit box that you don't mind parting with.

Then again, if you're not in the mood to go out on this joyous occasion, you can always sit in and drown yourself in chocolate, which is another important part of Valentine's Day (clearly, the most important). Or, you could just use the day as an excuse to satisfy your sweet tooth (and maybe get that visit from the tooth fairy who could scream at you for being so inconsiderate about your teeth). But, you can also gift them to other Neopians to show them how much you care for them. Either way, there are some sweet treats you need to try on this day...

Valentines Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

You could share it, or you could always simply eat them all yourself (Valentine's Day or not, chocolate makes you a tad bit selfish).

Valentine's Muffin

Um... that sure looks good! Chocolate and strawberries... Maybe you should eat one. Or two. Or maybe another one. And another. Or maybe you could simply skip breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat as many muffins as you can find. YAY! Muffins!

Black Licorice Hearts

It's licorice. Who cares about the rest of the world?

Angry Emoticon Hearts

Tell everyone how much you hate Valentine's Day with angry candy. Everyone will know you hate it and you get to eat lots of candy. So, everyone wins.

Dark Chocolate Hearts

Chocolates in boxes are extremely famous on Valentine's Day. So, hoard as many of these boxes as you can and stay away from all the social activity while eating these tasty dark chocolate hearts.

Chocolate Heart

Love your tummy? So do I. Just give me a minute to stop drooling. No, really. It's so chocolaty that I cannot get over it. Maybe I should get a few of this myself. I mean, give some of them to my dear friends, who I care about. Right.

Deluxe Heart Waffle

This is one sweet heart. Show your fellow Neopians how much they mean to you by gifting them one of these chocolate hearts (don't forget to get one for yourself) and make them a little more happy.

Icy Heart Candy

My my, that is cold. Still, plunge into this icy goodness and let the feeling of the cold candy wash over you.

If you're a little low on money, then never fear. Buying gifts is not the only way o express love and care. Sending a simple mail to your neofriend itself is a sweet gesture that effortlessly shows how much you care (and the fact that you still remember them).

Another thing to keep in mind is that 'spreading the love' is not limited to just one day o the week. Everyday is the perfect day. But it is a special day nevertheless. So embrace the joyous day with a good spirit and celebrate it heartily. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. :)


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