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Lost Desert In A Nutshell

by jrayeb3


Have you ever wanted to get out of your comfort zone and explore? Each Neopian land has such a unique culture, with special food, history, and fun activities that set it apart from the others. Today, we'll be exploring the wonderful land of the Lost Desert, filled with rich lore and beautiful buildings. Let's start by learning some history!

1. History

The Lost Desert was discovered by Brucey B and his friends, Capara and Princess Fernypoo. Brucey B was invited to play a game of Cheat!, lost by a lot, and had to bet his famous Lucky Coin. Well, he lost, and his friends decided to track down the coin. By now, it was none other than Doctor Sloth who had the lucky coin in his grubby hands. The three friends asked the Brain Tree where the coin was, and he told them to keep going, past the Haunted Woods. And lo and behold, they found a desert! Doctor Sloth used the coin to find a magic staff that brought destruction on the Desert. The townspeople fought back, defeating his troops. Eventually, Brucey challenged Dr. Sloth and won his Lucky Coin back. The Lost Desert was safe!

After Dr. Sloth was defeated, King Coltzan, the great king of Sakhmet had a big dinner party to celebrate. But something terrible was bound to happen, and the wonderful king was poisoned! The Neopian public was invited to help crack the case, and eventually it was found out that Princess Sankara had killed him. She was arrested.

After the untimely demise of her father, Princess Vyssa, the king's younger daughter, had a shrine built to honor him. The king's wish was for his crown to be placed in his grave, and so his wish was granted. But when the time came to unveil the shrine for the people, the crown was missing! Two little Meercas had written a note stating that they had stolen the crown and that the princess smelled. Showing off their smarts, the Meerca signed his name, and the thief was tracked down. Now everyone can visit Coltzan's shrine and collect wonderful prizes!

Four years after the discovery of the Desert, an angry prince stormed in to Princess Amira's room with a contract that promised his marriage to a princess. She got angry, kicked him out, but not before the prince, Jazan, was sworn on revenge. He transformed the city into an undead lair in a different dimension, and two young thieves, Tomos and Nabile, followed him to the ruined city of Qasala, where Jazan ruled. Nabile found out that Qasala was under a curse. After getting transported back to Sahkmet, they gathered information that could help them get their city back. In a short time, Amira agreed to marry Jazan. But Nabile made an insane discovery: the curse wouldn't be lifted if they married each other, because neither loved the other. But prepare your mind to be blown even further: Nabile found out that she was a descendant of a princess, and she and Jazan really loved each other! The wedding took place, but the curse still wasn't lifted! It was a trick! The curse wasn't lifted, but Jazan's fiery, demon-like father was released to destroy the city! (Evil forces really like the desert!) But Razul made a terrible mistake when he hurt Nabile; Jazan zapped him with his magic, and boom, he was gone. The cities were repaired, and they all lived happily ever after.

2. Local Lore

Not only have the people of the Lost Desert recorded history, but they also recorded some original works! At Sutek's Scrolls in Sakhmet, many a great tale are sold. The Lost Desert Weather Guide is useful for predicting the next sandstorm, and the book Sahkmet Tales is great for reading to young pets during story time. Be careful, though: A lot of scrolls have curses in them! Just be careful what you purchase and read, it could come back to bite you.

If we take a walk to the neighboring city of Qasala, you will find Words of Antiquity. This little shop sells tablets from ancient times. Like with Sutek's Scrolls, it records many curses and tales of horror. If you would like to read a nice story with the disturbing-ness down to a minimum, I would recommend the Leafy Scroll. Inside this vine bound scroll, you'll find tips on how to grow plants in any climate, just like Illusen!

I think my favorite scroll would have to be Burnt Desert Recipes. There is quite a bit of burnt food in the Lost Desert, probably because of the heat, and you don't want to waste it. It's a clever idea to recycle something nobody wants into something everyone wants.

3. Food

If you look at the Food Stall in Sahkmet, you'll notice something: There is an awful lot of burnt, scorched, damaged, and mutated items. Don't eat these. You'd think it would be a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised! Bargain hunters only have to pay a single neopoint for the Desert fruit, like Ptolymelons, Sand Grapes, and Mummified Bananas. Thrill seekers can try the Grackle Bug On A Stick or the Fried Suwek. And those with a sweet tooth can try the Gebmid Jellies and the Coltzans Shrine Ice Cream Cone. There really is something for everyone! Try to avoid the sand foods, though: you might start coughing!

Down at Quasalan Delights, there are two ingredients that just keep popping up: Quando and Queela. Quando is a sweet purple fruit that is used on everything from ice cream to pitas. Queela is a spicy fruit that is also purple, and tastes delicious in dip. There are also many sweet options, like the Cake Of The Lost, Fruity Shaved Ice, and Nabiles Quasalan Delight. But EVERYONE has to try the Hot Chocolate Dip. Simply stick something under the fountain of chocolate, and watch it get delicious-ified!

4. Petpets

It is my personal belief that the petpets in the Lost Desert are ADORABLE! Just look into the big eyes of a Turtmid, and you'll agree. The petpets are also very loving, as you can see in the example of the Wadjet, who loves to curl around necks, and the Taweret, who just loves hugs! Anubises try to never judge, and the Horus always warns your pets if they are in danger. Many of the petpets, such as the Kepru, Khnum, and the Mastyxi enjoy playing and sleeping in the bright sun, so your pet will have to have no trouble keeping it cool!

I hope you enjoyed my Lost Desert In A Nutshell guide. Go out there and explore!

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