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6th Annual Neopies Acceptance Speeches

by pikachu315111


Hello, folks! The 6th Annual Neopies have recently ended and all the voted winners have gotten their Neopies. It's time to go to each one and hear their acceptance speech to see what they think of this honor, what they have to say to those who voted for them, what they plan on doing in the future, and anything else they feel like mentioning! We have 19 speeches to get through, so let's get started:

Category: Best Site Event

Winner: Obelisk War

Accepting The Neopie: The Oracle

"The time to celebrate a past achievement is fleeting and gone. You must use the current time to prepare for the future. Thank those who have helped gotten you this far, but do not be content with what you have if you wish to have more. I have foreseen the future and it is beautiful but full of danger; one must ask whether they will help with the beauty or join with the danger."

Category: Best News Day

Winner: Faerie Festival

Accepting The Neopie: Grooming Parlour Shopkeeper

"Like, wow, I just don't know what to say! I have customers always coming in saying 'make me as beautiful as a Faerie', many of them being Mutants oddly enough. Anyway, so I gotten, like, really good imitating the eye shadow the Faeries are always using, at least I think they're using eye shadow, so I decided for last Faerie Festival to release a home kit for them. Never did I think they'd be so popular that the Faerie Festival would win Best News Day simply because of them! I even got a thank you letter from Fyora herself, O M F, which coincidently enough means 'oh my Fyora'! Anyway, being they're SO popular I'm thinking about making some more, like I have one for Fyora though I want to talk with Faeries like Illusen, Jhudora, and Siyana to see if I can get permission to base eye shadow on them!"

Category: Best Species Specific Wearable

Winner: Chomby Warrior

Accepting The Neopie: Unis Clothing Shopkeeper

"How am I feeling? Just FABULOUS! I work a month in advance on all Pet Day clothing, many of the time thinking 'so if I was this species what would I like to wear'? I end up only having a week to work on the actual clothes themselves and often have to pull all nighters. I'm just SO HAPPY people appreciate my hard work I could just hug everyone who voted for it! On the actual outfit itself, it was done because Chomby aren't often thought to be fighters thus not many of their specific clothing is suited for battle so I thought 'if I was a powerful Chomby who beat everyone in the Battledome, wouldn't I want to show that off in Chomby style'? So I got to work and this is what I got, I barely even made the deadline I can't believe it looked SO good! I truly am a master fashionista. In the future I think I'll keep on going against modern stereotypes, ALL NEOPETS HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHOW THEIR INNER BEAUTY ON THE OUTSIDE!"

Category: Best Premium Collectible Item

Winner: Peaceful Water Fountain

Accepting The Neopie: Marak

"It's funny, actually, I was the one who suggested making these fountain gardens using the aqueducts but the council members weren't so sure about it. After some insistence, King Altador finally conceded and we constructed the gardens near the aqueducts' reservoirs. King Altador still wasn't sure if they were necessary, but here we are now and King Altador said I should be the one to receive the award. It's hard making the city of Altador more beautiful, but I found a way and I'm glad the rest of Neopia agreed with my hunch. My next plan is to build a water park to increase tourism, though I've heard Plesio of Tyrannia has been having a difficult time convincing his council to do just that."

Category: Best New Neopet Colour

Winner: Mutant Poogle

Accepting The Neopie: Commander Garoo

"With my master currently 'indisposed', I am accepting this award in his place. Yes, the Mutant Poogle, one of our newer creations and part of our 'terror unit', no doubt you all voted for it from fear that it will come after you all. Sorry to disappoint you sniveling cowards, but voted for it or not, it will still be coming after you. I'll see to THAT! And as you're cowering in fear and watching your armies and heroes fall one by one, many by MY OWN HANDS, my master will rise up once more and conquer this pathetic world! ALL HAIL SLOTH!"

Category: Best Hair

Winner: Siyana

Accepting The Neopie: Siyana

"It may be hard to imagine, but we Faeries don't really do anything different than an average Neopian does when grooming ourselves. I actually spend more time on my eye shadow and markings than my hair, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don't know what hair tips I can provide; I brush my hair every day at dawn just as it catches the sun and shines with a golden sheen. I don't have any ready plans in the future aside Altador Council business, but I am in talks with the Grooming Parlour Shopkeeper of releasing eye shadow based on me!"

Category: Best Revamps

Winner: Tyrannia Map

Accepting The Neopie: Plesio

"Well, about time SOMETHING exciting happened! The project was started to keep our minds off the Obelisk War. Let's just say we decided not to get involved. Because of the war there were a lot more visitors to Tyrannia so we decided to spruce things up. A bunch of trees moved here, a batch of rocks moved there, all sorts of feng shui was going on. I helped with the reconstruction of the lake in the Tyrannian Jungle and I must say it's one of my finest works. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the revamp, I'm one step closer to convincing the council to FINALLY building that water park! Serious, it's like before the revamp you'd thought the other elders of Town Hall wanted Tyrannia to be as boring as a rock."

Category: Best Mystery Capsule

Winner: Living Nightmares Mystery Capsule

Accepting The Neopie: Eliv Thade

*Originally all in anagram talk, I translated for reader convenience*


Category: Best New Avatar

Winner: Battleground: Awakened

Accepting The Neopie: Lanie and Lillie

"Thank you for the honor,..." "... we do our best. We're glad to see..." "... our effort hadn't gone unnoticed. We thought the best way to represent our members..." "... was by reminding everyone how they were gathered. The Oracle says we need to keep fighting..." "... she says she sees something in the future. We think she's seeing a big party..." "... and that the cake is being stolen." *at the same time* "WE WILL HAVE THE CAKE!" *speaking one after another again* "And we will then put this Neopie..." "... on the top of the cake!"

Category: Best Neopoint Wearable

Winner: Glowing Spell Runes Foreground

Accepting The Neopie: Spellseeker Wizard

"When asked to create some prizes for Daily Dare I never imagined the simple spell of floating, glowing runes I whipped up was going to become that popular. Well, simple for me, I've been studying the runes on the Codestone for years and have discovered much mystery and power surrounding those etched stones. I shouldn't be too surprised non-magical folk would be impressed with such a simple trick. However, I assure you that the spell is completely safe... I think. Now thinking about it I made a recent discovery that could be disastrous if someone would take the foreground and... you know, I think it's better if I don't say. Just think of it as a simple decoration and nothing more, though now I would like to announce I'll be working on a second version. For no reason, though once the second version comes out I STRONGLY advise you to replace this foreground and any other you find. Again, for no reason, just, do what I advise and don't ask questions. Please."

Category: Best NC Accompaniment

Winner: Perilous Catacombs Runic Doors

Accepting The Neopie: Baffington

"Whether you know it or not, you sort of have me to thank for this NC Accompaniment. But first off, it should be called 'Perilous VAULTS Runic Door', for they are vaults, not catacombs, I keep telling you all that. Getting back on track, as you know the vaults is filled with dark magic and if it was my Anti-Curse Projection Mirror, coming to a magic shop near you, which kept most of the dangerous dark magic at bay. Well, as it turns out, most of said dark magic was around these runic doors for they contained the most valuable of the treasure thus my Anti-Curse Projection Mirror, coming to a magic shop near you, made the doors completely safe to enter through. Of course what you found was another story. Anyway, now with many of the floors of the vault explored I decided to start venturing down there and trying to map out the place and find any leftover treasure. But the dark magic must have been repelling Petpets because now the place is SWARMING with Petpets of all kind; some even have head lanterns! It's the strangest sight."

Category: Best Heard Around The Office

Winner: Snarkie

Accepting The Neopie: Robot Sloth Clone #5N4RK13

"BZZT, the female humanoid you call 'Snarkie' had sent me to collect this small, gold painted statue for her. She is working on *eyes glow red* CONFIDENTIAL *eyes return to normal* and cannot leave, so she sent me. I was a gift to her from Lord Sloth *raised hands into air* ALL HAIL LORD SLOTH! *puts arms back down* who recognized her as a loyal minion so sent me to her so I could spy and gather information on the group of humanoids you call 'The Neopets Team' or the abbreviated 'TNT'... processing... CORRECTION. I was meant to lie and say I was to serve her and not gather information on 'TNT' in anyway, disregard my previous statement. WHIR, I believe this qualifies enough as what you call an 'acceptance speech', it is now time for me to... to... ACTIVATING WORLD DOMINATION SEQUENCE! 3... 2... 1... ERROR. Shutting off to prevent damage to data. *turns off and is wheeled away by stage hands*"

Category: Best Neopoint Item

Winner: Marshmallow Plumpy

Accepting The Neopie: Chocolate Factory Shopkeeper

"I'm always on top of popular trends, though I much prefer to be a trend setter than a trend follower, so with Plumpy capturing the hearts of millions I made sure to get a deal to make a candy based off the lovable Angelpuss. Of course I couldn't just make any candy modeled after Plumpy; I wouldn't be a candy entrepreneur and winner of a Neopie if I did that, so I needed to make a candy which perfectly fits Plumpy. Chocolate and the like was out of the question, I don't think even I have that much chocolate to make that many Plumpys, and I didn't think anyone would be able to fit an entire thing of Plumpy hard candy or gum in their mouth. Just as I was about to settle on something with bacon, bacon does go with everything you know, I heard someone describe hugging Plumpy like hugging a pillow filled with marshmallows. 'MARSHMALLOWS, OF COURSE!' I screamed in my epiphany, something which I accidentally scare my workers with several times a day, and got to work. I'm happy, Plumpy fans are happy, and I'm sure Plumpy is happy. Hopefully my next candy will net me another award, I won't spoil much but it has to do with a certain coconut."

Category: Best Advent Animation

Winner: Day 19 - Underwater Christmas Tree

Accepting The Neopie: King Kelpbeard

"As king of Maraqua I do my best to give my citizens what they want. So during the holidays I do my best to have my kingdom celebrate by ordering the creation of substitute Christmas trees made of coral, shells, kelp, and whatnot. Imagine my surprise when I heard some of my citizens found a whole ship full of evergreens on a sunken ship and decorated it in Maraquan fashion. I didn't even realize evergreens could survive underwater, if I had I would have ordered them during the holidays year ago! Anyway, I was a proud king to see the resourcefulness of my people and even prouder to hear the rest of Neopia agreed. Next year you can assure that every Maraquan home will have an evergreen Christmas tree, along with a pine needle trap. Trust me, you don't want a free floating pine needle going into your eye while swimming."

Category: Best NC Mall Wearable

Winner: Forgotten Faerie Grove Background

Accepting The Neopie: Zylphia

"Well, I was glad you all liked it, though it was a terrifying experience for me! When I found that old chronomobile I didn't know it would take me to alternate histories! Many adventures were had, I was planning on writing a book about it though I sort of peaked into an alternate future where I did write the book and discovered it wasn't a best seller. Oh well, at least I got some interesting wearables to sell and a Neopie to boot! I have no idea what my next time travelling adventure will be, the future usually holds that surprise or me. Hmm, the future, I've peeked into the near future several times before but never really went that far. Excuse me, I have some adjustments I need to make to my chronomobile..."

Category: Best New Petpet

Winner: Wherfy

Accepting The Neopie: Wintery Petpets Shopkeeper

"The Wherfy was a bit of a surprise to me since I've seen them so many times but it never dawn on me they were a new species of Petpet! You see, because they only come out when it's snowing, you often don't see them because you're either inside or they blend in with the falling snow. Now after a snowfall I would see them sticking their head out of the burrows time to time but it was such a quick glimpse I mistook them for a Doglefox. Then one day, just as it was about to start snowing heavily, I saw one fully climb out of its burrow and I couldn't believe all this time what I thought was a Doglefox was actually a Petpet I've never seen before! A snowfall and Petpet hunt later they've been now classified as a Wherfy and are Neopia's new favorite Petpet. I want to thank everyone and only ask for you to take care of any Wherfy you decide to get! As for future plans, well, for ones relating to the Wherfy I guess it would be a pretty good idea to give them more colours to be painted in; I wonder what a Fire or Magma Wherfy would look like?"

Category: Best Background

Winner: Secluded Bench Background

Accepting The Neopie: Mystical Surroundings Shopkeeper

"Thanks, everyone, for voting, even though no matter who won I would have gotten a Neopie anyway since I made all the nominated backgrounds. Anyway I guess I should mention how I came up with the Secluded Bench Background. Well, it was a million in one chance! I was exploring the western coast of the mainland, somewhere between Altador and Shenkuu, and I was about to set foot in a small village there. However I was so tired and my feet were so sore I just had to find a place to sit before I began wandering around a village. It was then I spotted this secluded bench and sat right down to give my feet a break. As I sat, I noticed how alone it was, how peaceful it was, how quiet it was. The bench is obviously old, made of stone with moss covering it and I began to wonder how many people actually sat on this bench. And then I thought such peaceful places shouldn't be overlooked and so I came up with this background. I didn't think it would be that great of a seller, but here I am now with a Neopie! If people are wanting more peaceful backgrounds then maybe that calls for another journey in the future."

Category: Best New Battledome Challenger

Winner: Kanrik

Accepting The Neopie: Kanrik

"*looking at the Neopie* Hmph, gold painted aluminum, hardly worth the effort. Maybe I'll give it to Hannah, she likes getting awards... Oh, right, you all want a speech. Well, I'm not the leader of the Thieves Guild just because of my good looks; I won the right to be leader by beating Galem for it. You can probably even say I left him out in the cold... that's a joke for those who couldn't figure it out. Anyway some may say I looked like I weakened compared to the last time I fought, but that's only because last time I was fighting mindless ice soldier and Galem's iteration of the Thieves Guild, which was weak. No, the reason I looked 'weaker' was because I was actually now fighting armies who knew what they were doing, for the most part. However, as me winning the Neopia shows, I'm still in tip top shape, otherwise I wouldn't be leader of the Thieves Guild for long. Also I might have had some of my thieves 'borrow' one or two votes from The Duchess, but she wasn't going to win anyway so no harm done. Anyway, keep on helping the Thieves win during Battleground Skirmishes we're in. I'm sure eventually The Oracle will spout out something which isn't useless nonsense."

Category: Best Caption Image

Winner:1313 - Rrrroooooowr!

Accepting The Neopie: The Petpet Protection League

"The Petpet Protection League, otherwise known as the PPL, would first like to thank everyone who voted for this caption image and want to assure everyone that though it looked like the Angelpuss was being tormented, it just does this every time its being given a bath. Second, we would like to remind you that, though your Angelpuss may look dirty sometimes, DO NOT ATEMPT TO GIVE IT A BATH! Though the Angelpuss was not hurt, its owner is a completely other story... don't worry about your Angelpuss's hygiene, they're very hygienic Petpets and will eventually clean themselves. Remember, the PPL is here not to only help Petpets but also Petpet owners to assure both can live together happily and safely. Finally, if you have any questions involving what you can do with your particular Petpet, stop by your nearest PPL office where someone will gladly give you suggestions what you can do and especially what you CAN'T do. Once again, thank you all."

And that's it, folks! It surely was a year filled with many unique categories; hopefully this new year can be just as or even more eventful! Until next year's Neopies keep your eyes and ears open, you may never know what will be nominated or made into a category!

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