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10 Flowers for Valentine's Day

by shadowcristal


SOMEWHERE IN NEOPIA – It’s the Month of Awakening, the month of that horrible, terrible day that will just make you scream and tear your hair out... That’s right! Valentine’s Day! *gloomy Sloth intro music plays* Perhaps you’re already running around and fretting about what you should be getting for your friends, your eternal rival and strangers... Well, help’s here! For this wonderful year, here’s an article about ten possible flowers for Valentine’s.

Forget the old cookies and chocolates. They’re out, and flowers are in! ‘Why flowers?’ you may ask. Well, flowers can be used in a NeoGarden, won’t be gone after one stomp (unless you own a Skeith or a Grarrl or something like that), are relatively cheap to purchase (applies to some of them, at least) and will brighten up the day. Also, there are many different flowers, so you can give a different one to each of your acquaintances and avoid those ‘Why did I get the same thing as everyone else?’ complaints.

This article will introduce you to ten different flowers for Valentine’s Day. As you may have figured out already, this is a themed article, so you won’t have to worry about a Christmas Holly popping out of nowhere. I’ll give you information about the flowers, how much they cost in ShopWiz, who to give etc. Ready? Then let’s begin! (I hope you’re looking forward to flower number ten, it’s a special... ^^)

Instant Roses

A bunch of seeds that will grow into roses very quickly. The roses are just like normal roses, bright red and a little bit on the slim side. Instant Roses, just as the name says, should be given to hasty people with temperaments that grow quickly. They’ll be sure to be delighted at this flower who won’t take too much of their precious time to grow, but still have a place in their heart. If it is put into a garden, it should be together with others of its kind. Shop Wizard (hereby shortened to SW) Price: 800-900 NP

Glass Roses

Made out of glass, these roses are fragile and beautiful. On the plus side, they don’t need water or sunshine like regular flowers do, so they won’t be sad if you put them in a dark corner. The big con is that if you aren’t careful, they’ll break. Glass Roses should be given to people who really appreciate beauty and collect ornaments. They can also be given to those who correspond with their name, namely people who are beautiful and perhaps a little bit frail. Be careful with delivering it and make sure to put a ‘FRAGILE’ notice on the package. SW Price: around 800 NP, saw a cheap one for 500.

Bleeding Heart

Aww... This flower is quite cute, hanging down and giving off a rather sad aura. It is the flower of poets, with those blood red hearts just drooping and ready to be picked. Bleeding Hearts should be given to people who are thoughtful and quiet, though not too melancholic. They’ll be sure to remember that you gave them this flower that matches their personality quite well. SW Price: About 60k.


These pink-tinted little buds are just delightful! Like a plant, they should be carefully taken care of and put into a pot, and tended from time to time. Rowzez are cheap (or so the item description claims) and are good flowers to use to tell someone your feelings. Give these to people whom you feel appreciation for, like your hard-working mentor or mother. Deliver it yourself for the best effect. SW Price: around 400 NP.

Snake Rose

A funny-looking rose that just looks like a serpent, this is the ideal rose to put just in the entrance of your NeoGarden to guard the rest of the flowers. Snake Roses should be given to people who are jokers, who like to have a good laugh and are amusing in general. They’re just perfect for that funny classmate who always cracks weird Zeenana jokes. You can also spite your rival with a spiff rose like this! SW Price: Around 800 NP.

Rose Tree

Huge roses bunched up in a tree, isn’t that wonderful? A cute rose tree like this definitely deserves some space! It makes you kind of feel that this flower is big, bigger than those smaller Instant Roses or that Snake Rose. Beware! The strong smell may not be suitable for sensible people! Rose Trees should be given to mature people, who give you that feeling of superiority, though they are tender in a way. (Just like how the plant gives off a nice scent.) SW Price: 15k.

Scented Hearts Flower

A truly Valentine-y flower, with little pink hearts stamped on the petals. The fragrance of this flower is very sweet, and will affect every single nose in the room. Despite the shiny and radiant look, a Scented Hearts Flower is quite delicate and should be handled with care. Give it to people that you feel need to be cheered up – no one can feel down with one of these around! SW Price:12k.

Drabby Rose

Looking somewhat depressing, this rose tries its hardest but ends up pretty gloomy. The heart of the flower is really sweet, but the outer appearance isn’t. It needs lots of sunshine, care and time. Perfect for those who are self-sacrificing and always tries their best to take care of something. That person will surely take good care of it, and the Drabby Rose won’t be so drabby anymore! SW Price: 40k.


A sweet name, and a sweet flower indeed. This charming rose has those cute hearts sticking out on the top with a vivid red, while the lower petals consist of a deeper shade of that color. Even the green leaves are heart-shaped! It blooms mainly in this month, and you can probably guess why! A Lovepetal should be given to someone that you feel very strongly for, someone who truly deserves it... Perhaps the friend of the month? SW Price: Just a little bit below 100k, may be an unbuyable soon. (Check the Trading Post if that happens.)

Black Roses

And here we are, at this last, special rose. It is a retired, rather expensive item that only grows once every 100 years, according to its item description. The thorns and the pointy parts reveals that this rose isn’t all pretty and a dance on roses. The blackness of it all is tastefully captured with different varying degrees and shadows. A simply wonderful piece of art, valuable to any NeoGarden/Retired item fan. Give Black Roses to those who are strong, powerful, alone and similar to the flower. Also people with dark and depressing personalities might like this rose. Just be careful of how many you’re buying, or they’ll burn a hole in your wallet! Trading Post Price: Average 190k. (Unbuyable)

Ah! Now we’re done and I’ve given you information about Neopia’s ten special flowers, perfect as gifts for Valentine’s Day! No more fretting and worrying about what to get, it’s all right here! Be sure to get them in good time and match each flower with the personalities of your acquaintances. If all of these aren’t enough, there are loads more at the Gardening Shop. Or you could always stick to the chocolate and the cookies, though they’re down there. *pokes her head outside the window and looks down* Well, I hope that this article has helped you with choosing your Valentine gifts... and a Happy Valentine to you! ^^

Author’s Note: A huge bunch of thanks to, a site that I couldn’t do without in the making of this article. Any mental or physical damages caused by this article (getting obsessed about roses, for example) may not be blamed on the author since you read this on your own risk. Any questions, comments or concerns? Neomails are welcome.

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